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Old 07-13-18, 08:53 AM
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Hoover D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)

Iíve started moving wrestlers around from the weights that they wrestled last year. Some of the weight shifts are based off of where the wrestlers have been competing in the off-season, some is based off of people sending me line-ups. Some of the changes are based off of how the wrestlers have grown over the last few years. A lot of the movement is pure guesswork.
I welcome any insight into where wrestlers will or may be competing next season, because I know that Iím going to be way off on many wrestlers, especially this time of year.

I paired the freshmen with the school that they were listed at on the Yappi thread about middle school state placers. If there was more than one possible school listed, I took a guess.
If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Mikey Lewarchick- Wadsworth (SQ)
2. Jonathan Dimos- Mass. Jackson (6th district)
3. Marlon Yarbrough- Copley
4. Drew Dulcie- (Massillon) Perry (8th middle school state)
5. Nathan Booth- Green
6. Tyler Wittreich- Riverside
7. Thomas Cassetty- Lake
8. Ethan Wannett- Lakeside

Lewarchick has wrestled at 106 in freestyle over the summer, so Iím guessing that heís planning on staying down for next season. Yarbrough has wrestled lower than that (88-94), and hopefully heíll continue to grow as the season approaches.

1. Kolin Howard- Maple Hts.(SQ)
2. Colin Roberts- Fitch (SQ)
3. Chris Rocha- Riverside (SQ)
4. Anthony White- Mayfield (5th district)
5. Jacob Hamad- Nordonia
6. Zane Van Hoorhis- Copley (8th middle school state)
7. Mason Brugh (3rd middle school state)/Hunter Griffin- Wadsworth
8. Seth Southers- McKinley

Roberts and Hamad have both wrestled at 113 over the summer, as has Griffin. Brugh has wrestled 100 though Iím guessing that heíll wrestle off at this weight if Lewarchick stays at 106.
Howard and Roberts wrestled 106 at Disney but there was a 5 pound weight allowance, so Iím not sure if theyíll make the cut back down to 106 or go 113 next season.

1. Gavin Sampsel- Mass. Perry*
2. Nick Sabin- Mentor (7th state)
3. Kyren Butler- Copley (SQ)
4. Luke Haymaker- Mass. Jackson
5. Connor Voltz- Twinsburg
6. Ben Sponseller- Lake*
7. Craig Schramm- Ellet (5th district)
8. Darian Cowles- Lakeside

Voltz and Butler have wrestled 120 during freestyle over the summer (if my memory serves me right. Iím just guessing as to where Sampsel would wrestle, since heís been out for about a year.

1. Jake Canitano- Solon (3rd, 5th state 2016)
2. Logan Heil- Brunswick (6th, 3rd state)
3. Landen Hacker-Wadsworth (7th state)
4. Jake Williams- Mass. Perry (SQ)
5. Zach Wiseman- Stow (5th district)
6. Jimmy Bostic- Mass. Jackson
7. Lincoln Splete- Mentor
8. Charlie Burk- North

Hacker and Williams have wrestled 126 in freestyle, so Iím guessing that theyíll be around here for the season. Heil has stayed at 120 for each of the last two seasons, and Canitano has wrestled 106-106-120 for his first 3 seasons, so itís possible that one or both end up back at 120.

1. Gus Sutton- Fitch (8th, 6th state)
2. Caleb Graber- Green (SQ)
3. Derek Fields- Brunswick (SQ)
4. Michael Kelly-Barberton (SQ)
5. Nate DeBoe- Mentor (5th district, 5th district 2017)
6. Tommy Ungrady- Mayfield
7. Sean OíHoro- Boardman (2nd middle school state)
8. James Scavuzzo- Highland (5th middle school state)

OíHoro wrestled 132 at the freestyle state tournament, where Sutton wrestled up at 138. Sutton wrestled 132 at Disney with the +5 weight allowance.

1. Luke Baughman- Wadsworth (2nd, 4th state)
2. Jaivon Jones- Shaker Hts. (5th state)
3. Mitch Collica- Nordonia (8th state)
4. Nick Nastasi- Kenston (SQ 2017)
5. Connor DeBoe- Mentor (SQ)
6. Jake Bryson- Highland (6th district)
7. Zachary Evans- Hoover
8. Kolbie Lange- Barberton

Jones has wrestled 138 and 145 in freestyle while Collica has been wrestling 138 as far as Iíve seen. Baughman has wrestled as high as 152 in freestyle, so he may be above this weight. Heís wrestled 132-132-138 over his first 3 seasons.

1. Logan Messer- Wadsworth (5th state)
2. Daniel Patten- Stow (6th state)
3. Darese Sparkman- Mass. Perry (SQ)
4. Zack Scalf- Barberton (6th district)
5. Sal Perrine- Nordonia (6th district)
6. Alex French- Riverside (6th district 2016)
7. Adam Nedolast- Copley
8. Greg McKee- Highland

Messer has wrestled as high as 152 in freestyle, though so have teammates Baughman and North.

1. Mitchell North- Wadsworth (4th, 3rd state)
2. Brady Linder- Highland (SQ)
3.Antwon Holloway- Maple Hts.*
4. Shayne Magda- Madison (SQ)
5. Cameron Fitzsimmons- Barberton
6. Rory Nolan- Mayfield
7. Dylan Sosnowsky- Kenston*
8. Adam Salek- Walsh Jesuit

Magda wrestled 152 at Disney with the +5 allowance.

1. Jonathan List- Medina (SQ)
2. Aidan Corrigan- Twinsburg
3. Christian Marinozzi- Mentor (6th district, 6th district 2017)
4. Kevin Kiussis- Brunswick (6th district)
5. DaíMiere Clift- Mass. Jackson
6. Cameron Stropoli- Lake*
7. Tyler Angus- Nordonia
8. Nick Davis- Green

Kiussis wrestled 160 at Disney (with the +5), so heíll likely be at either 160 or 170.

1. Dom Loparo- Wadsworth (SQ)
2. Joe Koplow- Kenston (SQ)
3. George Rozier- Firestone
4. Alex Cefaratti- Twinsburg
5. Sean-Michael James- Lake
6. Michael Caniglia- Hudson (6th district)
7. Logan Shephard- Mass. Perry (2nd middle school state)
8. Ethan Silvus- Medina*

Koplow and Caniglia wrestled 170 at Disney with the 5 pound weight allowance.

1. Gary Wokojance- Barberton (6th, 6th state)
2. Michael OíHoro- Boardman
3. Josh Appling- Mayfield
4. Harrison Edwards- Green*
5. Seth DiCola- Medina
6. Justin Olszko- Nordonia
7. Chad Van Pelt- Riverside
8. Josh Cornell- Fitch

OíHoro has wrestled at 182 during the freestyle season. Wokojance has also wrestled at 182 for a few off-season events, though they have had weight allowances at the events.

1. Micah Clemson- McKinley (SQ)
2. Jarin Curtis- Mass. Perry (SQ)
3. Jack Murphy- Dover
4. Chris Merritt- Maple Hts. (5th district)
5. Jacob Smail- Fitch
6. Jameson Jackson- Wadsworth
7. Shane McGinnis- Hudson
8. Jack OíDonnell- Highland

Murphy has wrestled 220 in freestyle, so he may be up at that weight. He missed last year after wrestling 170 as a sophomore in 2017.

Merritt and Smail wrestled 195 at Disney (with the +5).

1. Adam Luster- Mass. Perry (SQ)
2. Jared Sanders- Lake (5th district)
3. Eddie Sevastos- Brunswick
4. Paul Zentiska- Barberton
5. Kenneth Koah- McKinley
6. Brenden Holiday- Wooster
7. Brock Kimble- Fitch
8. Charles Medley- Maple Hts.*

I bumped up Zentiska with the assumption that Wokojance will continue to grow after wrestling 152-170-182 over his first 3 seasons. He did wrestle 182 after the season, though Iím not sure what the weight allowance at the event was.

1. Max Millen- Mass. Perry (SQ)
2. Michael Mather- Lake (SQ)
3. Marco Tramontano- Mayfield
4. Jake Burns- Wooster
5. Kobe Bryant- McKinley
6. Ryan Lee- Nordonia
7. Yusef Russell- Solon
8. Mitchel Sotera- Kenston

Mather wrestled 285 at Disney, as did teammate and former middle school state placer Keeling.

1. Wadsworth
2. Massillon Perry
3. Barberton
4. Lake
5. Brunswick
6. Mentor
7. Austintown Fitch
8. Mayfield/Nordonia

Wadsworth has a number of talented wrestlers clumped around 106 and 152. State placers Baughman, Messer, and North have all wrestled 152 in the off-season, and Lewarchick and middle school state placer Brugh have wrestled 106 or below. Former middle school state placer Shue could also potentially be on the squad at 106.
Theyíll figure it out before the start of the season and pursue yet another district title in 2019, entering the season as the favorites.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 07-13-18, 10:07 AM
dion dion is offline
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Wadsworth has a number of talented wrestlers clumped around 106 and 152. State placers Baughman, Messer, and North have all wrestled 152 in the off-season, and Lewarchick and middle school state placer Brugh have wrestled 106 or below. Former middle school state placer Shue could also potentially be on the squad at 106.
Theyíll figure it out before the start of the season and pursue yet another district title in 2019, entering the season as the favorites.

Only favorites if Brecksville does not return to Hoover; unless the Taggs don't return. Then it might be close.
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Old 07-14-18, 12:39 AM
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Howard 106
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