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Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team 2018-2020

The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is now accepting applications for its 2018, 2019 and 2020 teams. To receive an application, please e-mail: bdbop@aol.com

To be eligible for the team, wrestlers must meet the following requirements:

*Be enrolled in the 5th thru 10th grade, during the school year they wish to apply for
*Have an estimated summer weight of 65 to 155 pounds
*Have a minimum of a 2.5 (B-/C+) grade point average
*Non Ohio Wrestlers may apply
*Application deadline for the 2018 team is October 18, though some team members may be named prior to this date, as well for for the 2019 and 2020 teams.


Recently, the 2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team returned home, following a 49 day wrestling tour out west, which saw them compile an 8-3 record, while traveling to: CO, NM, AZ, NV, CA, OR, WA, ID and UT. Since 1983, more than 550 of the top youth wrestlers, from Ohio and 23 other states (and Canada) have participated as a member of this team. Trip alumni have gone on to win 10 NCAA titles, more than 30 USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior National titles and more than 200 State High School titles.

While this past year’s tour marked the final major tour, in terms of length, we are considering doing a shorter (35-40 days) and smaller (13-22 wrestlers) tour in the future. While no final decision on the 2018-2020 teams traveling will be made until a later date (a decision on the 2018 Team will be made by October 1, 2017) we are accepting applications at this time.

For those of you not familiar with the trip, it is hard to explain, as it encompasses so much more than just wrestling. Below is a link to a highlight video of the 2014 Team. which show how much takes place on the tour.

2014 Highlight video:

While wrestling is the glue that holds everything together and we do practice and compete along the way, as well as see a lot of great sites, past team members will tell you that the best part is the process of becoming brothers

From climbing a Mountain, to white water rafting, to Broadway plays to learning how to do Improv comedy and singing, the team members will experience new and interesting activities along the way. Life skills are learned from doing their own laundry, budgeting their money and learning to interact with adults, who ask them questions along the way.

Team members must learn to get along and go thru ups and downs along the way and hopefully become brothers before it all ends.

Here are a few quotes from some of the 2017 Team Members:

“This incredible wrestling tour has had a huge impact on the person that I am. I have become better at wrestling and have learned new drills, moves and discipline, I have also learned to budget my money and have become better at communicating with others.” - Ian Darling, 7th grader, Boxford, MA

“This trip taught me not to take things so seriously. It also taught me how to manage money and to bond together with people you barely know. The trip was really fun and the wrestling competition was really hard.” - Peyton Fenton, 7th grader, Amherst, OH

“The trip has taught me more than just wrestling. It has taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to get along with kids you may not like, by accepting them for who they are.” - Riley Finck, 7th grader, Smithfield, VA

“At the start of the trip, most of the wrestlers were worried about being away from home and their wrestling record. But, by the end of the trip, no one really worried about that...only about leaving and never seeing each other again. It’s a trip of a lifetime. This team is something different, something called family.” - Joseph Frye, 9th grader, Johnson City, TN

“This trip is not all about wrestling, or seeing all of the amazing places and sites. It’s about building everlasting bonds with each other - ones that can never be broken. The trip also boosted my self confidence a great deal.” - Bryce Gilts, 9th grader, Waterville, OH

“My favorite part of the trip was becoming brothers. Imagine throwing 28 strangers together, on a 49 day trip, and watching them become closer to each other than they are with their friends back home." - Maximilian Leete, 8th grader, Danvers, MA

“The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team was an amazing opportunity for me to become friends with people I didn’t know at all. I loved how much fun we had as brothers/teammates.” - Owen Lehman, 6th grader, Annville, PA

“I don’t just have a family back home, I have 27 brothers for life. I’m going to miss this Team a lot and all the fun things we did together.” - Hunter McKenna, 8th grader, Warrensburgh, NY

“The trip was great and there was a good amount of wrestling. The practices were tough and I got a lot better. I also grew up a lot and learned how to become a young man and when I had to act a bit more mature. I had so much fun doing all the stuff we did.” - Logan Montoya, 5th grader, Loveland, OH

“The OASWT is probably the greatest wrestling trip in history! There is no other trip like it. No other trip teaches you as many life lessons as the Ohio All-Stars. On this trip, you learn a sense of discipline, respect and camaraderie. Not only is the trip full of fun, it’s filled with an amazing wrestling experience.” - Austin Pownall, 8th grader, Tallmadge, OH

“The OASWT was a blast! Definitely worth it. It is a great experience. The best part is being with new kids and becoming brothers and seeing all the new places.” - Eli Spencer, 6th grader, Middletown, OH

“The trip is not just about wrestling, it is about having fun and growing up. You learn many life skills, like how to manage your money, laundry and dealing with people you may not like. You get better at wrestling by being challenged by kids better than you.” Ethan Tanner, 7th grader, Millwood, WV

“Being on this team has had a huge influence on my life. At the beginning, I was very nervous about being around 27 other kids, all of which had different backgrounds and views. Among other things, the trip has taught me to see other people’s opinions and reconsider some of my own. I have also realized how much my parents do for me and how to manage money. Above all, I have learned how to accept and become extremely close, to those who may have different opinions.” - Brady Welch, 7th grader, Ashland, OH

Here’s a quote from a parent from the 2015 Team:

“I had a good idea up front that this would be a one-of-a-kind trip, which was why I put in the requisite effort to convince my wife to let Lachlan go. But I have to say that it exceeded even my high expectations! We were fortunate enough to be able to see the group both during the first week (training camp) and the fourth week (in California), and to see how close they had become is such a short period of time was astonishing.
For any parents who are considering this trip, but are worried about the length of time, my son had had a hard time dealing with being away for a week long camp the previous summer. During this trip, it was completely different. He settled in quickly and at no point was he ever homesick. In fact, knowing the trip was about to end, and that he was coming home, was actually bittersweet. We were excited to see Lachlan but knew that something very special was coming to an end and that he was very upset at leaving his new “brothers.”
Finally, if you are more worried about missing your son than you are about him being able to cope with the trip, then you are at risk of missing out on an opportunity to give him a gift/experience that will stay with him for a very long time!”


Calum McNeil (father of Lachlan McNeil) and member of the 1992 Great Britain Olympic Wrestling Team

Alumni since 2012 have included:

2012: Kaleb Romero: 4X High School State Champ from Ohio
2012: Austin O’Connor: 4X High School State Champ from Illinois
2012: Dylan D’Emilio: 2X High School State Champion from Ohio
2012: Brakan Mead: Ohio State Champion
2012: Michael May: OAC Junior High State Champion
2013: Gabe Tagg: OAC Junior High State Champion
2013: Julian Tagg: Ohio State Champion and World Cadet Team Member
2013: Abe Bloom: 3X Rhode Island State Champ & New England
2013: Jordan Ward: OAC Grade School State Champion
2013: Zach Brown: Kentucky State Champion as a Sophomore
2013: Jack Davis: Cadet National Placer in both FS/GR, from Pennsylvania
2014: Logan Ours: 6X OAC Grade School State Champion
2014: David Crawford: Ohio State High School Champion
2014: Dustin Norris: 2X OAC Grade School State Champion
2014: Bryce Andonian: Ohio State High School Champion
2014: Andrew Fallon: Ohio TofC Champion, from Massachusetts
2014: Ty Mills: 2X Indiana State Runner Up
2014: Jacob Shoop: Michigan State High School Champion
2015: Kyle Rowan: 2015 Ohio Youth State Champ; OAC Junior High State Runner Up
2015: Cole Skinner: OAC Junior High State Champion & Cadet World Team Member
2015: Cael Woods: Ohio TofC Runner Up
2015: Lachlan McNeil: 2X Ohio TofC Champion, from Canada
2015: Cooper Flynn: Multi time Tennessee Youth State Champion
2016: Reece Fry: Michigan State High School Champion
2016: Erik Roggie: 2016 Ohio TofC Champion from VA

Other past Ohio alumni have included:
Ryan Bertin (6th grader) - 2X NCAA Champion
Alan Fried (6th and 7th grader) - NCAA Champion; 2X NCAA Runner Up
Rex Holman (7th grader) - NCAA Champion
Corey Kline (7th grader) - NCAA DII Champion
Willie Wineberg (7th grader) - 4X State Champ
John McGhee (5th grader) - 4X State Champ
Lance Palmer (6th grader) - 4X State Champ
Cam Tessari (6th grader) - 4X State Champ
Shawn Nelson (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Eddie Jayne (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Drew Pariano (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Scott Burnett (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mark Jayne (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mason Lenhard (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mike Miller (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Kevin Hardy (7th grader) - 3X State Champ & NAIA National Champion
Colt Sponseller (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Brandon Thompson (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Scott Zapadka (7th and 9th grade) - 2X State Champ
Jimmy Johnson (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Mike Kulczycki (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Keith Cupp (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Marcus Gordon (7th grader) - 2X State Champ
Matt McIntire (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Braxdon Scaletta (8th grader) - 2X State Champ
Kevin Lipp (6th and 8th grader) - 2X State Champ
Pat McLemore (7th grader) - 2X State Champ
Gus Sako (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Joey Ward (5th grader) - 2X State Champ

If you have any additional questions, wish to communicate with some parents of past OASWT members, or desire an application, please let me know, as I can forward that information to you.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg
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Highly highly highly recommend this adventure. And that is exactly what it is for your son. Six weeks that he will never be able to match. The lifelong friends made. My son still talks about this trip and he went 3 years ago.
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"I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with some great people and programs throughout my wrestling and coaching career. My hope is that my son, Kyle, can experience the same fortune and foster relationships through wrestling that will continue on throughout his life. The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team provided a significant and positive life experience for my son.

When I first filled out the application for Kyle, I was unsure of what to expect. As departure for the trip approached, questions filled my mind: What was this trip going to be like? Will Kyle enjoy the trip? How will he fare away from Mom for over a month? Even after the training camp and prior to departure, I was still curious and nervous for my son.

Kyle and I corresponded while he was away. He was, as most middle school boys are, reserved when speaking to me, afraid to let me know too much about his trip and the training. I still wondered and hoped that Kyle was enjoying his training.

My doubts, fears, and curiosity were put to rest when I watched a video that Coach Freidenberg posted on the team Facebook page. Here was Kyle, the day before the team returned home, pouring out his thanks and gratitude to his twenty-one teammates. This emotional outpouring convinced me that he got the most out of his experience and is something that only the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team could provide.

Sure, he learned technique, training, and had competition, but he learned the greatest benefit of our sport: the camaraderie that develops among those who train closely together. What most young men don’t learn until their late-teens/early twenties, Kyle had the opportunity to learn and experience as a middle school student.

He has developed a lifetime of fond memories and relationships that will continue to grow as he does. His willingness to train, to improve his technique, but-more importantly-to do right, develop maturity, and learn what it means to be a hard-working man has all been positively influenced by his experience with the Ohio All-Star Team.

I am grateful for what the sport has now shown to Kyle and I know that it will do the same for many other young men that participate on the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team."

Dave Rowan, 1987 All American at Edinboro, wrote this letter after his son, Kyle, participated as a member of the 2015 OASWT. This past summer, his other two sons, Calvin and Riley, were members of the Team.
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We Have already received several applications for future Ohio All-Star Teams, but continue to accept them (especially from Ohio wrestlers) and a final decision will be made, by October 1, as to whether there will be an OASWT traveling during the summer of 2018.
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Ohio Junior High OAC State Placers, from 2014-2017, that were also OASWT Members (year they went on the trip in parenthesis)

2017 OAC
1st @ 74 pounds - Eli Spencer (2017)
4th @ 78 pounds - Brennen Cernus (2016)
1st @ 90 pounds - Cole Skinner (2015)
4th @ 90 pounds - Peyton Fenton (2017)
1st @ 96 pounds - Dustin Norris (2014)
2nd @ 102 pounds - Logan Ours (2014)
7th @ 114 pounds - Zach Wiseman (2015)
5th @ 120 pounds - Logan Messer (2016)
3rd @ 126 pounds- Logan Hursey (2017)
1st @ 138 pounds - Austin Pownall (2017)
6th @ 138 pounds - Braden Welch (2017)
2nd @ 146 pounds - Justin Mayes (2016)
6th @ 146 pounds - Brenden Severs (2014)

2016 OAC
1st @ 78 pounds - Kyle Rowan (2015)
1st @ 84 pounds - Cole Skinner (2015)
2nd @ 84 pounds - Logan Ours (2014)
8th @ 90 pounds - Cael Woods (2015)
1st @ 102 pounds - Julian Tagg (2013)
8th @ 102 pounds - Logan Messer (2016)
6th @ 108 pounds - Eli Pack (2016)
6th @ 108 pounds - Seth Lambers (2014)
7th @ 154 pounds - Jake Kowalski (2016)

2015 OAC
1st @ 74 pounds - Cole Skinner (2015)
2nd @ 74 pounds - Kyle Rowan (2015)
4th @ 74 pounds - Cael Woods (2015)
8th @ 74 pounds - Gavin Weaver (2015)
5th @ 78 pounds - Dustin Norris (2014)
8th @ 78 pounds - Jayden Morr (2016)
1st @ 90 pounds - Gabe Tagg (2013)
3rd @ 96 pounds - Bryce Andonian (2014)
4th @ 120 pounds - Justin Mayes (2016)
5th @ 126 pounds - Brett McIntosh (2015)
2nd @ 132 pounds - Jacob Lagoa (2014)
2nd @ 146 pounds - Conor Beard (2013)
6th @ 146 pounds - Chris Langguth (2015)

2014 OAC
4th @ 74 pounds - Julian Tagg (2013)
1st @ 78 pounds - Gabe Tagg (2013)
4th @ 84 pounds - Bryce Andonian (2014)
2nd @ 96 pounds - Dylan D'Emilio (2012)
3rd @ 90 pounds - Jordan Ward (2013)
7th @ 90 pounds - Ronnie Pietro (2012)
4th @ 114 pounds - Jacob Lagoa (2014)
4th @ 132 pounds - Conor Beard (2013)
1st @ 138 pounds - David Crawford (2014)

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Here's a quote from one of the parents whose sons went this past summer:

From Amy Lehman, whose son, Owen (who was a 12 year old 6th grader from Annville, PA), was a member of the 2017 OASWT:

"There are some many great reasons to send your wrestler on this trip and itís hard to condense it down to a short blurb. Owen was one of those kids who stood back and took everything in. Not an outsider but an observer, never wanting to be the center of attention. Iím not sure if it was his self-confidence or nerves or what. He rarely chose to spend the night at other peopleís houses and new situations made him nervous. When he got selected for the 2017 trip, we talked extensively about it. I know he was scared, but he wanted to go! Getting closer to the trip, you could tell he became more and more nervous but never did he say he wasnít going to go. Saying goodbye to him at the airport was the hardest thing Iíve ever done (and probably the hardest thing heís ever done, too) but we both made it through and his self-confidence soared! He tackled one of his biggest fears ever! He could do anything now!!! He not only gained self-confidence on this trip but independence, problem solving skills (he couldnít yell ďMom, whereís my ___?Ē whenever he lost something on the trip), he learned how to do laundry, he learned to budget his money, he wrestled kids that were bigger, stronger and better than him and didnít give up. He practiced with new kids & new coaches, they went on hikes and did a lot of conditioning workouts, and he saw so many amazing places along the way. They also went to shows, and met famous people. Most importantly, he became a little brother to 27 other amazing wrestlers. He talks about his brothers and the trip at least every day. In fact, he has already convinced us to let him apply for the team again."

Amy Lehman
If you have any questions for Amy, you can contact her at:
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Already have received several applications, for all three years, including Youth or Junior High State Champions from 9 different states, including Ohio, and expecting even more to be submitted.
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Dear Parents,

We have created a new Facebook Page which will allow you to view some random photos from the 2016 and 2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tours. We tried to include photos that would best show you the fun end of what the selected wrestlers will enjoy on the trip. The page is listed as an open group, so that you can see all the photos, without having to join.

The page is called "OASWT Photos" and can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1658250907549999/

Most all of the wrestling action photos are not posted here, other than a few shots that may show a practice, or a meet. We did have 12 Duals and 1 Tournament this past year, along with about 15 additional practice sessions, in addition to the Team Training Camp. Wrestlers ended the trip with an average of about 20 matches each.

Hopefully these photos will give you a bit more of an idea what would be in store for your son, if he were to be accepted to the Team.

Currently, we continue to receive applications and, based on the ones we have already received, things look hopeful to field a Team for 2018.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg
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Still accepting applications from all wrestlers, but particularly looking for those from wrestlers with an anticipated summer weight weight between 68-95 pounds and 125-150 pounds.
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Dear Parents & Coaches,

We are getting close to naming the first few members of the 2018 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team and should have an announcement in about a week, with the first individuals selected. The first several names for the 2019 and 2020 Teams will be named in about a month, with additional ones being named next year at this time and then again in October 2020.

We are still looking for a couple of wrestlers with an anticipated summer weight of 75-80 for the 2018 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team....ideally a current 7th grader, or older 6th grader/younger 8th grader. If you know of anyone that you think might be interested, please let them know.

Rest of the potential roster, if selected this week, looks pretty decent, but we are still accepting applications (one is attached) for other weights as well (and also for the 2019 and 2020 Teams), as you never know who might be interested. Thanks much!

Bart Freidenberg
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First Team Member Named for 2018 OASWT: Vinny D'Alesssandro, from Mayfield Hts., OH. A multiple time TofC placer and 3rd place finisher at the 2017 OAC States, Vinny is currently in 7th grade and weighs about 80 pounds. Scholastically, he is an "A" student.

All remaining announcements will be made on our Team Facebook Page, which will remain as an open page, until the final roster has been selected.

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Deadline to submit your application for the 2018 Team is this Thursday, October 18. This is also the deadline if you wish to have an application considered, in the early selection process, for the 2019 or 2020 Team.

Already, 11 Team Members have been named to the 2018 Team (see link above to the Team Facebook page, where all 11 have been announced.)

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