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Old 01-20-18, 07:39 PM
ohiopup ohiopup is offline
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Hymie Williams
"Hey there everybody, this is the sports voice of Hymie Williams."
... closing " I'll see you the next when it'll be the best time"

Hymie was the Stark County reporter for sports to The Cleveland Plain Dealer.


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Old 01-21-18, 09:29 PM
Purple Hayes Purple Hayes is offline
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Purple Hayes
Awesome History lesson, DaveDawg! Thank you for taking the time to compile - brought back some memories!
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Old 01-23-18, 09:12 PM
Crimson and Black Crimson and Black is offline
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Originally Posted by DaveDawg View Post
Crimson and Black, I don't know if I should thank you or just hug the s%it of you for starting this post.

After my initial response I had to get more information.
Putting together this response was fun!
(My wish is that you enjoy this post as much as I did in researching it)

First, I wanted to see who really knew about the red carpet.
I knew it was back in use and I wanted to see who actually pays attention being McKinley fan.
A few of the photos/video I am about to share I took myself on top of Benson Stadium vs. Massillon,
and no called me out on that. I am shocked.

As for the question as to when McKinley moved from the north stands to the south stands,
I contacted Thom McDaniels and he had a few things to share about that point in time.
I will post that exchange in a few paragraphs with his permission.

But first, I was asked in a PM why did McKinley only use (what outsiders to Canton would consider) the visitor side of the stadium as the 'home' side?

Since the stadium opened, McKinley called the north stands of the stadium home in part because of where the locker room was located and because during that era, both teams shared one sideline.
Yes, both.

There was no high school stadium in Ohio with the capacity of Fawcett Stadium
in 1938 and 1939 and with the size that big,
I can imagine by choosing a side to call home with Lehman,
it didn't matter back then.
If someone has more information on that, I'd love to know it.

The press box held the time keeping official and a small amount of observers. No one else in Ohio had such a game day vantage point at this time.

Then in 1981, seating of the north stands expanded which took
away the press box on that side of the field.
(OhioPup mentioned this earlier in this thread).

The entire season under Head Coach Terry Forbes was played with the north stands as the home side.
(I remember because we sat in the warm sun that
'Dog Day Afternoon' to finish 10-0 for the first time
since 1956 after a 9-6 win over the Tigers.

Enter Thom McDaniels as Head Coach in 1982 after being an assistant under Forbes..

I asked Thom if he recalled who was instrumental of the Bulldogs switching sides for being the home team, his response...

"That would be me. Here is the reason. The game clock was operated from the small press box on the North side of the field which meant the chains were on the South sideline opposite the clock operator. When they extended the North side minus that pressbox, the clock operator moved to the South side. That meant the chains were on our side, which we hated. Typically the chains are on the visitor sideline, so we had the inconvenience of the chains both home and away. Consequently we moved the team to the South side so we could manage the game better. Double check the year we moved. I did not think it was in '82.

Double checked I did.
I went looking for photos, some here and there was 1982 with McKinley on the north and south sidelines in the same season and I went back to Thom with that info...

Okay, but remember this. When we played GlenOak back then, we rotated as home and visitor and switched sidelines accordingly. If the game you saw (pictures) was against GO, that might have been why we were on the South side. A better source for the date/year might be the year they extended the North side. I feel like it was more mid 80s than 82 for some reason. You are welcome to use my explanation as long as you understand it. It angered people. I had to explain that decision at Booster Club mtg. I'd do it again tomorrow. It was best for my coaches & team.

So we both have memory issues and I responded to back...
Maybe the switch happened in mid-season for all the reasons you explained / there is only so much you could take after the expansion of north stands and
Iím not implying anything derogatory.

And I enjoyed how we closed the topic, he said

Oh, I know that. No offense taken. I can't trust my memory for things that far in the past. I just thought I was the HC for a few years before we changed sidelines.

Because of the amount pictures and space
I will continue in the next response...
Iíll take the hug Dave. Itís great to see such a passionate Bulldog fan. From an outsiders point of view, for one of the COUNTRYíS great football traditions, it seems as though passionate bulldog fans number too few. I could be wrong (it happened once...I thought I was wrong but I was actually correct on a certain topic)
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