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Old 11-09-18, 11:03 AM
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Question about a wrestling position, is it injury prone?

over the summer I've have seen quite a rise in the number of injuries in the merckle position. Wrestler A has his leg hooked inside wrestler B's leg while being on top in control with a head and arm trapped (that's my best description if you don't know it as the same thing sorry!) I had 3 wreslters over the summer injured when Wrestler A tries to roll it through. Think gut wrench when someone leaves their arm straight out type of injuries. I am curious if anyone else is seeing this as a position people are continuously getting injured in or if we just had a stretch of bad luck. I appreciate any input thank you! (If it helps the people ive seen getting hurt are from all stretches of experience, not just beginners, not just advanced ect Its kind of the reason im asking because it doesn't seem to apply to experience)
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Old 11-09-18, 11:31 AM
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I haven't seen an inordinate amount of injuries from the merckle, but the first thing that pops into my head was a match a couple years ago where my heavyweight was losing against a much bigger kid. Our guy got a merckle and turned the other kid completely flat to his back. However, the other kid injured his elbow in the process and screamed so the ref stopped it. We received the imminent near fall points, but missed out on an opportunity for a fall and ended up losing by a decision.
Old 11-09-18, 01:51 PM
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Just bad luck.
Old 11-09-18, 08:12 PM
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Question about a wrestling position, is it injury prone?

Yea it happens because the wrestler drops into the arm and rolls over top of the bottom wrestlers arm and hyperextends the elbow. I am cautious to always tell the bottom wrestler to pull his arm in when the move starts while we drill it. Otherwise injuries are sure to happen. Seen it too many times.

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Somebody is not teaching correctly.

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