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Old 12-05-14, 08:42 AM
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Arrow Ohio HS Basketball 2014-15 Streaming Radio, TV Broadcasts

Statewide VIDEO
Time Warner Cable SportsChannel HD
Broadcast schedules:
Northeast Ohio: http://twcsportschannel.com/oh/north...io/TV-Schedule
Mid-Ohio: http://twcsportschannel.com/oh/midohio/TV-Schedule
Southwest Ohio: http://twcsportschannel.com/oh/south...io/TV-schedule

Radio/Audio Webcasts: VIDEO indicated in GREEN


Westerville Central Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule on the homepage)

Westerville North Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule at the bottom of the homepage)

Hilliard Bradley HS Boys

Groveport Madison HS Boys & Girls

Mount Vernon HS Boys
WMVO-AM (1300) http://wmvo.basohio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wlec.com/2014-bas-basketball-guide (schedule is on page 17 of 20)

Sunbury Big Walnut HS Boys & Girls VIDEO

Grove City Christian HS Boys VIDEO

Grandview Heights HS Boys & Girls VIDEO
(next broadcast listed on right side of webpage)

Columbus Tree of Life HS Boys & Girls
Broadcast schedule: http://tree-of-life-athletics-radio....dcast-schedule

Columbus area Boys

Marion County
WMRN-AM (1490) http://wmrn.com

Marion County & Surrounding Areas
WYNT-FM (95.9) http://majic959.com

Madison County Boys & Girls
WCYC-LP (105.1 FM) http://readyfm.com
Broadcast schedule: http://readyfm.com/sports

Fairfield County Boys & Girls
WFCO-FM (90.9) http://wfcofm.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wfcofm.com/sports.htm

Fairfield County Boys & Girls
WLOH-AM/FM (1320/99.3/104.5) http://wloh.net

Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy Boys & Girls VIDEO
(broadcast schedule on homepage)

Muskingum County Boys VIDEO
Broadcast schedule: https://whiznews.com/content/sports/broadcast-schedule

Zanesville HS Boys
WHIZ-AM (1240) http://whiznews.com
Broadcast schedule: https://whiznews.com/content/sports/broadcast-schedule

Muskingum County Boys & Girls
WHIZ-FM (92.7) http://whiznews.com
Broadcast schedule: https://whiznews.com/content/sports/broadcast-schedule

Coshocton County Boys & Girls
WTNS-FM (99.3) http://mywtnsradio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://mywtnsradio.com/2014-2015_Bas...l_Schedule.pdf

Chillicothe HS Boys
WBEX-AM (1490/92.7 FM) http://wbex.com
Broadcast information: http://wbex.com/onair/cavs-boys-bkb-201415-55619

Scioto Valley Conference
WKKJ-FM (94.3) http://wkkj.com
(upcoming broadcasts listed on left side of page)


Northeast Ohio VIDEO
Big Time Sports
Broadcast schedule: http://bigtimesportsohio.com/show-times.html

Cleveland St. Ignatius VIDEO

Cleveland Area
WEOL-AM (930) http://weol.com
Broadcast schedule: http://weol.northcoastnow.com/high-school-basketball

Cleveland St. Ignatius HS

Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit HS

Youngstown Area
WKBN-AM (570) & WNIO-AM (1390) http://570wkbn.com & http://sportsradio1390.com
Broadcast schedule: http://570wkbn.com/articles/high-sch...2014-12723716/

Youngstown Area
WFUN-AM (970) http://espn970wfun.com
(Broadcast schedule on right side of homepage)

Akron/Canton Area
WHLO-AM (640) http://640whlo.com
(broadcast schedule on right side of homepage)

Akron/Canton Area
(broadcast schedule at top of homepage)

Nordonia HS Boys (subscription required)

Holmes County Boys & Girls
Broadcast schedule: (upcoming games scrolling on the webpage)

Wayne County Boys & Girls
WQKT-FM (104.5) http://wqkt.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wqkt.com/category/area-sports

Lorain County Boys & Girls
WDLW-AM (1380) http://woblwdlw.com
Broadcast schedule: Upcoming games at bottom of webpage

Lorain County Boys & Girls
WOBL-AM (1320) http://woblwdlw.com
Broadcast schedule: Upcoming games at bottom of webpage

Stark/Mahoning/Columbiana County Boys & Girls
WDPN-AM (1310) http://am1310wdpn.com

Lake County Boys & Girls
WINT-AM (1330) http://wintradio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://welw.com/sports/sprtSched.html

Salem HS Boys & Girls
WSOM-AM (600) http://600wsom.com

Massillon Washington HS Boys

Canton Area Boys
WHBC-AM (1480) http://whbc.com
Broadcast schedule: http://pro.whbc-am.tritonflex.com/co...age.php?id=111

Tuscarawas County Boys & Girls
WJER-AM (1450) http://wjer.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wjer.com/Sports/Sports-Schedule

Tuscarawas County Boys & Girls
WBTC-AM (1540) http://wbtclive.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wbtclive.com/images/20142015Basketball.pdf

Tuscarawas County Boys & Girls
WNPQ-FM (95.9) http://thelight959.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wbtclive.com/images/20142015Basketball.pdf

Steubenville area
WCDK-FM (106.3) http://1063theriver.com & WEIR-AM (1430) http://weirsports.com
Broadcast schedule: http://weirsports.net/default.asp?pid=38390

Millersburg Area Boys & Girls
WKLM-FM (95.3) http://wklmfm.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wklmfm.com/2014-2015_WKLM_Bas...l_Schedule.pdf


Mansfield Area Boys VIDEO
WMFD-TV (Ch. 68) http://wmfd.com/gameroom
Broadcast schedule: http://wmfd.com/local-sports/single.asp?story=62355

Ontario HS Boys VIDEO
WOHZ-TV (Ch. 41)
Broadcast schedule: http://wmfd.com/gameroom

Seneca County HS Boys & Girls
Broadcast schedule: http://senecacountyradio.com/yoursports

Toledo area Boys & Girls VIDEO
Buckeye Cable SportsNet HD http://bcsnvision.tv
Broadcast schedule: http://bcsn.tv/page/show/1102518-tv-schedules

Northwest Ohio area VIDEO
WOSN/WTLW-DT1 & 2 (Ch. 44.1 & 44.2)
Broadcast schedule: http://wosn.tv
Live stream of WOSN: http://ustream.tv/channel/wosn-24-7

Northwest Ohio area VIDEO

Toledo St. Francis DeSales Boys VIDEO

Sylvania Northview HS Boys & Girls

Northwest Ohio area Boys & Girls VIDEO
NKTelco Sports http://nktelco.net/index.php/highschool/video
Broadcast schedule: http://nktelco.net/index.php/highschool/broadcast

Sandusky/Port Clinton area Boys & Girls
WOHF-FM (92.1) http://wohf.basohio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wlec.com/2014-bas-basketball-guide (schedule is on page 9 of 20)

Erie County Boys & Girls
WLEC-AM (1450) http://wlec.basohio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wlec.com/2014-bas-basketball-guide (schedule is on page 5 of 20)

Toledo area Boys
WLQR-AM/FM (1470/106.5) http://1065theticket.com
Broadcast schedule: http://1065theticket.com/upload/WLQR...Date101014.pdf

Toledo area Boys & Girls

Toledo area Boys & Girls
WMTR-FM (96.1) http://961wmtr.com
Broadcast schedule updates: https://facebook.com/pages/961-WMTR-...s/142972515277

Ottawa-Glandorf HS Boys
WBUK-FM (106.3) http://1063thefox.com
Broadcast schedule: http://1063thefox.com/ottawa-glandorf-titans

Lima Central Catholic HS Boys
WEGE-FM (104.9) http://1049theeagle.com

Fostoria/Bowling Green/Findlay area Boys & Girls
WFOB-AM (1430) & WBVI-FM (96.7) http://wfob.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wfob.com/schedules/basketball-broadcast-schedule

Lima Central Catholic HS Boys
WEGE-FM (104.9) http://1049theeagle.com
Broadcast schedule: http://1049theeagle.com/index.php/sports

Delphos area Boys & Girls
WDOH-FM (107.1) http://wdoh.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wdoh.com/index.php/sports

Findlay Area Boys & Girls
WFIN-AM (1330) http://wfin.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wfin.com/local-sports

Celina HS & Mercer County Boys & Girls
WKKI-FM (94.3) http://k943.com

Putnam County Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule on calendar on left of homepage)

Putnam County Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule in center of homepage)

Paulding County Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule in center of homepage)

Defiance County Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule in center of homepage)

Van Wert County Boys & Girls
WERT-AM (1220) & WKSD-FM (99.7) http://wert1220.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wert1220.com/Sports-Schedule.html

Green Meadows Conference HS Boys
WZOM-FM (105.7) http://1057thebull.com
Broadcast schedule: http://1057thebull.com/event_portal/...html?type=2052

Defiance HS Boys & Girls
WONW-AM (1280) http://wonw1280.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wonw1280.com/event_portal/vie...html?type=2052

Hardin County Boys & Girls
WKTN-FM (95.3) http://wktn.com

Fremont area Boys & Girls
WFRO-FM (99.1) http://wfro.basohio.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wlec.com/2014-bas-basketball-guide (schedule is on page 6 of 20)

Tiffin Calvert HS & Tiffin Columbian HS Boys & Girls
WTTF-AM/FM (1600/93.3) http://wttf.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wlec.com/2014-bas-basketball-guide (schedule is on page 13 of 20)

Mansfield area Boys & Girls
WMAN-AM/FM (1400/98.3/100.1) http://wmanfm.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wmanfm.com/pages/sports_broadcasts.html

Mansfield area Boys & Girls
WRGM-AM/FM (1440/97.3) http://wrgm.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wrgm.com

Ashland HS Boys
WNCO-AM (1340) http://wncoam.com

Loudonville HS Boys & Girls
WZLP-LP (95.7 FM) http://www.wzlpradio.com
(broadcast schedule located in center of homepage)

Crawford County Boys & Girls
WQEL-FM (92.7) http://wqel.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wqel.com/program-schedule-2

Lima area Boys & Girls
WWSR-FM (93.1) http://931thefan.com
Broadcast schedule: http://931thefan.com/index.php/high-school-basketball


Athens HS
WATH-AM (970/97.1 FM) http://athensi.com
Broadcast schedule: http://trivalleyconference.com

Athens County Boys & Girls
WXTQ-FM (105.5) http://wxtq.com
Broadcast schedule: http://trivalleyconference.com

Tri-County Conference Boys & Girls
WYVK-FM (92.1) http://wyvk.com
Broadcast schedule: http://trivalleyconference.com

Belmont/Guernsey/Noble Counties Boys & Girls
WWKC-FM (104.9), WBNV-FM (93.5), WILE-AM (1270/107.9 FM), WILE-FM (97.1) http://yourradioplace.com
Broadcast schedule: http://yourradioplace.com/sports/hs-...les-broadcasts

Marietta HS
WMOA-AM (1490) http://wmoa1490.com

Washington County Boys & Girls
WJAW-AM/FM (630/100.9) http://wmoa1490.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wmoa1490.com/5 (click the daily scoreboard for that night's schedule)

Gallia/Meigs County Boys & Girls
WBVB-AM/FM (1390/97.1) & WBVB-AM/FM (1390/97.1) http://wyvk.com


ICRC-TV in Cincinnati Area VIDEO
Program Guides: http://icrctv.com/channel-4-834; http://icrctv.com/channel-8

Cincinnati Area Boys & Girls VIDEO
Waycross Community Television http://waycross.tv/WaycrossEducationLIVE
Broadcast schedules: http://resource.waycross.tv/pages/schedules/old.pdf & http://resource.waycross.tv/pages/schedules/new.pdf

Cincinnati Moeller HS VIDEO

Cincinnati Elder HS VIDEO

Cincinnati La Salle HS VIDEO

Cincinnati Colerain HS

Cincinnati Summit Country Day Boys & Girls

Lakota East HS & Lakota West HS VIDEO
West Chester Community TV
Broadcast schedule: http://westchesteroh.org/TVschoolsched.cfm

Lebanon HS Boys & Girls VIDEO
The Lebanon Channel 6
Broadcast information: http://lebanonohio.gov/index.aspx?NID=104
Broadcast schedule: http://lebanonohio.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3232

Cincinnati/Dayton area Boys

Dayton Dunbar HS Boys

Dayton area Boys & Girls
Broadcast schedule: http://gemcitysports.com/schedule

Kettering Fairmont HS Boys & Girls
Dayton's Information Radio (1610/1660 AM) http://1610.info

Kettering Archbishop Alter Boys & Girls
(broadcast schedule is on the webpage)

Logan County Area Boys & Girls
WBLL-AM (1390) & WPKO-FM (98.3) http://peakofohio.com

Fayette/Highland/Clinton County Area Boys & Girls
WCHO-FM (105.5) http://buckeyecountry105.com

Georgetown HS Boys

New Richmond HS Boys & Girls

Mount Orab Western Brown HS Boys & Girls

Williamsburg HS Boys & Girls

Middletown HS Boys (home games only)

Shelby County area Boys & Girls

Springfield area Boys
Broadcast schedule: http://topbillingsports.com/radio-streaming

Greene County area Boys
WBZI-AM (1500/100.3 FM) http://myclassiccountry.com
Broadcast schedule: http://myclassiccountry.com/programs/sports-programs

Cincinnati area Boys
WMOH-AM (1450) http://wmoh.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wmoh.com/sports/game-of-the-week

Miami County area Boys
WPTW-AM/FM (1570/98.1) http://1570wptw.com

Versailles HS Boys & Girls
WTGR-FM (97.5) http://wtgr.com
Broadcast schedule: http://wtgr.com/sports.php

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Old 12-17-14, 01:56 PM
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This list has been updated as more stations have posted their broadcast schedules online.

If you know of a station that broadcasts HS basketball and is not listed here, please add it in this thread.
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This listing has been updated with more stations. If you know of any stations not included in the listing, please post them in this thread.
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Old 02-05-15, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by jhc2010 View Post
This listing has been updated with more stations. If you know of any stations not included in the listing, please post them in this thread.
Kettering Alter Knights alterknights.com
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