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Old 04-25-19, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JElder View Post
If your son really is on the Creek team I can assure you that you're part of the problem. I can't believe someone with a son on the team would post on a board about a new hire not being deserving. If I was Coach Pitt I would make sure I found out who you were and cut out the cancer.
This ^^^^^^^^ for the 100.
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Old 04-25-19, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by melvin dale View Post
I am agreement with Looseball. I know Steve Pittman well and he is a nice man but he is not a head basketball coach. I have seen him coach in AAU and as junior hi coach and the last couple of years at Ponitz.
The worde is that Steve was the third or fourth choice for the job. The first choice some members of the board shot down. That guy was a big name coach., figures we can not seem to get out of our own way. My son will now play for a guy who is much less qualified and much less experienced than the guy we fired. Pittman was 25-20 at Ponitz and quit or was fired I don't know which after two seasons. Administrators once again foul up the obvious
Better get on board because he's your guy. The word is you weren't your wife's 1st choice.
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Old 04-25-19, 11:07 AM
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I'm not familiar with Coach Pittman, but on the surface he looks qualified to me. Previous relatively successful (but brief) head coaching experience with several years of experience as a varsity assistant to a big name coach. College playing experience. That's the profile of what I expected them to end up hiring, although he appears to also have a lot of AAU and lower level school coaching experience.

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