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Old 01-14-17, 05:26 PM
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It would be nice to have a set of the old uniforms with the stars on them with the royal blue jersey and of course the stars.
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Old 01-15-17, 05:22 PM
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Moeller should just build a dome behind the school. That way they don't have to worry about the neighbors complaining about lights. It'll be just like a big basketball game.
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Old 01-15-17, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by moeprep21 View Post
Moeller is in fact turning away applicants. Last school year's incoming freshman class had over 400 applicants and admitted right around 250. It's not necessarily a motivation to "change" anything on the administration's part, but certainly you must continue to evolve in order to remain desirable. When you're desirable you have the luxury of turning away students. I know from reliable people that Moeller has decided pretty firmly on a cap of 1K students. There are many financial variables that go into that # so no need to bore you with the minutia but it's definitely capped at 1k.

The other thing I'd like to add, in response to LEONARD's plea to Mike Asbeck is this; Allow me to preface this with I am not intimately involved with the athletic department anymore. I donate money but I have zero involvement or influence within the department. However, I do have friends that are still very much involved with the department. Some of them are head coaches of various sports at various levels. Each of them, to a man, has told me almost the exact same thing regarding Asbeck. He tends to be more concerned with the financial viability/stability of the athletic department than he is with just winning. It's not that winning isn't important to him, but he feels he is first tasked with making sure that the athletic department is a good financial steward to the rest of the school. I've been told that Mike acts more as a CFO than a COO to put it in corporate terms. Again, I don't know this to be true myself but I certainly trust the people who have expressed those opinions. Ultimately, if true, I don't even know one way or another if that's such a bad thing. If the administration is telling him that his first objective is to maintain a sound balance sheet then I guess who can really blame him? Personally, I want a guy at that position who is Hell-bent on making every program within the school a state championship caliber program but if his boss is giving him other orders then you can't really fault him.
Thank you for educating me on things moeprep. I am very happy to hear that Moeller is having no problem obtaining students. I can see both sides of the financial argument but, isn't it a given as a AD to keep the department financially sound? I am sure he is a nice guy, he's not doing an awful job but Moeller is not Fenwick. Two very different worlds.

As far as the whole logo thing this all could be resolved in an hour if they just sat down and decided on something. Heck let Mr.Woolry's photoshop classes have a contest to design a new one.

Weird stadium idea:
1. play all home games on sat afternoon. Resolves lighting issue.
2. build a massive "home" grandstand on what is now the away sidelines. Turn the current home side into the away.
3. Find a place were fans can park and Moe provide a shuttle- from Montgomery kroger or Kenwood mall for example.
4. Since your gonna put the new home side on what is now the soccer field, look into creating a practice facility somewhere off campus. Much easier to create a practice area similar to what Elder or CHCA have than build a whole stadium off site.
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