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Old 07-10-18, 01:39 PM
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Wilmington D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)

Iíve started moving wrestlers around from the weights that they wrestled last year. Some of the weight shifts are based off of where the wrestlers have been competing in the off-season, some is based off of people sending me line-ups. Some of the changes are based off of how the wrestlers have grown over the last few years. A lot of the movement is pure guesswork.
I welcome any insight into where wrestlers will or may be competing next season, because I know that Iím going to be way off on many wrestlers, especially this time of year.

I paired the freshmen with the school that they were listed at on the Yappi thread about middle school state placers. If there was more than one possible school listed, I took a guess.
If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Trace Braun- Graham (SQ)
2. Andrew Stachler- Greenville (5th district)
3. Jordan Zigo- Trotwood-Madison (6th district)
4. Lucas Jansen- McClain
5. Brandon Sauter- Batavia
6. Ben Breaker- Ross
7. Bryar Miller- Fairfield U.
8. Saaílih Muhammed- Thurgood Marshall

Braun wrestled 84-pounds at the middle school state tournament in 2017, so Iíve kept him ranked at this weight with the assumption that heíll be back at 106. Itís possible that he and Gessler could wrestle off for the weight with the loser going 113.

1. Chase Huff- Goshen (8th state)
2. Nolan Gessler- Graham (2nd middle school state)
3. Kaleb Ream- (Springfield) Shawnee (SQ)
4. Caleb Thomas- Monroe
5. Blake Holzschuh- Logan Elm
6. Owen Hewitt- Eaton
7. Cooper Leszczuk- Indian Hill
8. Jarman Hargrove- Aiken

I was told that Leszczuk will be at 113, though Iím not sure of the others. Iíd guess Gessler ends up here, but he could be at 106.

1. Tanner Jordan- Graham (1st, 3rd state)
2. Pierce Taylor- McNicholas (1st middle school state)
3. Trey Finnerty- Circleville (SQ, 8th state 2017)
4. Joey Dima- Valley View (5th district, SQ 2017)
5. Tyler Harkins- Norwood
6. Branton Dawes- Washington (C.H.)
7. Dylan Hartranft- Logan Elm
8. Christopher Rau- Chaminade-Julienne

Dawes was a round of 12 wrestler at the middle school state tournament last year. Hopefully, I got his school right.

1. Alek Martin- Graham (2nd state)
2. Josh Dunn- Goshen (SQ)
3. Keegan Kohler- Fairfield U. (SQ)
4. Gaige Reeves- Bellefontaine (5th district)
5. Justin Mills- Valley View (6th district)
6. Chanston Moll- Westfall (6th district, 6th district 2017)
7. Amir Harris- Trotwood-Madison
8. Spencer Haman- Monroe*

I may have bumped Dunn up too high after wrestling 106 and 113 over the past two years. I was guessing that he would keep growing with his brother wrestling 145 last year.

1. Nick Moore- Graham (2nd state)
2. Isaiah Wortham- Chaminade-Julienne (8th state)
3. Jordan Hoselton- Zane Trace (SQ)
4. Sean Conway- Carroll (5th district)
5. Kody Beal- Fairfield U.
6. Mcale Callahan- Miami Trace (6th district)
7. Tyler Woods- Franklin
8. Sam Eastes- Wilmington

Wortham wrestled at this weight during the freestyle season. Iím guessing that Moore hasnít hit a big growth spurt, but thatís just based off of the size of his brothers who were 138s as seniors (though Mitch wrestled up a weight).

1. Wade Monebrake- Eaton (2nd state)
2. Isaiah Stickley- Graham (8th state)
3. Ayyoub Muhammed- Thurgood Marshall (SQ)
4. Sam Price- Monroe (5th district 2017, 6th district 2016)
5. Nathan Welsh- Fairfield Union
6. Alex Brown- Zane Trace
7. Elijah Waters- Batavia
8. Bryan Quiroz- Carroll

Monebrake will be on the short list of state title favorites if 2x champ Decatur is going to train at the Olympic Training Center, as has been suggested.

1. Brayden Ploehs- Ross (SQ 2016)
2. Dawson Show- Graham (5th district 2017)
3. Jacob Mikesell- Greenville (5th district)
4. Peyton Bennett- Logan Elm (6th district)
5. Nicholas Machuca- Chaminade-Julienne
6. Casey Washburn- New Richmond (5th district)
7. Logan Raney- Franklin (6th district 2017)
8. Quinton Smith- McClain

I didnít see any results from Show last year after finishing as the state alternate at 113 in 2017. If he returns, itís possible that we could see him at a lower weight, especially if Moore or Stickley hit a growth spurt.

1. Zach Dunn- Goshen
2. Josh Sawyer- Carroll*
3. DíArtagnan Spitler- Graham
4. Ezra Lee- Urbana*
5. Kole Deel- Valley View
6. Sean Beltran- Ross
7. Nick Humphreys- (Springfield) Shawnee
8. Evan Hager- (Springfield) Northwestern

The freshman Nolan Neves is another option for Graham at this weight (or at 145). He reached the blood round of the middle school state tournament at 132 last season.

1. Jeffrey Thomas- Graham (3rd state 2017, 2nd 2016)
2. David Frederick- Chaminade-Julienne (SQ)
3. James Munro- Miami Trace (SQ)
4. Trenton Randall- Carroll
5. Phil Waters- McClain
6. Steele Boysel- Benjamin Logan
7. Robbie Frederick- Clinton-Massie
8. Zac Schmidt- Eaton

Iím guessing that this is where Thomas will be given his brotherís size and the fact that he was reported to be between 145 and 152 last year, but itís just speculation. He missed last year with an injury and wrestled at 126 as a sophomore.

1. John Mark Williams- Indian Hill (7th state)
2. Blake Coy- Carroll (SQ)
3. William Mannier- Graham
4. Garret Boyle- Ross
5. Gavin Clark- New Richmond*
6. Trey Williams- Urbana
7. Austin Monroe- (Springfield) Northwestern
8. Xodus Thompson- Thurgood Marshall

Coy has wrestled up at 182 during the freestyle season, so he may wind up at that higher weight-class.

1. Andrew Shaffer- Graham (7th state)
2. Nathan Snyder- (Springfield) Northwestern (SQ)
3. Gage Johnson- Franklin (SQ)
4. Garrett Gross- Bellefontaine (6th district)
5. Trevor Stewart- Urbana (2nd middle school state)
6. Will Striet- Monroe
7. Jacob Noble- New Richmond
8. Christian Meyers- Valley View

Shaffer wrestled around 160 during the preseason last year, but bumped up to 182 for the season to accommodate the line-up. Iím guessing that he stays at this weight in 2019, but itís possible that he could be lighter.

1. Hunter Johns- Chaminade-Julienne (4th state)
2. Bowen McConahay- Logan Elm (SQ)
3. Logan Iams- Ross (5th district)
4. Scott Mulkey- Westfall
5. Timothy Diamond- Unioto
6. James-Trey Pence- Graham
7. Ethan Taylor- McClain
8. Austin Carroll- Zane Trace (SQ 2017)

Johns is the highest returning state placer from 182. Iím guessing that he continues top grow given the fact that he jumped from 152 up to 182 between his sophomore and junior seasons, though 182 would appear to be the more open weight-class.

1. Johnny Shafer- Graham (3rd, 7th, 5th state)
2. Ben Davis- Circleville (SQ)
3. Bruno Pattison- Bellefontaine (SQ)
4. Tom Coleman- Ross (5th district)
5. Nathaniel Armstrong- Alter
6. Kade Rawlins- McClain
7. Isaac Craft- Urbana
8. Trent Felts- New Richmond

Shafer wrestled heavyweight at the Disney Duals. Iím not sure if thatís a sign of things to come or if 285 was just the weight that the team needed him at.

1. Lane Cluff- Hillsboro (SQ)
2. Alex Coleman- Ross (5th district)
3. Seth Bowman- Eaton
4. Jamen Hill- Carroll (6th district)
5. Noah Dehainaut- Fairfield Union
6. Quientin Brown- Monroe*
7. Colton McNichols- Washington (C.H.)
8. Zadok Isreal- Shroder

Both Coleman and Hill have wrestled at this weight during the freestyle season.

1. Graham
2. Ross
3. Carroll
4. Chaminade-Julienne
5. Goshen
6. Fairfield Union
7. Eaton
8. Logan Elm

Iím interested to see how 145-170 will shake out for Graham. Thomas will likely be able to dictate his weight-class, but there are a number of unknown (at least to me) entities for the Falcons who could be making their debut in the line-up. Mannier, Spitler, and Show have all had solid results, but size could play a significant factor in who can crack the starting line-up.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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