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Old 11-13-17, 09:55 AM
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Location: Marysville,Ohio 43040
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Fizz is on a distinguished road
** Added **


11/30-Utica H
12/1-Johnstown Northridge H
12/5-Grove City Christian H
12/8-Centerburg H
12/12-Howard East Knox A
12/15-Galion Northmor H
12/19-Danville A
12/22-Marengo Highland A
12/27-Galion H
12/29-Caledonia River Valley A
1/5-Fredericktown H
1/9-Marion Elgin A
1/12-Mount Gilead H
1/16-Centerburg A
1/19-Howard East Knox H
1/22-Morral Ridgedale H
1/26-Galion Northmor A
2/2-Marengo Highland H
2/9-Fredericktown A
2/16-Mount Gilead A
2/20-Richwood North Union A

12/6-Newark Licking Valley A
12/8-Cardington Lincoln A
12/12-Marengo Highland H
12/15-Howard East Knox A
12/19-Mount Gilead H
12/22-Danville H
12/29-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
1/5-Galion Northmor A
1/9-Worthington Christian A
1/12-Fredericktown A
1/16-Cardington Lincoln H
1/19-Marengo Highland A
1/20-Sunbury Big Walnut A
1/23-Gahanna Columbus Academy H
1/26-Howard East Knox H
1/30-Mount Gilead A
2/2-Danville A
2/6-Columbus Bishop Ready H
2/9-Galion Northmor H
2/10-Delaware Christian H
2/12-Johnstown Monroe H
2/16-Fredericktown H

2/2-Grove City Christian A
12/8-Marengo Highland H
12/12-Galion Northmor H
12/15-Fredericktown A
12/19-Cardington Lincoln H
12/22-Centerburg A
12/30-Newark Catholic A
1/2-Delaware Christian A
1/5-Mount Gilead A
1/9-Loudonville H
1/12-Howard East Knox H
1/13-Johnstown Northridge H
1/16-Marengo Highland A
1/19-Galion Northmor A
1/23-Lucas A
1/26-Fredericktown H
1/30-Cardington Lincoln A
2/2-Centerburg H
2/6-Coshocton H
2/9-Mount Gilead H
2/13-Warsaw River View H
2/16-Howard East Knox A

12/4-Delaware Christian H
12/6-Johnstown Northridge A
12/8-Mount Gilead A
12/12-Cardington Lincoln
12/19-Galion Northmor A
12/22-Fredericktown H
12/29-Lucas H
12/30-Columbus Tree Of Life A
1/5-Marengo Highland H
1/9-Mansfield Christian A
1/12-Danville A
1/16-Mount Gilead H
1/19-Cardington Lincoln A
1/23-Marion Elgin A
1/26-Centerburg A
1/30-Galion Northmor H
2/2-Fredericktown A
2/6-Lancaster Fairfield Christian H
2/9-Marengo Highland A
2/13-Loudonville H
2/16-Danville H

12/1-Lucas A
12/6-Worthington Christian H
12/8-Galion Northmor A
12/12-Mount Gilead A
12/15-Danville H
12/19-Marengo Highland H
12/22-Howard East Knox A
12/28-Mansfield Christian H
1/5-Cardington Lincoln A
1/9-Bellville Clear Fork A
1/12-Centerburg H
1/16-Galion Northmor H
1/19-Mount Gilead H
1/20-Utica H
1/26-Danville A
1/30-Marengo Highland A
2/2-Howard East Knox H
2/6-Loudonville H
2/9-Cardington Lincoln H
2/13-Marion Elgin A
2/16-Centerburg A

12/1-Mount Vernon A
12/5-Utica H
12/8-Danville A
12/9-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
12/12-Centerburg A
12/15-Mount Gilead H
12/16-Columbus Centennial A
12/19-Fredericktown A
12/22-Cardington Lincoln H
12/29-Ontario H
1/5-Howard East Knox A
1/10-Galion Northmor A
1/16-Danville H
1/19-Centerburg H
1/23-Caledonia River Valley H
1/26-Mount Gilead A
1/30-Fredericktown H
2/2-Cardington Lincoln A
2/6-Marion Pleasant A
2/9-Howard East Knox H
2/10-Columbus St.Francis DeSales H
2/16-Galion Northmor H

12/2-Caledonia River Valley H
12/5-Marion Elgin H
12/8-Howard East Knox H
12/12-Frederikctown H
12/15-Marengo Highland A
12/19-Centerburg A
12/22-Galion Northmor H
12/27-Columbus Bexley @Northridge
12/29-TBA @Northridge
1/5-Danville H
1/9-Marion Pleasant A
1/12-Cardington Lincoln A
1/16-Howard East Knox A
1/19-Fredericktown A
1/24-Crestline H
1/26-Marengo Highland H
1/30-Centerburg H
2/2-Galion Northmor A
2/6-Galion A
2/9-Danville A
2/16-Cardington Lincoln H
2/20-Bucyrus H

12/1-Marion Pleasant H
12/2-Caledonia River Valley H
12/8-Fredericktown H
12/12-Danville A
12/15-Cardington Lincoln A
12/19-Hiward East Knox H
12/22-Mount Gilead A
12/29-Worthington Christian H
1/5-Centerburg H
1/10-Marengo Highland H
1/16-Fredericktown A
1/19-Danville H
1/23-Galion A
1/26-Cardington Lincoln H
1/30-Howard East Knox A
2/2-Mount Gilead H
2/6-Lucas A
2/9-Centerburg A
2/16-Maremgo Highland H

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Old 11-13-17, 11:12 AM
Fizz Fizz is offline
All District
Join Date: 02-07-02
Location: Marysville,Ohio 43040
Posts: 227
Fizz is on a distinguished road
**Added **


12/6-Columbus Whetstone H
12/9-Johnstown Monroe A
12/16-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
12/20-Newark Catholic H
12/23-GrovePort Madison A
12/29-Cincinnati Wyoming A
1/3-Newark Licking Valley A
1/6-Pataskala Licking Heights H
1/10-Johnstown Northridge A
1/13-Columbus Briggs A
1/16-Hebron Lakewood A
1/20-Columbus St.Francis DeSales H
1/23-Utica H
1/26-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
1/27-Worthington Kilbourne H
1/30-Whitehall-Yearling A
2/2-Newark Licking Valley H
2/6-Heath A
2/9-Pataskala Licking Heights A
2/10-Galloway Westland A
2/13-Columbus Mifflin A
2/16-Hebron Lakewood H

11/30-Hebron Lakewood H
12/2-Columbus East H
12/6-Utica H
12/9-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
12/12-New Lexington A
12/15-Crooksville H
12/18-Logan H
12/20-Newark Licking Valley A
12/29-Duncan Falls Philo H
1/3-Johnstown Northridge A
1/6-Newark Catholic H
1/10-Pataskala Licking Heights H
1/14-Columbus Independence @West Muskingum
1/16-Johnstown Monroe A
1/23-Hebron Lakewood A
1/26-Utica H
1/27-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
2/6-Granville A
2/9-Newark Catholic A
2/16-Johnstown Monroe H
2/17-Columbus Bexley H

11/30-Heath A
12/2-Newark Catholic A
12/7-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
12/13-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
12/16-Newark Licking Valley H
12/20-Johnstown Northridge H
12/22-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
12/29-Thornville Sheridan H
1/3-Pataskala Licking Heights A
1/6-Zanesville West Muskingum H
1/9-Warsaw River View H
1/10-Utica A
1/16-Granville H
1/19-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
1/23-Heath H
1/26-Newark Licking Valley A
2/2-Pataskala Licking Heights A
2/6-Johnstown Monroe H
2/10-New Lexington A
2/16-Granville H

12/1-Worthington Christian A
12/6-Columbus South H
12/9-Granville H
12/11-Columbus St.Francis DeSales A
12/13-Utica A
12/16-Johnstown Northridge H
1/20-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
12/28-TBA @Columbus Grandview Heights
12/29-TBA @Columbus Grandview Heights
1/3-Newark Catholic A
1/6-Westerville South A
1/10-Newark Licking Valley H
1/16-Heath H
1/19-Utica H
1/23-Pataskala Licking Heights A
1/26-Johnstown Northridge A
1/30-Chillicothe Zane Trace H
2/2-Newark Catholic H
2/6-Hebron Lakewood A
2/12-Centerburg A
2/16-Heath A
2/20-Columbus Bishop Hartley

12/1-Cardington Lincoln H
12/6-Howard East Knox H
12/9-Pataskala Licking Heights H
12/11-Marion Elgin A
12/13-Newark Catholic H
12/16-Johnstown Monroe H
12/27-TBA Viking Tournament H
12/29-TBA Viking Tournament H
1/3-Heath H
1/6-Utica A
1/10-Granville H
1/13-Danville A
1/16-Gahanna Columbus Academy H
1/19-Newark Catholic A
1/23-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
1/26-Johnstown Monroe H
1/30-Warsaw River View H
2/2-Heath A
2/6-Newark Licking Heights A

12/2-Hebron Lakewood H
12/5-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
12/6-Baltimore Liberty Union H
12/13-Johnstown Northridge A
12/16-Columbus Patriot Prep A
12/20-Granville A
12/22-Grove City Christian H
12/27-Lanacster Fairfield Christian Academy H
12/30-Danville H
1/3-Johnstown Monroe H
1/6-Heath A
1/10-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
1/13-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
1/15-Utica H
1/19-Johnstown Northridge H
1/23-Newark Licking Valley A
1/26-Crooksville A
2/2-Johnstown Monroe A
2/6-Pataskala Licking Heights A
2/9-Heath H
2/16-Utica A
2/21-Worthington Christian H

11/30-Columbus Linden McKinley H
12/2-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
12/6-Centerburg H
12/9-Utica A
12/13-Pataskala Licking Heights
12/16-Hebron Lakewood A
12/20-Heath H
12/27-Thornville Sheridan H
12/29-Zanesville Maysville A
1/3-Granville H
1/6-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
1/10-Johnstown Monroe A
1/16-Coshocton A
1/19-Pataskala Licking Heights A
1/23-Newark Catholic H
1/26-Hebron Lakewood H
1/30-Utica H
2/2-Granville A
2/6-Johnstown Northridge H
2/9-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
2/10-Duncan Falls Philo H
2/13-Zanesville West Muskingum A

11/30-Westerville North H
12/4-Hilliard Davidson H
12/9-Johnstown Northridge A
12/13-Newark Licking Valley A
12/16-Columbus St.Francis DeSales H
12/20-Utica H
1/3-Hebron Lakewood H
1/6-Granville A
1/10-Heath A
1/13-Canal Winchester A
1/16-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
1/20-Dublin Scioto H
1/23-Johnstown Monroe H
1/30-Grove City Central Crossing H
2/2-Hebron Lakwood A
2/6-Newark Catholic H
2/9-Granville H
2/13-Westerville Central A
2/16-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A

11/30-Sunbury Big Walnut A
12/2-Mount Vernon H
12/6-Columbus West H
12/9-Heath A
12/13-Hebron Lakewood H
12/16-Granville A
12/20-Johnstown Monroe H
12/28-Gahanna Lincoln H
12/29-Logan A
1/6-Newark Licking Valley H
1/10-Newark Catholic A
1/16-Pataskala Licking Heights H
1/19-Hebron Lakewood A
1/20-Dublin Jerome H
1/23-Johnstown Northridge H
1/26-Granville H
1/30-Galloway Westland A
2/6-Utica H
2/9-Newark Licking Valley A
2/13-Gahanna Columbus Academy A
2/16-Pataskala Licking Heights H

11/30-Cardington Lincoln A
12/2-Granville Christian Academy H
12/5-Marengo Highland H
12/6-Heath A
12/9-Newark Licking Valley H
12/13-Johnstown Monroe H
12/20-Pataskala Licking Heights A
12/28-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
12/30-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy A
1/6-Johnstown Northridge H
1/10-Hebron Lakewood H
1/13-Marion Elgin H
1/15-Newark Catholic A
1/19-Johnstown Mornoe A
1/20-Fredericktown A
1/23-Granville A
1/26-Heath H
1/30-Newark Licking Valley A
2/6-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
2/9-Johnstown Northridge A
2/10-Columbus Grandview Heights H
2/16-Newark Catholic H
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Join Date: 02-07-02
Location: Marysville,Ohio 43040
Posts: 227
Fizz is on a distinguished road
** Added **


12/1-Lexington A
12/2-West Salem Northwestern A
12/8-Richwood North Union A
12/14-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
12/16-Caledonia River Valley H
12/20-Galion A
12/23-Ontario @Richland Source Challenge
12/29-Mansfield Madison Comprehensive @
1/4-Ontario H
1/6-Marion Pleasant A
1/9-Fredericktown H
1/12-Marion Harding H
1/13-Loudonville H
1/18-Richwood North Union H
1/20-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
1/26-Caledonia River Valley A
1/27-Wooster Triway H
2/1-Galion H
2/3-Ontario A
2/9-Marion Pleasant H
2/10-Lucas A
2/15-Marion Harding A

12/2-Mount Gilead A
12/8-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
12/14-Galion A
12/16-Belleville Clear Fork A
12/20-Ontaio A
12/29-Cardington Lincoln H
12/30-Shelby H
1/4-Marion Pleasant H
1/6-Marion Harding A
1/12-Richwood North Union H
1/18-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
1/20-Galion H
1/23-Marengo Highland A
1/26-Bellville Clear Fork H
2/1-Ontario H
2/3-Marion Pleasant A
2/6-Whitehall-Yearling A
2/9-Marion Harding H
2/10-Bucyrus Wynford H
2/15-Richwood North Union A
2/17-Mansfield Madison Comprehensive H
2/20-Marion Elgin H

12/1-Sunbury Big Walnut A
12/2-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
12/8-Caledonia River Valley H
12/9-Marengo Highland H
12/14-Bellville Clear Fork A
12/16-Ontario H
12/20-Marion Pleasant A
12/23-Columbus Bexley A
12/29-Centerburg A
1/4-Marion Harding A
1/6-Richwood North Union A
1/9-Columbus Bishop Watterson H
1/12-Galion H
1/18-Caledonia River Valley A
1/20-Bellville Clear Fork H
1/26-Ontario A
1/27-Heath H
2/1-Marion Pleasant H
2/3-Marion Harding H
2/9-Richwood North Union H
2/15-Galion A
2/16-Delaware Hayes A

12/1-Bucyrus H
12/7-Upper Sandusky A
12/8-Marion Pleasant A
12/14-Caledonia River Valley H
12/16-Marion Harding A
12/20-Bellville Clear Fork H
12/23-Mansfield St.Peters @Ontario
12/7-Cardington Lincoln A
1/4-Richwood North Union A
1/6-Ontario H
1/12-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
1/18-Marion Pleasant H
1/20-Caledonia River Valley A
1/23-Galion Northmor H
1/25-New Washington Buckeye Central H
12/26-Marion Harding H
2/1-Bellville Clear Fork A
2/3-Richwood North Union A
2/6-Mount Gilead
2/9-Ontario A
2/15-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
2/17-Crestline A

11/30-Lewis Center Olentangy A
12/2-Marysville H
12/8-Ontario H
12/14-Marion Pleasant A
12/16-Galion H
12/20-Richwood North Union H
12/22-Kenton H
12/27-Mount Vernon H
12/29-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
1/4-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
1/6-Caledonia River Valley H
1/12-Bellville Clear Fork H
1/18-Ontario A
1/20-Marion Pleasant H
1/26-Galion A
2/1-Richwood North Union A
2/3-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
2/9-Caledonia River Valley A
2/10-Sunbury Big Walnut A
2/15-Bellville Clear Fork H
2/17-Delaware Hayes H
2/20-Dublin Jerome H

12/1-Galion Northmor A
12/8-Galion H
12/14-Marion Harding H
12/16-Richwood North Union H
12/20-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
12/23-Columbus Bishop Ready A
12/29-Bucyrus Wynford H
12/30-Marion Elgin H
1/4-Caledonia River Valley A
1/6-Bellville Clear Fork H
1/9-Mount Gilead H
1/12-Ontario A
1/13-Van Buren A
1/18-Galion A
1/20-Marion Harding A
1/26-Richwood North Union A
2/1-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
2/3-Caledonia River Valley H
2/6-Marengo Highland H
2/9-Bellville Clear Fork A
2/15-Ontario H
2/17-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep A

12/2-Norwalk H
12/8-Marion Harding A
12/14-Richwood North Union A
12/16-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
12/20-Caledonia River Valley H
12/23-Mansfield Senior @Ontario Challenge
12/29-Marengo Highland A
12/30-Lexington A
1/4-Bellville Clear Fork A
1/6-Galion A
1/12-Marion Pleasant H
1/13-Bellevue H
1/18-Marion Harding H
1/20-Richwood North Union H
1/26-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
2/1-Caledonia River Valley A
2/3-Bellville Clear Fork H
2/9-Galion H
2/10-Mansfield Christian A
2/15-Marion Pleasant A
2/17-Shelby A
2/23-Mansfield Madison Comprehensive H

12/1-Bellefontaine Benjamin Logan A
12/8-Bellville Clear Fork H
12/14-Ontario H
12/16-Marion Pleasant A
12/20-Marion Harding A
12/22-Delaware Christian A
12/28-Mount Blanchard Riverside H
1/4-Galion H
1/6-Delaware Buckeye Valley H
1/10-London H
1/12-Caledonia River Valley A
1/18-Bellville Clear Fork A
1/20-Ontario A
1/24-Bucyrus A
1/26-Marion Pleasant H
2/1-Marion Harding H
2/3-Galion A
2/9-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
2/13-Milford Center Fairbanks A
2/15-Caledonia River Valley H
2/20-Cardington Lincoln H

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Join Date: 02-07-02
Location: Marysville,Ohio 43040
Posts: 227
Fizz is on a distinguished road
** Added **


12/1-Columbus International H
12/8-Millersport H
12/12-Westerville Northside Christian A
12/15-Delaware Christian H
12/16-New Hope Christian School H
12/21-Granville Christian A
12/22-Columbus Cristo Ray H
12/30-Howard East Knox H
1/4-Gahanna Christian Academy A
1/6-Columbus Patriot Prep A
1/9-GrovePort Madison Christian H
1/12-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
1/13-TBA @West Muskingum
1/18-Westerville Northside Christian H
1/23-Gahanna Christian Academy H
1/26-Delaware Christian Academy A
1/30-Columbus Cristo Rey A
2/1-Granville Christian H
2/3-Lima Temple Christian A
2/8-Licking County Christian H
2/13-GrovePort Madison Christian A
2/15-Plain City Shekinah Christian H

11/30-Marion Elgin H
12/4-Howard East Knox A
12/7-GrovePort Madison Christian A
12/12-Plain City Shekinah Christian H
12/15-Columbus Tree Of Life A
12/16-Genoa Christian Academy H
12/22-Richwood North Union H
12/30-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
1/6-Gahana Christian Academy A
1/9-Westerville Northside Christian H
1/12-Granville Christian Academy A
1/18-GrovePort Madison Christian H
1/20-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
1/23-Bellefontaine Benjamin Logan A
1/26-Columbus Tree Of Life H
2/1-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
2/3-Morral Ridgedale A
2/8-Gahanna Christian Academy H
2/10-Centerburg A
2/13-Westerville Northside Christian A
2/16-Granville Christian Academy H

12/2-Worthington Christian H
12/5-New Hope Christian Christian Academy A
12/9-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
12/21-GrovePort Madison Christian A
12/30-Genoa Christian Academy H
1/2-Grove City Christian A
1/4-Columbus Tree Of Life H
1/6-Delaware Christian H
1/9-Granville Christian Academy H
1/12-Westerville Northside Christian A
1/13-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
1/18-Plain City Shekinah Christian H
1/23-Columbus Tree Of Life A
1/29-Columbus Grandview Heights H
2/1-GrovePort Madison Christian H
2/2-Columbus Patriot Prep A
2/8-Delaware Christian A
2/13-Granville Christian Academy A
2/16-Westerville Northside Christian H
2/20-Columbus Bishop Ready A
2/22-Columbus Horizon Science Academy A

12/5-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
12/7-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
12/11-GrovePort Madison Academy H
12/21-Columbus Tree Of Life H
12/29-Millersport A
1/4-Plain City Shekinah Christian H
1/6-Westerville Northside Christian H
1/9-Gahanna Christian Academy A
1/12-Delaware Christian H
1/16-Liberty Christian Academy H
1/19-Licking County Christian Academy H
1/27-Millersport H
2/1-Columbus Tree Of Life A
2/2-Coshocton Christian H
2/13-Gahanna Christian Academy H
2/16-Delaware Christian A

12/1-Westerville Northside Christian A
12/4-Liberty Christian Academy H
12/7-Delaware Christian H
12/9-Columbus Patriot A
12/11-Granville Christian Academy H
12/16-Columbus Cristo Ray H
12/21-Gahanna Christian Academy H
12/28-Genoa Christian Academy H
12/29-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
1/2-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/6-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
1/9-Columbus Tree Of Life A
1/13-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
1/18-Delaware Chrsitian A
1/23-Granville Christian Academy A
1/26-Westerville Northside Christian A
2/1-Gahanna Christian School A
2/8-Plain City Shekinah Christian H
2/10-New Hope Christian Academy A
2/13-Columbus Tree Of Life H
2/15-Columbus North International H

12/1-London H
12/9-Gahanna Christian Academy H
12/12-Delaware Christian A
12/15-Granville Christian Academy H
12/16-Columbus Bishop Ready A
12/21-Westerville Northside Christian A
1/4-Granville Christian Academy A
1/6-GrovePort Madison Christian H
1/12-Columbus Tree Of Life H
1/13-Newark Catholic H
1/18-Gahanna Christian Academy A
1/20-Delaware Christian H
1/25-TBA @ The Rosedale Invitational
1/27-TBA @ The Rosedale Invitational
2/3-Westerville Northside Christian H
2/8-GrovePort Madison Christian A
2/10-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
2/15-Columbus Tree Of Life A
2/17-New Hope Christian Academy H
2/19-Mechanicsburg A

12/1-GrovePort Madison Christian A
12/9-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
12/12-Columbus Tree Of Life H
12/16-Columbus North International H
12/21-Plain City Shekinah Christian H
1/4-Columbus Torah Academy H
1/6-Granville Christian Academy A
1/9-Delaware Christian A
1/12-Gahanna Christian Academy H
1/18-Columbus Tree Of Life A
1/23-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
1/26-GrovePort Madison Christian H
1/30-Liberty Christian Academy A
2/3-Plain City Shekinah Christian A
2/8-Granville Christian Academy H
2/10-Powell Village Academy H
2/13-Delaware Christian H
2/16-Gahanna Christian Academy A
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** Added **

Huntington HS schedule

12/2 vs Nelsonville York at Zane Trace Classic
12/8 at Westfall
12/9 at Unioto
12/12 North Adams
12/15 Zane Trace
12/16 at Piketon
12/29 at Portsmouth Clay
1/02 at McDermott Northwest
1/5 Adena
1/6 at Southeastern
1/9 Circleville
1/12 Paint Valley
1/13 Westfall
1/19 Unioto
1/23 vs Amanda Clearcreek at Ohio University Chilicothe
1/26 at Zane Trace
1/27 Piketon
2/2 at Adena
2/6 at Western
2/9 Southeastern
2/10 at Portsmouth West
2/16 at Paint Valley
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NE Ohio Basketball Schedules

** Added **

I track about 95 schools this year. I have been doing this for several years. Of these schools the following are the ones that I have a full 22 games for, that haven't been on this website before:

Head Coach: Brian Beany
12/05/2017 H Struthers
12/08/2017 H Youngstown East
12/12/2017 A Hudson
12/14/2017 N Louisville (Quicken Loans Arena)
12/16/2017 H Canfield
12/19/2017 A Warren G. Harding
12/22/2017 H Youngstown Ursuline
12/29/2017 H Boardman
01/02/2018 H Erie McDowell, PA
01/09/2018 H Ashtabula Lakeside
01/12/2018 H Warren Howland
01/16/2018 A Poland Seminary
01/19/2018 A Youngstown East
01/26/2018 A Canfield
01/30/2018 H Warren G. Harding
02/06/2018 A Ashtabula Lakeside
02/09/2018 A Warren Howland
02/13/2018 A Youngstown Ursuline
02/16/2018 H Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
02/17/2018 H Hubbard
02/20/2018 A Alliance
02/23/2018 A Boardman

Head Coach: Pat Birch
12/05/2017 H Niles McKinley
12/09/2017 H Mentor
12/12/2017 A Steubenville
12/15/2017 A Ashtabula Lakeside
12/19/2017 H Canfield
12/22/2017 H Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
12/27/2017 H Poland Seminary
12/29/2017 A Austintown Fitch
01/05/2018 A Warren Howland
01/12/2018 A Youngstown East
01/13/2018 H Hudson
01/16/2018 A Struthers
01/19/2018 A Warren G. Harding
01/26/2018 A Ashtabula Lakeside
01/30/2018 A Canfield
02/02/2018 H Warren Howland
02/06/2018 H Cortland Lakeview
02/09/2018 A Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
02/13/2018 A Louisville
02/16/2018 H Youngstown East
02/20/2018 H Warren G. Harding
02/23/2018 H Austintown Fitch

Head Coach: Tim Debevec
12/01/2017 A Akron East
12/09/2017 H Akron Kenmore-Garfield
12/12/2017 A Canton GlenOak
12/15/2017 H Massillon Perry
12/19/2017 H Canton McKinley
12/23/2017 N Boardman (Mount Union University)
12/27/2017 N Rock Classic Tournament Orlando, FL
12/28/2017 N Rock Classic Tournament Orlando, FL
12/29/2017 N Rock Classic Tournament Orlando, FL
01/05/2018 A Uniontown Green
01/09/2018 H North Canton Hoover
01/12/2018 H Uniontown Lake
01/16/2018 H Copley
01/19/2018 H Canton GlenOak
01/23/2018 A Massillon Perry
01/26/2018 A Canton McKinley
02/02/2018 H Uniontown Green
02/06/2018 H Barberton
02/09/2018 A North Canton Hoover
02/16/2018 A Uniontown Lake
02/20/2018 H Akron Ellet
02/24/2018 A Mentor

Head Coach: Todd Blackledge
12/05/2017 H Akron Kenmore-Garfield
12/08/2017 H Canton GlenOak
12/12/2017 A Uniontown Lake
12/15/2017 A Massillon Washington
12/19/2017 H Massillon Perry
12/27/2017 H Louisville
01/05/2018 A Canton McKinley
01/09/2018 A Massillon Jackson
01/12/2018 H Uniontown Green
01/13/2018 H TBA (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/14/2018 H TBA (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/16/2018 A Canton GlenOak
01/19/2018 H Uniontown Lake
01/23/2018 A Copley
01/26/2018 A Massillon Perry
01/30/2018 A Canton Central Catholic
02/02/2018 H Canton McKinley
02/06/2018 H Akron Firestone
02/09/2018 H Massillon Jackson
02/16/2018 A Uniontown Green
02/20/2018 H Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
02/23/2018 H Cleveland James F. Rhodes

Head Coach: Tom McBride
12/01/2017 H Youngstown Ursuline
12/08/2017 A Uniontown Green
12/12/2017 H North Canton Hoover
12/15/2017 A Canton GlenOak
12/22/2017 H Massillon Washington
12/23/2017 A Akron Ellet
12/30/2017 H Canfield
01/05/2018 A Massillon Perry
01/09/2018 H Canton McKinley
01/12/2018 A Massillon Jackson
01/16/2018 H Uniontown Green
01/19/2018 A North Canton Hoover
01/23/2018 H Canton GlenOak
01/26/2018 H Canton Central Catholic
01/30/2018 H New Philadelphia
02/02/2018 H Massillon Perry
02/06/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls
02/09/2018 A Canton McKinley
02/10/2018 A Youngstown East
02/16/2018 H Massillon Jackson
02/20/2018 A Louisville
02/23/2018 A Akron Firestone

Head Coach: Michael Snowbarger
12/01/2017 H Massillon Washington
12/02/2017 A Massillon Perry
12/08/2017 A Ashland
12/12/2017 H Copley
12/15/2017 H Mount Vernon
12/22/2017 A Millersburg West Holmes
12/23/2017 N Akron Archbishop Hoban (WQKT Classic, College of Wooster)
12/29/2017 A Mansfield Senior
01/05/2018 H Mansfield Madison (College of Wooster)
01/06/2018 A Canton Central Catholic
01/09/2018 H Lexington
01/12/2018 H Bellville Clear Fork
01/16/2018 H Ashland
01/19/2018 A Mount Vernon
01/27/2018 H Akron Springfield
02/02/2018 H Mansfield Senior
02/06/2018 A Mansfield Madison
02/09/2018 A Lexington
02/10/2018 A Orrville
02/13/2018 H Millersburg West Holmes
02/17/2018 H Canton McKinley
02/21/2018 H Dover
02/23/2018 A Uniontown Green (Game 23 listed)

Head Coach: T. K. Griffith
12/09/2017 N Wadsworth (Jack Greynolds Classic, Barberton)
12/12/2017 A Massillon Washington
12/16/2017 H Toledo Scott
12/22/2017 A Mentor Lake Catholic
12/23/2017 N Wooster (WQKT Classic, College of Wooster)
12/30/2017 N Akron Kenmore-Garfield (Akron Holiday Classic, Akron Firestone)
01/05/2018 H Parma Padua Franciscan
01/09/2018 H Gates Mills Gilmour Academy
01/12/2018 A Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
01/16/2018 H Hudson Western Reserve Academy
01/19/2018 H Cleveland Benedictine
01/26/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
01/28/2018 N Cleveland Villa Angela-Saint Joseph (Dunk 4 Diabetes, John Carroll University)
01/30/2018 H Mentor Lake Catholic
02/02/2018 A Parma Padua Franciscan
02/03/2018 N Akron Buchtel (Kosta Koufos Classic, Canton GlenOak)
02/06/2018 H Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
02/09/2018 H Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
02/13/2018 H Canton Central Catholic
02/16/2018 A Cleveland Benedictine
02/20/2018 A Youngstown Ursuline
02/23/2018 H Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit

Head Coach: Dave Milosovich
12/01/2017 A Copley
12/02/2017 H Canton McKinley (Joe Siegferth Classic)
12/05/2017 H Brunswick
12/08/2017 A Akron Kenmore-Garfield
12/09/2017 N Cleveland John Marshall (Jack Greynolds Classic, Barberton)
12/12/2017 H Akron Ellet
12/15/2017 H Akron North
12/16/2017 H Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
12/27/2017 A Macedonia Nordonia
12/30/2017 H Cleveland East Tech (Akron Holiday Classic)
01/12/2018 A Akron Buchtel
01/19/2018 A Akron East
01/23/2018 H Akron Kenmore-Garfield
01/26/2018 A Akron Ellet
01/30/2018 A Akron North
02/02/2018 H Akron Buchtel
02/06/2018 A North Canton Hoover
02/09/2018 H Akron East
02/16/2018 H Akron City Series Championship
02/17/2018 A Richfield Revere
02/20/2018 H Uniontown Green
02/23/2018 H Uniontown Lake

Head Coach: Mark Dente
12/01/2017 H Akron Firestone
12/05/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
12/12/2017 A Wooster
12/15/2017 H Barberton
12/19/2017 A Richfield Revere
12/22/2017 H Tallmadge
12/30/2017 A Westlake
01/05/2018 H Medina Highland
01/12/2018 A Aurora
01/16/2018 A Massillon Jackson
01/19/2018 H Kent Roosevelt
01/23/2018 H North Canton Hoover
01/26/2018 A Barberton
01/30/2018 H Richfield Revere
02/02/2018 A Tallmadge
02/06/2018 A Canton McKinley
02/09/2018 A Medina Highland
02/13/2018 H Uniontown Green
02/16/2018 H Aurora
02/17/2018 H Stow-Munroe Falls
02/20/2018 A Akron Kenmore-Garfield
02/23/2018 A Kent Roosevelt

Head Coach: Christian Hunter
12/01/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls
12/05/2017 H Mogadore Field
12/08/2017 H Medina Highland
12/12/2017 A Macedonia Nordonia
12/15/2017 A Aurora
12/19/2017 A Tallmadge
12/22/2017 H Richfield Revere
12/27/2017 A Ravenna
12/29/2017 H Twinsburg
01/09/2018 A Stow-Munroe Falls
01/12/2018 A Barberton
01/16/2018 H Akron Springfield
01/19/2018 A Copley
01/23/2018 A Medina Highland
01/26/2018 H Aurora
01/30/2018 H Tallmadge
02/02/2018 A Richfield Revere
02/06/2018 H Streetsboro
02/13/2018 A Hudson
02/16/2018 H Barberton
02/20/2018 H Peninsula Woodridge
02/23/2018 H Copley

Head Coach: Adam Cestaro
12/01/2017 H Brunswick
12/05/2017 A Macedonia Nordonia
12/08/2017 A Kent Roosevelt
12/12/2017 H Medina
12/15/2017 A Richfield Revere
12/19/2017 A Parma Heights Valley Forge
12/22/2017 H Aurora
12/28/2017 H Medina Buckeye
01/05/2018 A Copley
01/09/2018 A Twinsburg
01/12/2018 H Tallmadge
01/16/2018 A Peninsula Woodridge
01/19/2018 H Barberton
01/23/2018 H Kent Roosevelt
01/26/2018 H Richfield Revere
01/30/2018 A Maple Heights
02/02/2018 A Aurora
02/09/2018 H Copley
02/13/2018 H Akron Coventry
02/16/2018 A Tallmadge
02/20/2018 H Wadsworth
02/23/2018 A Barberton

Head Coach: Mark Knisley
12/01/2017 H Barberton
12/08/2017 H Uniontown Lake
12/12/2017 A Massillon Perry
12/15/2017 A Canton McKinley
12/19/2017 H Canton GlenOak
12/22/2017 H Cleveland East Tech
12/27/2017 A Stow-Munroe Falls
12/29/2017 H Akron Ellet
01/05/2018 H Massillon Jackson
01/12/2018 A North Canton Hoover
01/16/2018 A Uniontown Lake
01/19/2018 H Massillon Perry
01/23/2018 H Canton McKinley
01/26/2018 A Canton GlenOak
01/30/2018 A Louisville
02/02/2018 A Massillon Jackson
02/06/2018 H Tallmadge
02/10/2018 A Wadsworth
02/13/2018 A Copley
02/16/2018 H North Canton Hoover
02/20/2018 A Akron Firestone
02/23/2018 H Wooster

Head Coach: Mike Schmeltzer Jr.
12/08/2017 A Macedonia Nordonia
12/09/2017 N Akron Archbishop Hoban (Jack Greynolds Classic, Barberton)
12/15/2017 H Stow-Munroe Falls
12/19/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls
12/22/2017 A North Royalton
12/29/2017 N Brunswick Holiday Tournament
12/30/2017 N Brunswick Holiday Tournament
01/05/2018 H Twinsburg
01/09/2018 H Barberton
01/12/2018 H Brecksville-Broadview Heights
01/16/2018 A Medina
01/19/2018 A Hudson
01/23/2018 H Macedonia Nordonia
01/26/2018 A Stow-Munroe Falls
01/30/2018 H Cuyahoga Falls
02/02/2018 H North Royalton
02/09/2018 A Twinsburg
02/10/2018 H Uniontown Green
02/13/2018 H Akron Ellet
02/16/2018 A Brecksville-Broadview Heights
02/20/2018 A Medina Highland
02/23/2018 A Hudson

Head Coach: John Norris
12/02/2017 H Cleveland Lincoln-West
12/05/2017 H Copley
12/12/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
12/16/2017 A Akron Firestone
12/19/2017 A Akron East
12/22/2017 A Parma Padua Franciscan
12/27/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls (Cuyahoga Falls Classic, Cuyahoga Falls)
12/28/2017 N Peninsula Woodridge (Cuyahoga Falls Classic, Cuyahoga Falls)
01/05/2018 H Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
01/06/2018 H Hudson Western Reserve Academy
01/12/2018 A Cleveland Benedictine
01/13/2018 H Hutington Valley University School
01/19/2018 A Mentor Lake Catholic
01/23/2018 A Brunswick
01/26/2018 H Akron Archbishop Hoban
01/30/2018 H Parma Padua Franciscan
02/02/2018 A Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
02/06/2018 A Gates Mills Gilmour Academy
02/09/2018 H Cleveland Benedictine
02/13/2018 A Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
02/16/2018 H Mentor Lake Catholic
02/23/2018 A Akron Archbishop Hoban

Head Coach: Jason Hess
12/01/2017 H Sandusky
12/08/2017 H Wooster
12/15/2017 A Mansfield Madison
12/16/2017 H Toledo Start
12/23/2017 N Bellevue (Richland Source Challenge, Mansfield Ontario)
12/28/2017 H Lexington
01/05/2018 A Mount Vernon
01/06/2018 A Toledo Whitmer
01/09/2018 H Mansfield Senior
01/12/2018 H Millersburg West Holmes
01/13/2018 A Norwalk
01/16/2018 A Wooster
01/19/2018 H Mansfield Madison
01/20/2018 A Perrysburg
01/26/2018 A Orrville
01/30/2018 H Massillon Washington
02/02/2018 A Lexington
02/06/2018 H Mount Vernon
02/09/2018 A Mansfield Senior
02/10/2018 A Mansfield St. Peter's
02/13/2018 H Massillon Perry
02/16/2018 A Millersburg West Holmes

Head Coach: Bob von Kaenel
12/01/2017 H Marietta
12/05/2017 A Zanesville
12/08/2017 H Warsaw River View
12/12/2017 A Byesville Meadowbrook
12/15/2017 H Cambridge
12/16/2017 H Cleveland Max Hayes Vocational
12/22/2017 A New Philadelphia
12/28/2017 N Dublin Coffman (Stephen Gussler Classic, Thomas Worthington HS)
12/29/2017 N Dublin Jerome (Stephen Gussler Classic, Thomas Worthington HS)
01/05/2018 H Coshocton
01/09/2018 H Steubenville
01/12/2018 H Marietta
01/16/2018 H Gnadenhutten Indian Valley
01/19/2018 H Zanesville
01/23/2018 A Warsaw River View
01/26/2018 H Byesville Meadowbrook
02/02/2018 A Cambridge
02/03/2018 H Cleveland John Adams
02/09/2018 H New Philadelphia
02/16/2018 A Coshocton
02/21/2018 A Wooster
02/23/2018 A Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley

Head Coach: Eric Flannery
12/01/2017 A Lakewood
12/08/2017 H Beachwood
12/09/2017 H Willoughby Cornerstone Christian Academy
12/15/2017 H Parma Padua Franciscan
12/16/2017 A Cleveland John Marshall
12/19/2017 H Lyndhurst Charles F. Brush
12/27/2017 N Under Armour Holiday Classic, San Diego, CA
12/28/2017 N Under Armour Holiday Classic, San Diego, CA
12/29/2017 N Under Armour Holiday Classic, San Diego, CA
12/30/2017 N Under Armour Holiday Classic, San Diego, CA
01/05/2018 H Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
01/06/2018 H Cleveland Benedictine
01/07/2018 N Shaker Heights (Baldwin-Wallace University)
01/13/2018 A Toledo St. John's Jesuit
01/20/2018 A Cleveland Saint Ignatius
01/27/2018 A Cleveland Villa Angela-Saint Joseph
01/28/2018 N Cleveland Heights (John Carroll University)
02/02/2018 A Cleveland Heights Lutheran East
02/09/2018 H Cleveland Saint Ignatius
02/17/2018 H Cleveland Central Catholic
02/20/2018 H Solon
02/23/2018 H Cleveland John Hay

Head Coach: Andrew Vlajovich
12/01/2017 A East Cleveland Shaw
12/05/2017 A Poland Seminary
12/08/2017 A Boardman
12/12/2017 H Ashtabula Lakeside
12/15/2017 A Youngstown East
12/19/2017 H Austintown Fitch
12/27/2017 A Cleveland Saint Ignatius
01/05/2018 A Canfield
01/09/2018 H Warren Howland
01/12/2018 H Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
01/13/2018 H Hermitage Kennedy Catholic, PA
01/19/2018 H Boardman
01/23/2018 A Ashtabula Lakeside
01/26/2018 H Youngstown East
01/30/2018 A Austintown Fitch
02/02/2018 H Canfield
02/03/2018 A Maple Heights
02/06/2018 A Warren Howland
02/09/2018 H Massillon Washington
02/13/2018 H Canton McKinley
02/20/2018 A Boardman
02/23/2018 H Cleveland Glenville

Head Coach: Alexander Cammock
12/01/2017 H Lakewood Saint Edward
12/05/2017 H Massillon Washington
12/08/2017 H Amherst Steele
12/12/2017 H Berea-Midpark
12/15/2017 A Olmsted Falls
12/19/2017 H Avon Lake
12/29/2017 A Cleveland John Marshall
01/05/2018 H North Olmsted
01/09/2018 A Avon
01/12/2018 A Westlake
01/16/2018 H Grafton Midview
01/19/2018 A North Ridgeville
01/23/2018 A Amherst Steele
01/26/2018 A Berea-Midpark
01/30/2018 H Olmsted Falls
02/02/2018 A Avon Lake
02/06/2018 A North Olmsted
02/09/2018 H Avon
02/13/2018 H Westlake
02/16/2018 A Grafton Midview
02/20/2018 A Bay Village Bay
02/23/2018 H North Ridgeville

Head Coach: T. J. Hunt
12/02/2017 H Maumee
12/08/2017 H Toledo St. John's Jesuit
12/12/2017 H Findlay
12/15/2017 H Fremont Ross
12/16/2017 H Holland Springfield
12/22/2017 A Lima Senior
12/23/2017 H Celina
12/28/2017 N Oregon Cardinal Stritch (Southview Cougar Holiday Classic, Sylvainia Southview HS)
12/29/2017 N TBA (Southview Cougar Holiday Classic, Sylvainia Southview HS)
01/05/2018 H Toledo Whitmer
01/12/2018 H Oregon Clay
01/14/2018 N Massillon Washington (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/19/2018 A Toledo St. Francis DeSales
01/23/2018 A Toledo St. John's Jesuit
01/26/2018 A Findlay
01/27/2018 A Elida
02/02/2018 A Fremont Ross
02/06/2018 H Lima Senior
02/09/2018 A Toledo Whitmer
02/10/2018 H Mansfield Senior
02/16/2018 A Oregon Clay
02/23/2018 H Toledo St. Francis DeSales

Head Coach: Leo Barther
12/08/2017 A Westlake
12/12/2017 A Lakewood
12/15/2017 A North Ridgeville
12/16/2017 H Cleveland John F. Kennedy
12/19/2017 H Amherst Steele
01/05/2018 H Grafton Midview
01/06/2018 H Richmond Heights
01/09/2018 A Olmsted Falls
01/12/2018 H Avon Lake
01/16/2018 A North Olmsted
01/19/2018 H Avon
01/23/2018 H Westlake
01/26/2018 H Lakewood
01/30/2018 H North Ridgeville
02/02/2018 A Amherst Steele
02/03/2018 H Massillon Washington
02/06/2018 A Grafton Midview
02/09/2018 H Olmsted Falls
02/13/2018 A Avon Lake
02/16/2018 H North Olmsted
02/20/2018 A Strongsville
02/23/2018 A Avon

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** Added **

Central Ohio
Ohio Capital Conference Buckeye Division

11/30-Marion Harding H
12/2-Mansfield Madison Comprehensive A
12/8-Westerville South A
12/15-Westerville North H
12/16-GrovePort Madison H
12/22-Westerville Central H
1/5-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
1/6-Dublin Coffman A
1/9-Upper Arlington H
1/12-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
1/19-Westerville South H
1/23-Sunbury Big Walnut H
1/26-Hilliard Davidson A
2/2-Westerville Central H
2/6-Hilliard Davidson A
2/9-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
2/20-Thomas Worthington H
2/16-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
2/20-Marysville H

12/1-New Albany A
12/2-Delaware Buckeye Valley A
12/8-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
12/9-Thomas Worthington H
12/12-Hilliard Darby H
12/15-Westervill Central A
12/19-Sunbury Big Walnut H
12/22-Westerville South H
12/23-Columbus St.Charles A
12/29-Marion Harding H
12/30-Columbus Walnut Ridge A
1/5-Lewis Center Olentangy H
1/9-Hilliard Davidson H
1/12-Westerville North A
1/19-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
1/23-Dublin Coffman H
1/26-Westerville Central H
2/2-Westerville South A
2/6-Columbus Franklin Heights A
2/9-Lewis Center Olentangy A
2/13-Dublin Scioto H
2/16-Westerville North H

12/8-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
12/14-Westerville South H
12/19-Marysville H
12/22-Westerville North A
12/27-Mentor Lake Catholic @North Allegheny
12/28-TBA @North Allegheny
1/5-Westerville Central H
1/6-Lexington A
1/9-Gahanna Lincoln A
1/12-Lewis Center Olentangy A
1/13-TBA @Dayton
1/16-New Albany H
1/19-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
1/23-Hilliard Davidson H
1/26-Westerville South A
1/27-TBA @Ohio Dominican
1/28-Dublin Coffman H
2/2-Westerville North H
2/6-Newark A
2/9-Westerville Central A
2/10-Cincinnati Hughes H
2/16-Lewis Center Olentangy H

12/1-GrovePort Madison A
12/5-New Albany H
12/8-Westerville North A
12/11-Worthington Kilbourne A
12/15-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
12/22-Lewis Center Olentangy H
12/28-Columbus West H
1/5-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
1/6-Columbus Mifflin A
1/9-Sunbury Big Walnut H
1/12-Westerville South H
1/15-Thomas Worthington A
1/19-Westerville North H
1/23-Pickerington Central H
1/26-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
1/27-Dublin Scioto H
1/30-Upper Arlington A
2/2-Lewis Center Olentangy A
2/6-Gahanna Lincoln A
2/9-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
2/13-Pataskala Licking Heights H
2/16-Westerville South H

11/30-Pataskala Licking Heights A
12/8-Westerville Central H
12/15-Lewis Center Olentangy A
12/19-New Albany H
12/22-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
12/28-Grove City Central Crossing H
12/30-The Wellington School H
1/5-Westerville South A
1/6-Columbus Linden McKinley @Pickerington North
1/9-Marysville A
1/12-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange
1/13-Columbus Bishop Watterson A
1/16-Whitehall-Yearling H
1/19-Westerville Central A
1/23-Upper Arlington A
1/26-Lewis Center Olentangy H
1/27-Reynoldsburg H
2/2-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
2/6-Dublin Coffman H
2/9-Westerville South H
2/16-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A

12/1-Gahanna Lincoln H
12/5-Worthington Kilbourne A
12/8-Lewis Cemter Olentangy H
12/14-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
12/16-Dresden Tri Valley A
12/22-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
12/28-Columbus St.Charles H
1/5-Westerville North H
1/6-Johnstown Monroe H
1/9-Pickerington Central A
1/12-Westerville Central A
1/13-Cleveland St.Ignatius A
1/19-Lewis Center Olentangy A
1/20-Johnstown Monroe H
1/23-Reynoldsburg H
1/26-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
1/27-Thomas Worthington A
2/2-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
2/6-Upper Arlington H
2/9-Westerville North A
2/16-Westerville Central H
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** Added **

Ohio Capital Conference Capital Division
12/5-Columbus Bexley H
12/8-Sunbury Big Walnut H
12/9-Columbus Independence A
12/12-Dublin Scioto A
12/15-GrovePort Madison A
12/16-Columbus Hamilton Township H
12/19-Grove City Central Crossing H
12/22-Columbus Franklin Heights A
12/29-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
1/5-New Albany H
1/9-Worthington Kilbourne A
1/12-Newark A
1/13-Pataskala Licking Heights H
1/19-Sunbury Big Walnut A
1/23-Galloway Westland A
1/26-GrovePort Madison H
1/30-Hilliard Darby A
2/2-Columbus Franklin Heights H
2/6-Pickerington North H
2/9-New Albany A
2/10-Ashville Teays Valley H
2/16-Newark H

12/1-Grove City Center Crossing A
12/2-Columbus Briggs A
12/5-Columbus Linden McKinley H
12/8-GrovePort Madison H
12/12-Plain City Jonathan Alder H
12/15-Newark A
12/18-Columbus Grandview Heights A
12/19-Grove City A
12/22-Canal Winchester H
12/28-Hilliard Darby A
1/3-Columbus Bishop Ready A
1/9-Galloway Westland H
1/12-New Albany A
1/13-Sunbury Big Walnut A
1/19-GrovePort Madison A
1/23-Marysville H
1/26-Newark H
1/30-Dublin Scioto A
2/2-Canal Winchester A
2/6-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
2/10-Sunbury Big Walnut H
2/16-New Albany H

12/1-Westerville Central H
12/8-Columbus Franklin Heights A
12/9-Hilliard Darby A
12/12-Grove City A
12/15-Canal Winchester H
12/16-Lewis Center Olentangy A
12/19-Pickerington Central H
12/22-New Albany A
12/23-Granville H
12/28-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/5-Newark H
1/6-TBA @Pickerington North
1/9-Grove City Central Crossing A
1/12-Sunbury Big Walnut A
1/19-Columbus Franklin Heights H
1/20-Columbus St.Charles H
1/23-Pickerington North A
1/26-Canal Winchester A
2/2-New Albany H
2/6-Lancaster H
2/9-Newark A
2/16-Sunbury Big Walnut H

12/1-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
12/5-Westerville Central A
12/8-Newark H
12/15-Sunbury Big Walnut A
12/19-Westerville North A
12/22-GrovePort Madison H
12/27-Gahanna Columbus Academy A
12/28-Columbus Briggs A
1/3-Columbus Mifflin A
1/5-Canal Winchester A
1/19-Reynoldsburg H
1/12-Columbus Franklin Heights H
1/16-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
1/19-Newark A
1/23-Gahanna Lincoln H
1/26-Sunbury Big Walnut H
1/30-Logan H
2/2-GrovePort Madison A
2/9-Canal Winchester H
2/10-Mount Vernon A
2/13-Columbus East H
2/16-Columbus Franklin Heights A

12/1-Dresden Tri Valley H
12/2-Columbus Beechcroft @Whitehall-Yearling
12/8-New Albany A
12/12-Reynoldsburg A
12/15-Columbus Franklin Heights H
12/22-Sunbury Big Walnut H
12/23-Zanesville A
12/29-TBA @Newark Holiday Tournament
12/30-TBA @Newark Holiday Tournament
1/5-GrovePort Madison A
1/6-Mount Vernon H
1/9-Grove City H
1/12-Canal Winchester H
1/16-Dresden Tri Valley A
1/19-New Albany H
1/23-Lancaster A
1/26-Columbus Franklin Heights A
2/2-Sunbury Big Walnut A
2/6-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
2/9-GrovePort Madison H
2/10-Pickerington Central H
2/16-Canal Winchester A

12/2-Worthington Kilbourne H
12/6-Centerburg A
12/9-Canal Winchester H
12/16-New Albany A
12/17-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange H
12/22-Marion Harding A
12/30-Dresden Tri Valley A
1/3-Westerville Central H
1/6-Newark H
1/10-Lewis Center Olentangy H
1/13-Columbus Franklin Heights H
1/17-Delaware Hayes H
1/20-GrovePort Madison A
1/24-Marysville A
1/27-Canal Winchester A
1/31-Johnstown Mornoe H
2/4-New Albany H
2/7-Newark A
2/10-Columbus Franklin Heights A
2/14-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
2/17-GrovePort Madison H
2/18-Mount Vernon A
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NE Ohio Basketball Schedules

** Added **

Head Coach: Timothy Cole
12/01/2017 A Rootstown
12/05/2017 H Mantua Crestwood
12/08/2017 A Streetsboro
12/12/2017 H Ravenna
12/15/2017 A Norton
12/19/2017 H Lodi Cloverleaf
01/03/2018 H Mogadore Field
01/05/2018 H Hartville Lake Center Christian
01/06/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
01/09/2018 A Akron Coventry
01/12/2018 H Peninsula Woodridge
01/16/2018 A Kent Roosevelt
01/19/2018 H Streetsboro
01/23/2018 A Ravenna Southeast
01/26/2018 A Ravnnea
01/30/2018 H Norton
02/02/2018 A Lodi Cloverleaf
02/06/2018 H Mogadore
02/09/2018 A Mogadore Field
02/16/2018 H Akron Coventry
02/20/2018 H Akron Manchester
02/23/2018 A Peninsula Woodridge

Head Coach: Larry Kurkura
12/01/2017 A Sugarcreek Garaway
12/08/2017 A Minerva
12/15/2017 H Salem
12/19/2017 A Canal Fulton Northwest
12/22/2017 A Louisville
12/23/2017 H Rootstown
12/29/2017 H Alliance Marlington
01/05/2018 A Carrollton
01/09/2018 H Beloit West Branch
01/12/2018 A Canton South
01/16/2018 H Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
01/19/2018 H Minerva
01/23/2018 A Salem
01/26/2018 H Louisville
01/30/2018 H Massillon Perry
02/02/2018 A Alliance Marlington
02/06/2018 H Carrollton
02/09/2018 A Beloit West Branch
02/13/2018 A Barberton
02/16/2018 H Canton South
02/20/2018 H Austintown Fitch
02/23/2018 H Canfield

Head Coach: Nick Evanich
11/30/2017 A Canfield
12/05/2017 H Beloit West Branch
12/09/2017 H Massillon Tuslaw
12/15/2017 A Carrollton
12/22/2017 H Canton South
12/23/2017 N Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas (Mount Union University)
12/29/2017 A Alliance
01/05/2018 H Louisville
01/09/2018 A Salem
01/12/2018 H Minerva
01/16/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
01/19/2018 A Beloit West Branch
01/23/2018 H Carrollton
01/26/2018 A Canton South
01/30/2018 A Canfield South Range
02/02/2018 H Alliance
02/06/2018 A Louisville
02/09/2018 H Salem
02/13/2018 H Akron North
02/16/2018 A Minerva
02/20/2018 A Canton GlenOak
02/23/2018 H Akron East

Head Coach: Michael Lower
12/01/2017 A Norton
12/05/2017 A Canton South
12/08/2017 A Navarre Fairless
12/12/2017 H Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
12/15/2017 H Massillon Tuslaw
12/19/2017 H Alliance
12/22/2017 A Akron Manchester
12/29/2017 H Orrville
01/06/2018 A Akron Springfield
01/09/2018 H Canton Heritage Christian
01/12/2018 H Wooster Triway
01/16/2018 A Alliance Marlington
01/19/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
01/23/2018 H Navarre Fairless
01/26/2018 A Massillon Tuslaw
01/30/2018 H Akron Manchester
02/02/2018 A Orrville
02/06/2018 A Wooster Triway
02/10/2018 H Akron East
02/16/2018 H Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
02/20/2018 H Creston Norwayne
02/22/2018 A Canton Central Catholic

Head Coach: Tom Siegfried
12/05/2017 A Canton McKinley
12/08/2017 A Carrollton
12/09/2017 A Massillon Washington
12/14/2017 N Austintown Fitch (Quicken Loans Arena)
12/22/2017 H Alliance
12/27/2017 A North Canton Hoover
12/29/2017 H Salem
01/05/2018 A Alliance Marlington
01/09/2018 H Minerva
01/12/2018 A Beloit West Branch
01/13/2018 H Massillon Perry
01/16/2018 A Canton South
01/19/2018 H Carrollton
01/23/2018 H Canton South
01/26/2018 A Alliance
01/30/2018 H Uniontown Green
02/02/2018 A Salem
02/06/2018 H Alliance Marlington
02/09/2018 A Minerva
02/13/2018 H Boardman
02/16/2018 H Beloit West Branch
02/20/2018 H Uniontown Lake

Head Coach: Dave Olinger
12/01/2017 H Tallmadge
12/05/2017 A Kent Roosevelt
12/08/2017 A Norton
12/09/2017 A Rittman
12/12/2017 H Akron Coventry
12/15/2017 A Streetsboro
12/19/2017 H Peninsula Woodridge
12/22/2017 A Mantua Crestwood
12/27/2017 H Rootstown
01/02/2018 A Akron Springfield
01/09/2018 A Lodi Cloverleaf
01/12/2018 H Ravenna
01/16/2018 H Ravenna Southeast
01/19/2018 H Norton
01/23/2018 A Mogadore
01/26/2018 A Akron Coventry
01/30/2018 H Streetsboro
02/02/2018 A Peninsula Woodridge
02/09/2018 H Akron Springfield
02/16/2018 H Lodi Cloverleaf
02/20/2018 A Cuyahoga Heights
02/23/2018 A Ravenna

Head Coach: B. J. Sanderson
12/01/2017 H Canal Fulton Northwest
12/05/2017 H Akron Manchester
12/08/2017 H Mogadore Field
12/12/2017 A Lodi Cloverleaf
12/15/2017 H Akron Springfield
12/19/2017 H Ravenna
12/22/2017 A Streetsboro
12/27/2017 N Disney Classic
12/28/2017 N Disney Classic
12/29/2017 N Disney Classic
01/09/2018 H Peninsula Woodridge
01/12/2018 A Akron Coventry
01/19/2018 A Mogadore Field
01/23/2018 A Rittman
01/26/2018 H Lodi Cloverleaf
01/30/2018 A Akron Springfield
02/02/2018 A Ravenna
02/06/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
02/09/2018 H Streetsboro
02/13/2018 A Smithville
02/16/2018 A Peninsula Woodridge
02/23/2018 H Akron Coventry

Head Coach: Randy Montgomery
12/02/2017 H Akron North
12/05/2017 A Alliance Marlington
12/09/2017 H Hubbard
12/15/2017 H Minerva
12/16/2017 A Ravenna
12/22/2017 A Salem
12/29/2017 H Carrollton
12/30/2017 A Hanoverton United Local
01/05/2018 H Canton South
01/09/2018 A Alliance
01/12/2018 H Louisville
01/15/2018 N Kettering Fairmont (Polar Bear Classic)
01/19/2018 H Alliance Marlington
01/23/2018 A Minerva
01/26/2018 H Salem
02/02/2018 A Carrollton
02/03/2018 N Wheelersburg (Kosta Koufos Classic, Canton GlenOak)
02/06/2018 A Canton South
02/09/2018 H Alliance
02/16/2018 A Louisville
02/17/2018 H Cleveland Lincoln-West
02/20/2018 A Columbiana

Head Coach: Todd English
12/01/2017 A Youngstown Valley Christian
12/02/2017 A Lisbon David Anderson
12/05/2017 A Canfield South Range
12/08/2017 H Louisville
12/15/2017 H Alliance Marlington
12/19/2017 A Magnolia Sandy Valley
12/22/2017 A Minerva
12/27/2017 H Canfield South Range
12/29/2017 A Beloit West Branch
01/05/2018 H Alliance
01/09/2018 A Canton South
01/12/2018 H Salem
01/16/2018 H Wintersville Indian Creek
01/19/2018 A Louisville
01/23/2018 A Alliance Marlington
01/26/2018 H Minerva
01/30/2018 A Richmond Edison
02/02/2018 H Beloit West Branch
02/06/2018 A Alliance
02/09/2018 H Canton South
02/16/2018 A Salem
02/20/2018 H Gnadenhutten Indian Valley

Head Coach: Jay Peters
12/05/2017 H Streetsboro
12/08/2017 A Orrville
12/12/2017 H Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
12/15/2017 H Navarre Fairless
12/19/2017 H Akron Manchester
12/22/2017 A Massillon Tuslaw
12/23/2017 A Huntington Valley University School
12/27/2017 N Cuyahoga Falls Classic, Cuyahoga Falls HS
12/28/2017 N Cuyahoga Falls Classic, Cuyahoga Falls HS
01/05/2018 A Wooster Triway
01/09/2018 A Akron East
01/16/2018 A Akron Coventry
01/19/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
01/23/2018 H Orrville
01/26/2018 A Navarre Fairless
01/30/2018 H Massillon Tuslaw
02/02/2018 A Akron Manchester
02/06/2018 H Garfield ?
02/09/2018 H Wooster Triway
02/13/2018 H Macedonia Nordonia
02/16/2018 A Canal Fulton Northwest
02/20/2018 H Canton South

Head Coach: James Herman
12/05/2017 A Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
12/08/2017 H Magnolia Sandy Valley
12/12/2017 H Sugarcreek Garaway
12/15/2017 H Lore City Buckeye Trail
12/19/2017 A West Lafayette Ridgewood
12/22/2017 A Uhrichsville Claymont
12/29/2017 N Columbus Bishop Hartley (Tuscarawas Central Catholic Tournament)
01/02/2018 H Newcomerstown
01/05/2018 H Berlin Hiland
01/09/2018 H Coshocton
01/12/2018 A Malvern
01/16/2018 A Dover
01/19/2018 A Sugarcreek Garaway
01/23/2018 H Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
01/26/2018 A Lore City Buckeye Trail
01/30/2018 H West Lafayette Ridgewood
02/02/2018 H Uhrichsville Claymont
02/03/2018 H New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
02/06/2018 A Newcomerstown
02/09/2018 A Berlin Hiland
02/17/2018 N IVC Showcase Uhrichsville Claymont HS
02/20/2018 A Carrollton

Head Coach: Shawn Green
12/01/2017 A East Canton
12/08/2017 H Alliance
12/15/2017 A Beloit West Branch
12/16/2017 A Steubenville
12/22/2017 H Carrollton
12/23/2017 H Malvern
12/29/2017 A Canton South
12/30/2017 H Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
01/05/2018 H Salem
01/06/2018 H Ravenna Southeast
01/09/2018 A Louisville
01/12/2018 A Alliance Marlington
01/16/2018 A Magnolia Sandy Valley
01/19/2018 A Alliance
01/23/2018 H Beloit West Branch
01/26/2018 A Carrollton
01/27/2018 A Uhrichsville Claymont
02/02/2018 H Canton South
02/06/2018 A Salem
02/09/2018 H Louisville
02/16/2018 H Alliance Marlington
02/20/2018 H Hanoverton United Local

Head Coach: Matt Voll
12/01/2017 H Zanesville
12/05/2017 A Warsaw River View
12/08/2017 H Marietta
12/12/2017 A Coshocton
12/15/2017 A Byesville Meadowbrook
12/19/2017 H Akron North
12/22/2017 H Dover
12/30/2017 N Vincent Warren Local (Ohio River Challenge, Marietta University)
01/02/2018 A New Concord John Glenn
01/05/2018 A Cambridge
01/12/2018 A Zanesville
01/16/2018 A Canfield
01/19/2018 H Warsaw River View
01/20/2018 H Cleveland Max Hayes Vocational
01/23/2018 A Marietta
01/26/2018 H Coshocton
01/30/2018 A Uniontown Lake
02/02/2018 H Byesville Meadowbrook
02/03/2018 H Steubenville
02/09/2018 A Dover
02/16/2018 H Cambridge
02/20/2018 A Canton McKinley

Head Coach: Rich Hart
12/01/2017 A Canfield South Range
12/05/2017 H New Middletown Springfield
12/08/2017 H Canton South
12/09/2017 N United Way Holiday Tournament, Poland Seminary HS
12/15/2017 A Alliance
12/19/2017 A Mantua Crestwood
12/22/2017 H Beloit West Branch
12/29/2017 A Louisville
01/05/2018 A Minerva
01/06/2018 H Hanoverton United Local
01/09/2018 H Alliance Marlington
01/12/2018 A Carrollton
01/16/2018 A Canfield South Range
01/19/2018 A Canton South
01/23/2018 H Alliance
01/26/2018 A Beloit West Branch
01/30/2018 H East Liverpool
02/02/2018 H Louisville
02/06/2018 H Minerva
02/09/2018 A Alliance Marlington
02/16/2018 H Carrollton
02/23/2018 H Columbiana

Head Coach: Keith Gunther
12/01/2017 A Uniontown Lake
12/15/2017 H Canfield South Range
12/16/2017 N Parma Heights Holy Name (North Canton Hoover)
12/19/2017 A Mentor Lake Catholic
12/22/2017 A Austintown Fitch
12/23/2017 A Canton Central Catholic
12/28/2017 N Sharon Holiday Tournament
12/29/2017 N Sharon Holiday Tournament
01/02/2018 A Warren John F. Kennedy Catholic
01/05/2018 H Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
01/12/2018 A Canfield South Range
01/16/2018 H Canton Central Catholic
01/19/2018 A Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary
01/20/2018 H Akron Buchtel
01/23/2018 A Hartville Lake Center Christian
01/27/2018 A Youngstown East
02/02/2018 A Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
02/03/2018 N Parma Padua Franciscan (Kosta Koufos Classic, Canton GlenOak)
02/06/2018 A Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
02/13/2018 H Austintown Fitch
02/16/2018 H Warren G. Harding
02/20/2018 H Akron Archbishop Hoban

Head Coach: Brian Ansberry
12/01/2017 H Parma Heights Valley Forge
12/08/2017 A Parma Normandy
12/12/2017 A Gates Mills Gilmour Academy
12/15/2017 A Lakewood Saint Edward
12/19/2017 H Parma Senior
12/22/2017 H Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
12/27/2017 A Massillon Washington
01/05/2018 A Akron Arichbishop Hoban
01/06/2018 A Brecksville-Broadview Heights
01/09/2018 H Huntington Valley University School
01/12/2018 H Mentor Lake Catholic
01/19/2018 A Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
01/23/2018 A Garfield Heights Trinity
01/26/2018 A Cleveland Benedictine
01/30/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit
02/02/2018 H Akron Archbishop Hoban
02/03/2018 N Youngstown Ursuline (Kosta Koufos Classic, Canton GlenOak)
02/06/2018 H Cleveland John Marshall
02/09/2018 A Mentor Lake Catholic
02/13/2018 H Parma Heights Holy Name
02/16/2018 H Chardon Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
02/23/2018 H Cleveland Benedictine
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** Added **

Ohio Capital Conference Cardinal Division

12/1-Columbus Independence @Grove City
12/2-TBA @Grove City Tipp Off Classic
12/5-Columbus Mifflin H
12/8-Hilliard Darby H
12/12-Hilliard Davidson H
12/15-Dublin Scioto A
12/19-Thomas Worthington A
12/22-Worthington Kilbourne A
12/27-Dresden Tri Valley H
12/30-Mount Vernon A
1/5-Hilliard Bradley H
1/9-Dublin Jerome H
1/15-Toledo Scott A
1/19-Hilliard Darby A
1/23-Thomas Worthington H
1/26-Dublin Scioto H
2/2-Hilliard Bradley A
2/6-Worthington Kilbourne H
2/9-Dublin Jerome A
2/13-Marysville A
2/16-Delaware Buckeye Valley
2/17-Marion Harding H

12/8-Worthington Kilbourne A
12/12-Bellefontaine H
12/15-Thomas Worthington H
12/16-Columbus Whetstone H
12/22-Hilliard Bradley A
12/28-Cincinnati LaSalle @Thomas Worthington
12/29-Dover @Thomas Worthington
1/5-Hilliard Darby H
1/9-Delaware Hayes A
1/12-Dublin Scioto H
1/19-Worthington Kilbourne H
1/20-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
1/23-Logan H
1/26-Thomas Worthington A
1/27-Perrysburg H
1/30-Mansfield Senior A
2/2-Hilliard Darby A
2/6-Hilliard Bradley H
2/9-Delaware Hayes H
2/13-Pickerington North A
2/16-Dublin Scioto A
2/20-Marion Harding A

11/30-Columbus Whetstone A
12/5-Columbus Centennial H
12/9-Marysville A
12/12-Canal Winchester H
12/15-Delaware Hayes H
12/19-Hilliard Darby H
12/22-Thomas Worthington A
12/27-Grove City H
12/30-Columbus Hamilton Township A
1/5-Worthington Kilbourne A
1/9-Hilliard Bradley H
1/12-Dublin Jerome A
1/20-Pataskala Licking Heights A
1/23-Hilliard Darby A
1/26-Delaware Hayes A
1/27-Westerville Central A
1/30-Columbus Franklin Heights H
2/2-Worthington Kilbourne H
2/6-Thomas Worthington H
2/9-Hilliard Bradley A
2/13-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
2/16-Dublin Jerome H

12/2-Cooper @Ohio Valley Classic
12/6-Ashville Teays Valley H
12/8-Thomas Worthington A
12/16-Cincinnati LaSalle H
12/19-Worthington Kilbourne H
12/22-Dublin Jerome H
12/29-Hilliard Davidson H
1/5-Delaware Hayes A
1/6-Columbus Northland @Pickerington North
1/9-Dublin Scioto A
1/12/Hilliard Darby A
1/13-TBA @Kettering Flying To The Hoop
1/19-Thomas Worthington H
1/23-Worthington Kilbourne A
1/27-TBA @Ohio Dominican
2/2-Delaware Hayes H
2/3-Dayton Ponitz Career Tech H
2/6-Dublin Jerome A
2/9-Dublin Scioto H
2/10-Cleveland Benedictine H
2/16-Hilliard Darby H
2/17-Zanesville A

11/30-Marysville H
12/5-Grove City Central Crossing A
12/8-Delaware Hayes A
12/9-GrovePort Madison H
12/12-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
12/15-Worthington Kilbourne A
12/16-Grove City H
12/19-Dublin Scioto A
12/28-Columbus Franklin Heights H
1/5-Dublin Jerome A
1/9-Thomas Worthington H
1/12-Hilliard Bradley H
1/16-Plain City Jonathan Alder A
1/19-Delaware Hayes H
1/20-Hilliard Davidson A
1/23-Dublin Scioto H
1/26-Worthington Kilbourne A
1/30-Canal Winchester H
2/2-Dublin Jerome H
2/9-Thomas Worthington A
2/10-Paskatala Watkins Memorial A
2/16-Hilliard Bradley A

12/2-Columbus Whetstone H
12/8-Hilliard Bradley H
12/9-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
12/15-Dublin Jerome A
1/19-Delaware Hayes H
12/22-Dublin Scioto H
12/28-Toledo Woodward N
12/29-Chillicothe N
1/6-Gahanna Lincoln A
1/9-Hilliard Darby A
1/12-Worthington Kilbourne H
1/15-Westerville Central H
1/19-Hilliard Bradley A
1/23-Delaware Hayes A
1/26-Dublin Jerome H
1/27-Westerville South H
1/30-Hilliard Davidson H
2/3-Columbus Centennial H
2/6-Dublin Scioto A
2/9-Hilliard Darby H
2/10-Lewis Center Olentangy A
2/16-Worthington Kilbourne A

12/5-Westerville South H
12/8-Dublin Jerome H
12/11-Westerville Central H
12/15-Hilliard Darby A
12/19-Hilliard Bradley A
12/22-Delaware Hayes H
12/28-TBA @Kentucky Tournament
12/29-TBA @Kentucky Tournament
12/30-TBA @Kentucky Tournament
1/5-Dublin Scioto H
1/9-Canal Winchester H
1/12-Thomas Worthington A
1/13-Fort Recovery A
1/16-Gahanna Lincoln A
1/19-Dublin Jerome A
12/23-Hilliard Bradley H
1/26-Hilliard Darby H
1/27-Granville A
2/2-Dublin Scioto A
2/6-Delaware Hayes H
2/9-Columbus Bishop Watterson H
2/16-Thomas Worthington H
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** Added **


12/2-Dayton Thurgood Marshall A
12/8-Hilliard Davidson A
12/9-Columbus Walnut Ridge H
12/15-Galloway Westland H
12/16-Reynoldsburg A
12/22-Marysville A
12/23-Massillon Perry H
12/28-Dover @Thomas Worthington
12/29-Toledo Woodward @Thomas Worthington
1/5-Grove City Central Crossing A
1/6-Lewis Center Olentangy H
1/9-Pickerington North H
1/12-Upper Arlington H
1/13-Toledo Scott A
1/19-Hilliard Davidson H
1/23-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
1/26-Galloway Westland A
1/27-Powell Olentangy Liberty @Ohio Dominican
2/2-Marysville H
2/6-Westerville North A
2/9-Grove City Central Crossing H
2/16-Upper Arlington A

12/2-Columbus Hamilton Township H
12/5-Plain City Jonathan Alder A
12/8-Marysville H
12/15-Dublin Coffman A
12/19-Pickerington North A
12/22-Upper Arlington H
1/2-Columbus Linden McKinley A
1/5-Hilliard Davidson A
1/9-Columbus Franklin Heights A
1/12-Grove City Central Crossing H
1/19-Marysville A
1/20-Columbus West H
1/23-Canal Winchester H
1/26-Dublin Coffman H
1/30-Pataskala Watkins Memorial H
2/2-Upper Arlington A
2/6-Grove City H
2/9-Hilliard Davidson H
2/10-Granville H
2/16-Grove City Central Crossing A

12/1-Columbus Franklin Heights H
12/5-Hilliard Darby H
12/8-Hilliard Davidson H
12/12-Columbus Bishop Ready H
12/15-Marysville A
12/19-Canal Winchester A
12/22-Hilliard Davidson H
12/28-Westerville North A
1/3-Columbus Briggs H
1/5-Dublin Coffman H
1/9-GrovePort Madison H
1/12-Galloway Westland A
1/13-Columbus Hamilton Township H
1/19-Upper Arlington A
1/23-Grove City A
1/26-Marysville H
1/27-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/30-Pataskala Licking Heights A
2/2-Hilliard Davidson A
2/6-Reynoldsburg H
2/9-Dublin Coffman A
2/16-Galloway Westland H

12/1-Urbana H
12/4-Pataskala Licking Heights A
12/8-Dublin Coffman H
12/12-Delaware Hayes A
12/15-Upper Arlington A
12/19-Lanchester H
12/22-Grove City Central Crossing A
12/29-Hilliard Bradley H
1/5-Galloway Westland H
1/9-Lewis Center Olentangy Orange A
1/12-Marysville A
1/16-Grove City A
1/19-Dublin Coffman A
1/20-Hilliard Darby H
1/23-Powell Olentangy Liberty A
1/26-Upper Arlington H
1/30-Thomas Worthington A
2/2-Grove City Central Crossing H
2/6-Lewis Center Olentangy H
2/9-Galloway Westland A
2/16-Marysville H
2/20-Columbus Bishop Watterson H

11/30-Hilliard Darby A
12/2-Marion Harding A
12/8-Galloway Westland H
12/9-Dublin Scioto H
12/15-Grove City Central Crossing H
12/19-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
12/22-Dublin Coffman H
12/29-TBA @Brooke(Va.)
12/30-TBA @Brooke(Va.)
1/5-Upper Arlington A
1/9-Westerville North H
1/12-Hilliard Davidson H
1/16-Bellefontaine H
1/19-Galloway Westland H
1/23-Columbus Franklin Heights H
1/26-Grove City Central Crossing H
2/2-Dublin Coffman A
2/6-Sunbury Big Walnut A
2/9-Upper Arlington H
2/13-Delaware Hayes H
2/16-Hilliard Davidson H
2/20-Lewis Center Olentangy A

12/5-The Wellington School A
12/8-Grove City Central Crossing A
12/15-Hilliard Davidson H
12/16-Chillicothe H
12/22-Galloway Westland A
1/5-Marysville H
1/6-Columbus Africentric A
1/9-Lewis Center Olentangy H
1/12-Dublin Coffman A
1/15-Huber Heights Waynes A
1/19-Grove City Central Crossing H
1/23-Westerville North H
1/26-Hilliard Davidson H
1/27-Columbus Eastmoor Academy A
1/30-Westerville Central H
2/2-Galloway Westland H
2/6-Westerville South A
2/9-Marysville A
2/16-Dublin Coffman H
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** Added **


12/1-Westerville South A
12/8-Reynoldsburg H
12/9-Columbus Mifflin H
12/12-Whitehall-Yearling A
12/15-Pickerington North A
12/22-Grove City H
12/28-Pataskala Watkins Memorial A
12/30-Zanesville H
1/5-Lancaster H
1/6-Thomas Worthington H
1/9-Powell Olentangy Liberty H
1/12-Pickerington Central A
1/16-Worthington Kilbourne H
1/19-Reynoldsburg A
1/23-New Albany A
1/26-Pickerington North H
2/2-Grove City A
2/3-Dayton Northridge A
2/6-Westerville Central H
2/9-Lancaster A
2/16-Pickerington Central H

12/1-Columbus Mifflin H
12/8-Lancaster H
12/12-GrovePort Madison H
12/15-Reynoldsburg A
12/16-Hilliard Darby A
12/19-Columbus Franklin Heights H
12/22-Gahanna Lincoln H
12/27-Dublin Scioto A
12/30-Ashville Teays Valley H
1/5-Pickerington Central H
1/9-Newark A
1/12-Pickeriongton North A
1/16-Hilliard Davidson H
1/19-Lancaster A
1/23-Grove City Central Crossing H
1/26-Reynoldsburg H
1/30-Columbus Bishop Watterson H
2/2-Gahanna Lincoln H
2/6-Galloway Westland A
2/9-Pickerington Central A
2/16-Pickerongton North H

12/1-Ashville Teays Valley H
12/8-Grove City A
12/12-Logan A
12/15-Pickerington Central H
12/19-Hilliard Davidson A
12/22-Pickerington North A
12/28-Columbus Hamilton Township A
1/5-Gahanna Lincoln A
1/9-Washington Court House H
1/12-Reynoldsburg H
1/16-Columbus St.Francis DeSales A
1/19-Grove City H
1/20-Columbus South A
1/23-Newark H
1/26-Pickerington Central A
1/30-Sunbury Big Walnut H
2/2-Pickerington North H
2/6-GrovePort Madison A
2/9-Gahanna Lincoln H
2/13-Zanesville H
2/16-Reynoldsburg A

12/2-York Prep Academy @Whitehall-Yearling
12/5-Dayton Thurgood Marshall H
12/8-Pickerington North H
12/15-Lancaster A
12/19-GrovePort Madison A
12/22-Reynoldsburg H
12/27-Kissimmee Osceola(Fla.) N
12/28-TBA N
1/5-Grove City A
1/9-Westerville South H
1/12-Gahanna Lincoln H
1/15-McEachern(Georgia) @Dayton
1/19-Pickerington North A
1/23-Westerville Central A
1/26-Lancaster H
1/27-Hilliard Bradley A
2/2-Reynoldsburg A
2/6-New Albany H
2/9-Grove City H
2/10-Newark A
2/16-Gahanna Lincoln A

12/2-TBA @ Ohio Nike Hoops Showcase
12/3-TBA @ Ohio Nike Hoops Showcase
12/8-Pickerington Central A
12/15-Gahanna Lincoln H
12/19-Galloway Westland H
12/22-Lancaster H
12/23-Columbus Marion Franklin H
12/28-TBA @Toledo Rogers Showcase
1/2-Lancaster A
1/5-Reynoldsburg A
1/6-Columbus Beechcroft @Pickerington North Challenge
1/9-Dublin Coffman A
1/12-Grove City H
1/19-Pickerington Central H
1/23-GrovePort Madison H
1/26-Gahanna Lincoln A
2/2-Lancaster A
2/6-Canal Winchester A
2/9-Reynoldsburg H
2/13-Dublin Jerome H
2/16-Grove City A

12/2-Dayton Dunbar @Whitehall-Yearling
12/5-Columbus Walnut Ridge A
12/8-Gahanna Lincoln A
12/12-Newark H
12/15-Grove City H
12/16-Dublin Coffman H
12/22-Pickerington Central A
12/28-Chillicothe @Thomas Worthington
12/29-Cincinnati LaSalle @Thomas Worthington
1/5-Pickerington North H
1/9-New Albany A
1/12-Lancaster A
1/19-Gahanna Lincoln H
1/20-Zanesville A
1/23-Westerville South H
1/27-Westerville North @Ohio Dominican
2/2-Pickerington Central H
2/6-Grove City Central Crossing A
2/9-Pickerington North A
2/12-Columbus Bishop Hartley A
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Just to give you an update where we are with the schedules, the basic website is up. The schedules can be accessed by the links below. The numbers to the left represent the number of games I have scheduled for each team. These do NOT include the last couple of posts in this thread because I've been working on the code for accessing the schedules. I will have. As you can see, we still need a bunch of schedules. Also, the link are clickable. Sometimes you will run into a link that says there is no data. That just means I haven't added the opponents ID to the schedule yet. I have to manually add each one, which takes alot of time. Here are the schedules. I hope to have alot more schedules inputed in the next 3-4 days:

22 Ada (Ada)
21 Adena (Frankfort)
0 Africentric Early College (Columbus)
22 Aiken (Cincinnati)
0 Alexander (Albany)
22 Allen East (Harrod)
0 Alliance (Alliance)
0 Amanda-Clearcreek (Amanda)
0 Amelia (Batavia)
0 Anderson (Cincinnati)
0 Anna (Anna)
0 Ansonia (Ansonia)
22 Anthony Wayne (Whitehouse)
22 Antwerp (Antwerp)
22 Arcadia (Arcadia)
0 Arcanum (Arcanum)
20 Archbishop Alter (Kettering)
22 Archbishop Hoban (Akron)
21 Archbishop Mcnicholas (Cincinnati)
22 Archbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)
21 Archbold (Archbold)
22 Arlington (Arlington)
22 Ashland (Ashland)
0 Athens (The Plains)
22 Aurora (Aurora)
22 Austintown-Fitch (Austintown)
0 Avon (Avon)
0 Avon Lake (Avon Lake)
22 Ayersville (Defiance)
19 Badger (Kinsman)
22 Badin (Hamilton)
22 Barberton (Barberton)
3 Barnesville (Barnesville)
0 Batavia (Batavia)
22 Bath (Lima)
0 Bay (Bay Village)
0 Beachwood (Beachwood)
0 Beallsville (Beallsville)
0 Beaver (East Liverpool)
22 Beavercreek (Beavercreek)
0 Bedford (Bedford)
0 Beechcroft (Columbus)
0 Bellaire (Bellaire)
0 Bellbrook (Bellbrook)
0 Bellefontaine (Bellefontaine)
0 Bellevue (Bellevue)
0 Belmont (Dayton)
0 Belpre (Belpre)
22 Benedictine (Cleveland)
0 Benjamin Logan (Bellefontaine)
0 Berea-Midpark (Berea)
0 Berkshire (Burton)
0 Berne Union (Sugar Grove)
0 Bethel (Tipp City)
0 Bethel-Tate (Bethel)
22 Bexley (Columbus)
0 Big Walnut (Sunbury)
22 Bishop Fenwick (Franklin)
20 Bishop Hartley (Columbus)
21 Bishop Ready (Columbus)
0 Bishop Rosecrans (Zanesville)
22 Bishop Watterson (Columbus)
0 Black River (Sullivan)
0 Blanchester (Blanchester)
0 Bloom-Carroll (Carroll)
0 Bloomfield (N Bloomfield)
22 Bluffton (Bluffton)
22 Boardman (Youngstown)
0 Botkins (Botkins)
22 Bowling Green (Bowling Green)
20 Bowsher (Toledo)
0 Bradford (Bradford)
22 Brecksville-Broadview Hts (Broadview Hts)
0 Bridgeport (Bridgeport)
0 Briggs (Columbus)
0 Bristol (Bristolville)
0 Brookfield (Brookfield)
0 Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
0 Brookside (Sheffield)
0 Brookville (Brookville)
0 Brunswick (Brunswick)
0 Brush (Lyndhurst)
22 Bryan (Bryan)
17 Buchtel (Akron)
0 Buckeye (Medina)
22 Buckeye Central (New Washington)
0 Buckeye Local (Rayland)
0 Buckeye Trail (Lore City)
22 Buckeye Valley (Delaware)
22 Bucyrus (Bucyrus)
22 Butler (Vandalia)
0 Caldwell (Caldwell)
22 Calvert (Tiffin)
22 Cambridge (Cambridge)
0 Canal Winchester (Canal Winchester)
22 Canfield (Canfield)
14 Canton Central Catholic (Canton)
22 Canton Mckinley Senior (Canton)
0 Canton South (Canton)
0 Cardinal (Middlefield)
0 Cardinal Mooney (Youngstown)
22 Cardinal Stritch Catholic (Oregon)
22 Cardington-Lincoln (Cardington)
22 Carey (Carey)
0 Carlisle (Carlisle)
22 Carroll (Dayton)
0 Carrollton (Carrollton)
0 Catholic Central (Springfield)
0 Catholic Central (Steubenville)
0 Cedarville (Cedarville)
22 Celina (Celina)
0 Centennial (Columbus)
22 Centerburg (Centerburg)
22 Centerville (Centerville)
22 Central Catholic (Toledo)
22 Central Christian (Kidron)
0 Central Crossing (Grove City)
0 Chagrin Falls (Chagrin Falls)
0 Chalker (Southington)
22 Chaminade Julienne (Dayton)
0 Champion (Warren)
0 Chardon (Chardon)
0 Chesapeake (Chesapeake)
0 Chillicothe (Chillicothe)
0 Chippewa (Doylestown)
22 Cincinnati Christian (Fairfield)
0 Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (Cincinnati)
22 Cincinnati Country Day (Cincinnati)
22 Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Cincinnati)
0 Circleville (Circleville)
21 Clark Montessori (Cincinnati)
22 Clay (Oregon)
0 Clay (Portsmouth)
0 Claymont (Uhrichsville)
22 Clear Fork (Bellville)
0 Clearview (Lorain)
0 Clermont Northeastern (Batavia)
0 Cleveland Central Catholic (Cleveland)
22 Cleveland Heights (Cleveland Heights)
0 Clinton-Massie (Clarksville)
22 Cloverleaf (Lodi)
0 Clyde (Clyde)
22 Coldwater (Coldwater)
0 Colerain (Cincinnati)
0 Collinwood (Cleveland)
22 Colonel Crawford (Crestline)
0 Columbia (Columbia Station)
0 Columbian (Tiffin)
0 Columbiana (Columbiana)
22 Columbus Academy (Gahanna)
22 Columbus Grove (Columbus Grove)
0 Columbus International (Columbus)
0 Conneaut (Conneaut)
0 Conotton Valley (Bowerston)
22 Continental (Continental)
22 Copley (Copley)
22 Cornerstone Christian (Willoughby)
22 Cory-Rawson (Rawson)
0 Coshocton (Coshocton)
22 Coventry (Akron)
0 Covington (Covington)
22 Crestline (Crestline)
22 Crestview (Ashland)
0 Crestview (Columbiana)
22 Crestview (Convoy)
22 Crestwood (Mantua)
0 Crooksville (Crooksville)
22 Cuyahoga Falls (Cuyahoga Falls)
0 Cuyahoga Heights (Cuyahoga Heights)
22 Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)
0 Dalton (Dalton)
22 Danbury (Lakeside)
22 Danville (Danville)
0 David Anderson (Lisbon)
0 Dawson-Bryant (Coal Grove)
0 Dayton Christian (Miamisburg)
0 Deer Park (Cincinnati)
22 Defiance (Defiance)
22 Delaware Christian School (Delaware)
0 Delaware Hayes (Delaware)
22 Delta (Delta)
0 Dixie (New Lebanon)
0 Dover (Dover)
0 Dublin Coffman (Dublin)
0 Dublin Jerome (Dublin)
22 Dublin Scioto (Dublin)
0 Dunbar (Dayton)
16 East (Akron)
0 East (Columbus)
0 East (Youngstown)
0 East Canton (East Canton)
0 East Clinton (Sabina)
22 East Knox (Howard)
0 East Liverpool (East Liverpool)
0 East Palestine (East Palestine)
0 East Technical (Cleveland)
0 Eastern (Beaver)
0 Eastern (Reedsville)
0 Eastern (Winchester)
21 Eastmoor Academy (Columbus)
22 Eastwood (Pemberville)
0 Eaton (Eaton)
22 Edgerton (Edgerton)
0 Edgewood (Ashtabula)
0 Edgewood (Trenton)
22 Edison (Milan)
0 Edison (Richmond)
22 Edon (Edon)
22 Elder (Cincinnati)
22 Elgin (Marion)
22 Elida (Elida)
22 Ellet (Akron)
22 Elmwood (Bloomdale)
0 Elyria (Elyria)
0 Elyria Catholic (Elyria)
0 Emmanuel Christian Academy (Springfield)
21 Emmanuel Christian School (Toledo)
0 Euclid (Euclid)
22 Evergreen (Metamora)
0 Fairbanks (Milford Center)
9 Fairborn (Fairborn)
0 Fairfield (Fairfield)
0 Fairfield (Leesburg)
0 Fairfield Christian Academy (Lancaster)
0 Fairfield Union (Lancaster)
0 Fairland (Proctorville)
0 Fairlawn (Sidney)
22 Fairless (Navarre)
0 Fairport Harding (Fairport Harbor)
0 Fairview (Fairview Park)
22 Fairview (Sherwood)
22 Fayette (Fayette)
0 Fayetteville-Perry (Fayetteville)
0 Federal Hocking (Stewart)
0 Felicity-Franklin (Felicity)
22 Field (Mogadore)
22 Findlay (Findlay)
0 Finneytown (Cincinnati)
0 Firelands (Oberlin)
22 Firestone (Akron)
0 Fisher Catholic (Lancaster)
0 Fort Frye (Beverly)
22 Fort Jennings (Fort Jennings)
0 Fort Loramie (Fort Loramie)
22 Fort Recovery (Fort Recovery)
22 Fostoria (Fostoria)
0 Franklin (Franklin)
0 Franklin Heights (Columbus)
0 Franklin Monroe (Arcanum)
21 Fredericktown (Fredericktown)
22 Fremont Ross (Fremont)
0 Frontier (New Matamoras)
21 Gahanna Christian Academy (Gahanna)
0 Gahanna Lincoln (Gahanna)
22 Galion (Galion)
0 Gallia Academy (Gallipolis)
0 Garaway (Sugarcreek)
0 Garfield (Akron)
0 Garfield (Garrettsville)
0 Garfield Heights (Garfield Hts)
0 Geneva (Geneva)
22 Genoa Area (Genoa)
0 Georgetown (Georgetown)
22 Gibsonburg (Gibsonburg)
0 Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills)
0 Girard (Girard)
0 Glen Este (Cincinnati)
22 Glenoak (Canton)
0 Glenville (Cleveland)
0 Glenwood (New Boston)
0 Goshen (Goshen)
0 Graham Local (St Paris)
0 Grand Valley (Orwell)
22 Grandview Heights (Columbus)
22 Granville (Granville)
16 Granville Christian Academy (Granville)
0 Green (Franklin Furnace)
22 Green (Uniontown)
0 Greeneview (Jamestown)
0 Greenon (Springfield)
22 Greenville (Greenville)
0 Grove City (Grove City)
0 Grove City Christian (Grove City)
0 Groveport Madison (Groveport)
0 Hamilton (Hamilton)
0 Hamilton Township (Columbus)
22 Hardin Northern (Dola)
0 Harrison (Harrison)
0 Harrison Central (Cadiz)
0 Harvest Preparatory (Canal Winchester)
0 Harvey (Painesville)
0 Hawken (Gates Mills)
0 Heartland Christian School (Columbiana)
21 Heath (Heath)
0 Heritage Christian School (Canton)
22 Hicksville (Hicksville)
22 Highland (Marengo)
22 Highland (Medina)
0 Hiland (Berlin)
0 Hillcrest Academy (Cincinnati)
22 Hilliard Bradley (Hilliard)
0 Hilliard Darby (Hilliard)
0 Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard)
0 Hillsboro (Hillsboro)
0 Hillsdale (Jeromesville)
22 Hilltop (West Unity)
22 Holgate (Holgate)
0 Holy Name (Parma Heights)
22 Hoover (North Canton)
22 Hopewell-Loudon (Bascom)
0 Horizon Science Academy (Cleveland)
0 Horizon Science Academy (Columbus)
0 Houston (Houston)
0 Howland (Warren)
0 Hubbard (Hubbard)
18 Hudson (Hudson)
22 Hughes (Cincinnati)
0 Huntington (Chillicothe)
20 Huron (Huron)
0 Independence (Columbus)
0 Independence (Independence)
0 Indian Creek (Wintersville)
22 Indian Hill (Cincinnati)
0 Indian Lake (Lewistown)
0 Indian Valley (Gnadenhutten)
0 Ironton (Ironton)
0 Jackson (Jackson)
22 Jackson (Massillon)
0 Jackson Center (Jackson Center)
0 Jackson-Milton (North Jackson)
0 James N Gamble Montessori (Cincinnati)
22 Jefferson (Delphos)
0 Jefferson Area (Jefferson)
0 Jefferson Twp (Dayton)
0 John Adams (Cleveland)
0 John F Kennedy (Cleveland)
0 John F Kennedy (Warren)
0 John Glenn (New Concord)
0 John Hay Campus (Cleveland)
0 John Marshall (Cleveland)
22 Johnstown-Monroe (Johnstown)
0 Jonathan Alder (Plain City)
22 Kalida (Kalida)
0 Kenmore (Akron)
0 Kenston (Chagrin Falls)
22 Kenton (Kenton)
0 Kenton Ridge (Springfield)
7 Kettering Fairmont (Kettering)
0 Keystone (La Grange)
0 Kings (Kings Mills)
0 Kirtland (Kirtland)
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22 La Salle (Cincinnati)
0 Labrae (Leavittsburg)
22 Lake (Millbury)
22 Lake (Uniontown)
0 Lake Catholic (Mentor)
22 Lake Center Christian School (Hartville)
0 Lake Ridge Academy (North Ridgeville)
0 Lakeside (Ashtabula)
0 Lakeview (Cortland)
20 Lakewood (Hebron)
0 Lakewood (Lakewood)
22 Lakota (Kansas)
0 Lakota East (Liberty Township)
0 Lakota West (West Chester)
0 Lancaster (Lancaster)
15 Lebanon (Lebanon)
0 Leetonia (Leetonia)
0 Legacy Christian Academy (Xenia)
22 Lehman Catholic (Sidney)
22 Leipsic (Leipsic)
22 Lexington (Lexington)
0 Liberty (Youngstown)
22 Liberty Center (Liberty Center)
0 Liberty Union (Baltimore)
22 Liberty-Benton (Findlay)
19 Licking Heights (Pataskala)
22 Licking Valley (Newark)
22 Lima Central Catholic (Lima)
22 Lima Senior (Lima)
0 Lincoln West (Cleveland)
22 Lincolnview (Van Wert)
0 Linden Mc Kinley (Columbus)
0 Little Miami (Morrow)
20 Lockland (Lockland)
0 Logan (Logan)
0 Logan Elm (Circleville)
22 London (London)
0 Lorain (Lorain)
0 Lordstown (Warren)
22 Loudonville (Loudonville)
0 Louisville (Louisville)
0 Loveland (Loveland)
0 Lowellville (Lowellville)
22 Lucas (Lucas)
0 Lutheran East (Cleveland Hts)
0 Lutheran West (Rocky River)
0 Lynchburg-Clay (Lynchburg)
0 Madeira (Cincinnati)
0 Madison (Madison)
21 Madison Christian (Groveport)
22 Madison Comprehensive (Mansfield)
21 Madison Senior (Middletown)
0 Madison-Plains (London)
0 Malvern (Malvern)
22 Manchester (Akron)
0 Manchester (Manchester)
22 Mansfield Christian (Mansfield)
0 Mansfield Senior (Mansfield)
0 Maple Heights (Maple Heights)
22 Mapleton (Ashland)
0 Maplewood (Cortland)
22 Margaretta (Castalia)
0 Mariemont (Cincinnati)
22 Marietta (Marietta)
22 Marion Harding (Marion)
22 Marion Local (Maria Stein)
0 Marion-Franklin (Columbus)
0 Marlington (Alliance)
0 Martin Luther King Jr. (Cleveland)
0 Martins Ferry (Martins Ferry)
22 Marysville (Marysville)
0 Mason (Mason)
0 Mathews (Vienna)
22 Maumee (Maumee)
22 Maumee Valley Country Day (Toledo)
0 Max S. Hayes Vocational School (Cleveland)
0 Mayfield (Mayfield Village)
0 Maysville (Zanesville)
0 Mc Clain (Greenfield)
22 Mc Comb (Mc Comb)
22 Mc Donald (Mcdonald)
0 Meadowbrook (Byesville)
0 Meadowdale (Dayton)
0 Mechanicsburg (Mechanicsburg)
0 Medina (Medina)
0 Meigs (Pomeroy)
0 Memorial (Campbell)
0 Mentor (Mentor)
0 Miami East (Casstown)
0 Miami Trace (Washington Ch)
21 Miami Valley Christian Academy (Cincinnati)
0 Miami Valley School (Dayton)
22 Miamisburg (Miamisburg)
0 Middletown (Middletown)
0 Middletown Christian (Franklin)
0 Midview (Grafton)
0 Mifflin (Columbus)
0 Milford (Milford)
0 Miller (Corning)
22 Miller City (Miller City)
0 Millersport (Millersport)
0 Milton-Union (West Milton)
21 Mineral Ridge (Mineral Ridge)
0 Minerva (Minerva)
0 Minford (Minford)
22 Minster (Minster)
0 Mississinawa Valley (Union City)
22 Mogadore (Mogadore)
22 Mohawk (Sycamore)
0 Monroe (Monroe)
0 Monroe Central (Woodsfield)
22 Monroeville (Monroeville)
22 Montpelier (Montpelier)
0 Morgan (Mc Connelsville)
22 Mount Gilead (Mount Gilead)
0 Mount Healthy (Cincinnati)
22 Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon)
22 Napoleon (Napoleon)
0 National Trail (New Paris)
0 Nelsonville-York (Nelsonville)
0 New Albany (New Albany)
22 New Bremen (New Bremen)
22 New Knoxville (New Knoxville)
0 New Lexington (New Lexington)
22 New London (New London)
20 New Miami (Hamilton)
0 New Philadelphia (N Philadelphia)
0 New Richmond (New Richmond)
22 New Riegel (New Riegel)
0 Newark (Newark)
22 Newark Catholic (Newark)
0 Newbury (Newbury)
0 Newcomerstown (Newcomerstown)
0 Newton Falls (Newton Falls)
0 Newton Local (Pleasant Hill)
0 Niles Mc Kinley (Niles)
22 Nordonia (Macedonia)
0 Normandy (Parma)
20 North (Akron)
0 North (Eastlake)
0 North Adams (Seaman)
22 North Baltimore (North Baltimore)
22 North Central (Pioneer)
21 North College Hill (Cincinnati)
0 North Olmsted (North Olmsted)
0 North Ridgeville (N Ridgeville)
0 North Royalton (North Royalton)
21 North Union (Richwood)
0 Northeast Ohio College Preparatory (Cleveland)
0 Northeastern (Springfield)
0 Northland (Columbus)
12 Northmont (Clayton)
19 Northmor (Galion)
0 Northridge (Dayton)
19 Northridge (Johnstown)
18 Northside Christian (Westerville)
22 Northwest (Canal Fulton)
0 Northwest (Cincinnati)
0 Northwest (Mc Dermott)
0 Northwestern (Springfield)
0 Northwestern (West Salem)
22 Northwood (Northwood)
22 Norton (Norton)
0 Norwalk (Norwalk)
0 Norwayne (Creston)
21 Norwood (Norwood)
0 Notre Dame (Portsmouth)
0 Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin (Chardon)
22 Oak Harbor (Oak Harbor)
0 Oak Hill (Oak Hill)
0 Oak Hills (Cincinnati)
0 Oakwood (Dayton)
0 Oberlin (Oberlin)
22 Old Fort (Tiffin)
0 Olentangy (Lewis Center)
0 Olentangy Liberty (Powell)
0 Olentangy Orange (Lewis Center)
0 Olmsted Falls (Olmsted Falls)
22 Ontario (Ontario)
0 Open Door Christian (Elyria)
0 Orange (Pepper Pike)
22 Orrville (Orrville)
22 Otsego (Tontogany)
21 Ottawa Hills (Toledo)
22 Ottawa-Glandorf (Ottawa)
22 Ottoville (Ottoville)
0 Oyler (Cincinnati)
0 Padua Franciscan (Parma)
22 Paint Valley (Bainbridge)
22 Pandora-Gilboa (Pandora)
22 Parkway (Rockford)
0 Parma (Parma)
22 Patrick Henry (Hamler)
0 Patriot Preparatory Academy (Columbus)
22 Paulding (Paulding)
0 Peebles (Peebles)
0 Perkins (Sandusky)
22 Perry (Lima)
0 Perry (Massillon)
0 Perry (Perry)
22 Perrysburg (Perrysburg)
22 Pettisville (Pettisville)
0 Philo (Duncan Falls)
0 Pickerington High School Central (Pickerington)
0 Pickerington High School North (Pickerington)
0 Piketon (Piketon)
22 Piqua (Piqua)
22 Pleasant (Marion)
22 Plymouth (Plymouth)
0 Poland Seminary (Poland)
0 Ponitz Career Technology Center (Dayton)
22 Port Clinton (Port Clinton)
0 Portsmouth (Portsmouth)
0 Portsmouth West (West Portsmouth)
0 Preble Shawnee (Camden)
0 Princeton (Cincinnati)
22 Purcell Marian (Cincinnati)
0 Pymatuning Valley (Andover)
0 Ravenna (Ravenna)
0 Reading (Reading)
22 Revere (Richfield)
0 Reynoldsburg (Reynoldsburg)
0 Rhodes (Cleveland)
0 Richmond Heights (Richmond Hts)
22 Ridgedale (Morral)
22 Ridgemont (Mt. Victory)
0 Ridgewood (West Lafayette)
0 Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington (Ripley)
0 Rittman (Rittman)
0 River (Hannibal)
0 River Valley (Bidwell)
22 River Valley (Caledonia)
0 River View (Warsaw)
22 Riverdale (Mt. Blanchard)
22 Riverside (De Graff)
0 Riverside (Painesville)
0 Riverview East Academy (Cincinnati)
0 Rock Hill (Ironton)
0 Rocky River (Rocky River)
22 Roger Bacon (St Bernard)
20 Rogers (Toledo)
22 Roosevelt (Kent)
22 Rootstown (Rootstown)
0 Ross (Hamilton)
22 Rossford (Rossford)
0 Russia (Russia)
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0 Salem (Salem)
0 Sandusky (Sandusky)
0 Sandy Valley (Magnolia)
0 School For Creative Performing Arts (Cincinnati)
0 Sciotoville Community (Portsmouth)
20 Scott (Toledo)
0 Sebring Mc Kinley (Sebring)
22 Seneca East (Attica)
19 Seven Hills (Cincinnati)
0 Shadyside (Shadyside)
0 Shaker Heights (Shaker Heights)
0 Shaw (East Cleveland)
22 Shawnee (Lima)
0 Shawnee (Springfield)
20 Shekinah Christian (Plain City)
0 Shelby (Shelby)
0 Shenandoah (Sarahsville)
0 Sheridan (Thornville)
22 Shroder (Cincinnati)
22 Sidney (Sidney)
0 Smithville (Smithville)
0 Solon (Solon)
0 South (Columbus)
0 South (Willoughby)
22 South Central (Greenwich)
0 South Gallia (Crown City)
0 South Point (South Point)
0 South Range (Canfield)
0 South Webster (South Webster)
22 Southeast (Ravenna)
22 Southeastern (Chillicothe)
0 Southeastern Local (South Charleston)
0 Southern (Racine)
0 Southern Local (Salineville)
21 Spencerville (Spencerville)
22 Springboro (Springboro)
22 Springfield (Akron)
22 Springfield (Holland)
22 Springfield (New Middletown)
8 Springfield (Springfield)
19 St Bernard-Elmwood Place (St Bernard)
18 St Charles (Columbus)
0 St Clairsville (St Clairsville)
0 St Edward (Lakewood)
22 St Francis De Sales (Columbus)
22 St Francis De Sales (Toledo)
22 St Henry (St Henry)
0 St Ignatius (Cleveland)
0 St John Central (Bellaire)
0 St John School (Ashtabula)
21 St John's (Delphos)
21 St John's Jesuit (Toledo)
0 St Joseph Central (Ironton)
22 St Joseph Central Catholic (Fremont)
0 St Martin De Porres (Cleveland)
22 St Mary Central Catholic (Sandusky)
21 St Marys Memorial (St Marys)
22 St Paul (Norwalk)
22 St Peter's (Mansfield)
0 St Thomas Aquinas (Louisville)
22 St Vincent-St Mary (Akron)
0 St Wendelin (Fostoria)
22 St Xavier (Cincinnati)
17 Start (Toledo)
8 Stebbins (Riverside)
0 Steele (Amherst)
0 Steubenville (Steubenville)
0 Stivers School For The Arts (Dayton)
21 Stow-Munroe Falls (Stow)
0 Strasburg-Franklin (Strasburg)
22 Streetsboro (Streetsboro)
0 Strongsville (Strongsville)
0 Struthers (Struthers)
22 Stryker (Stryker)
23 Summit Country Day (Cincinnati)
22 Swanton (Swanton)
0 Sycamore (Cincinnati)
22 Sylvania Northview (Sylvania)
22 Sylvania Southview (Sylvania)
0 Symmes Valley (Willow Wood)
22 Taft (Cincinnati)
0 Talawanda (Oxford)
22 Tallmadge (Tallmadge)
0 Taylor (Cleves)
0 Teays Valley (Ashville)
0 Tecumseh (New Carlisle)
22 Temple Christian (Lima)
0 Thomas Worthington (Worthington)
0 Thurgood Marshall (Dayton)
22 Tinora (Defiance)
11 Tippecanoe (Tipp City)
22 Toledo Christian (Toledo)
0 Toronto (Toronto)
22 Tree Of Life Christian (Columbus)
0 Triad (North Lewisburg)
0 Tri-County North (Lewisburg)
4 Trimble (Glouster)
0 Trinity Hs (Garfield Hts.)
0 Tri-Valley (Dresden)
0 Tri-Village (New Madison)
0 Triway (Wooster)
7 Trotwood-Madison (Trotwood)
10 Troy (Troy)
0 Troy Christian (Troy)
0 Turpin (Cincinnati)
0 Tuscarawas Central Catholic (New Philadelphia)
0 Tuscarawas Valley (Zoarville)
22 Tuslaw (Massillon)
0 Twin Valley South (West Alexandria)
21 Twinsburg (Twinsburg)
0 Union Local (Belmont)
22 Unioto (Chillicothe)
0 United (Hanoverton)
0 University School (Hunting Valley)
0 Upper Arlington (Columbus)
22 Upper Sandusky (Upper Sandusky)
22 Upper Scioto Valley (Mc Guffey)
0 Urbana (Urbana)
0 Ursuline (Youngstown)
22 Utica (Utica)
0 Valley (Lucasville)
0 Valley Christian School (Youngstown)
0 Valley Forge (Parma Heights)
0 Valley View (Germantown)
22 Van Buren (Van Buren)
22 Van Wert (Van Wert)
22 Vanlue (Vanlue)
22 Vermilion (Vermilion)
22 Versailles (Versailles)
22 Villa Angela-St Joseph (Cleveland)
0 Vinton County (Mc Arthur)
22 Wadsworth (Wadsworth)
19 Waite (Toledo)
0 Walnut Hills (Cincinnati)
0 Walnut Ridge (Columbus)
22 Walsh Jesuit (Cuyahoga Falls)
22 Wapakoneta (Wapakoneta)
0 Warren (Vincent)
0 Warren G Harding (Warren)
0 Warrensville Heights (Warrensville Hts)
22 Washington (Massillon)
0 Washington (Washington C.H.)
0 Waterford (Waterford)
18 Waterloo (Atwater)
22 Watkins Memorial (Pataskala)
22 Wauseon (Wauseon)
0 Waverly (Waverly)
6 Wayne (Huber Heights)
22 Wayne Trace (Haviland)
0 Waynedale (Apple Creek)
22 Waynesfield-Goshen (Waynesfield)
0 Waynesville (Waynesville)
0 Wellington (Wellington)
0 Wellington School (Columbus)
0 Wellston (Wellston)
0 Wellsville (Wellsville)
0 West (Columbus)
0 West Branch (Beloit)
10 West Carrollton (West Carrollton)
0 West Geauga (Chesterland)
22 West Holmes (Millersburg)
0 West Jefferson (West Jefferson)
0 West Liberty-Salem (West Liberty)
0 West Muskingum (Zanesville)
0 West Union (West Union)
0 Western (Latham)
0 Western Brown (Mount Orab)
16 Western Hills (Cincinnati)
18 Western Reserve (Berlin Center)
20 Western Reserve (Collins)
0 Westerville Central (Westerville)
0 Westerville North (Westerville)
0 Westerville South (Westerville)
21 Westfall (Williamsport)
0 Westlake (Westlake)
0 Westland (Galloway)
0 Wheelersburg (Wheelersburg)
0 Whetstone (Columbus)
19 Whitehall-Yearling (Whitehall)
0 Whiteoak (Mowrystown)
22 Whitmer (Toledo)
0 Whitney M Young School (Cleveland)
0 Wickliffe (Wickliffe)
22 Willard (Willard)
0 Williamsburg (Williamsburg)
0 Wilmington (Wilmington)
0 Windham (Windham)
0 Winton Woods (Cincinnati)
0 Withrow (Cincinnati)
22 Woodmore (Elmore)
18 Woodridge (Peninsula)
22 Woodward (Cincinnati)
19 Woodward (Toledo)
22 Wooster (Wooster)
22 Worthington Christian (Worthington)
0 Worthington Kilbourne (Columbus)
21 Wynford (Bucyrus)
0 Wyoming (Cincinnati)
22 Xenia (Xenia)
0 Yellow Springs (Yellow Springs)
22 Zane Trace (Chillicothe)
0 Zanesville (Zanesville)
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** Added **

Mid State League Buckeye Division

12/2-Bainbridge Paint Valley @Zane Trace
12/5-Williamsport Westfall H
12/9-Ashville Teays Valley H
12/15-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
12/19-Circleville Logan Elm A
12/22-Chillicothe Southeastern H
12/27-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/4-Columbus Hamilton Township A
1/6-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
1/10-Stewart Federal Hocking H
1/12-Baltimore Liberty Union H
1/16-Circleville A
1/20-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/23-Chillicothe Huntington A
1/26-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
1/30-Circleville Logan Elm H
2/3-Columbus Hamilton Township H
2/6-Chillicothe Unioto A
2/9-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
2/10-Nelsonville York A
2/13-Baltimore Liberty Union A
2/16-Circleville H

12/1-Lancaster A
12/6-Hilliard Bradley A
12/9-Amanda Clearcreek A
12/15-Circleville H
12/19-Baltimore Liberty Union A
12/28-GrovePort Madison H
12/30-Grove City A
1/4-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
1/6-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
1/10-Logan H
1/12-Circleville Logan Elm A
1/16-Coumbus Hamilton Township H
1/20-Amanda Clearcreek H
1/26-Circleville A
1/27-Grove City Central Crossing H
1/30-Baltimore Liberty Union H
2/3-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
2/9-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
2/10-Canal Winchester A
2/13-Circleville Logan Elm H
2/16-Columbus Hamilton Township A
2/18-Williamsport Westfall A

11/30-Millersport H
12/1-Thornville Sheridan H
12/6-Newark Catholic A
12/9-Circleville Logan Elm H
12/15-Columbus Hamilton Township A
12/19-Ashville Teays Valley H
12/23-Worthington Christian H
12/27-Johnstown Northridge A
12/29-TBA @Northridge
1/4-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
1/6-Circleville H
1/9-Zanesville West Muskingum A
1/12-Amanda Clearcreek A
1/16-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
1/20-Circleville Logan Elm A
1/24-Columbus Bishop Ready H
1/26-Columbus Hamilton Township H
1/30-Ashville Teays Valley A
2/3-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
2/9-Circleville A
2/13-Amanda Clearcreek H
2/16-Lancaster Fairfield Union A

12/1-McArthur Vinton County @Zane Trace
12/2-Newark Licking Valley A
12/6-Columbus Independence A
12/9-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
12/15-Amanda Clearcreek H
12/19-Circleville A
12/22-Logan A
12/29-Canal Winchester H
1/4-Baltimore Liberty Union A
1/6-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/9-Columbus Bishop Hartley H
1/12-Columbus Hamilton Township A
1/16-Circleville Logan Elm H
1/20-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
1/26-Amanda Clearcreek A
1/27-Columbus Bexley H
1/30-Circleville H
2/3-Baltimore Liberty Union H
2/6-Columbus St.Francis DeSales H
2/9-Ashville Teays Valley H
2/13-Columbus Hamilton Township H
2/16-Circleville Logan Elm A

12/2-TBA @Zane Trace
12/5-Washington Court House
12/9-Columbus Hamilton Township A
12/12-London H
12/15-Ashville Teays Valley A
12/19-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
12/22-Washington Court House Miami Trace A
12/29-Williamsport Westfall H
1/4-Circleville Logan Elm H
1/6-Baltimore Liberty Union A
1/9-Chillicothe Huntington A
1/12-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
1/16-Amanda Clearcreek H
1/20-Columbus Hamilton Township H
1/23-New Lexington A
1/26-Ashville Teays Valley H
1/30-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
2/3-Circleville Logan Elm A
2/6-Greenfield McClain H
2/9-Baltimore Liberty Union H
2/13-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
2/16-Amanda Clearcreek A

12/1-Columbus Bexley A
12/5-Washington Court House Miami Trace A
12/9-Baltimore Liberty Union A
12/15-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
12/19-Amanda Clearcreek A
12/22-London A
12/23-Chillicothe Zanes Trace H
12/27-Williamsport Westfall A
12/30-Chillicothe H
1/4-Circleville A
1/6-Columbus Hamilton Township A
1/12-Ashville Teays Valley H
1/13-The Plains Athens H
1/16-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
1/20-Baltimore Liberty Union H
1/23-Washington Court House H
1/26-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
1/30-Amanda Clearcreek H
2/3-Circleville H
2/9-Columbus Hamilton Township H
2/13-Ashville Teays Valley A
2/16-Carroll Bloom Carroll H

12/2-Galloway Westland A
12/8-Columbus Bexley A
12/9-Circleville H
12/12-Sunbury Big Walnut A
12/15-Baltmore Liberty Union H
12/16-Canal Winchester H
12/19-Lancaster Fairfield Union A
12/28-Lancaster H
12/30-Dublin Scioto H
1/4-Amanda Clearcreek H
1/6-Circleville Logan Elm H
1/12-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
1/13-Grove City Central Crossing A
1/16-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/20-Circleville A
1/25-Baltimore Liberty Union A
1/26-Columbus Whetstone A
1/30-Lancaster Fairfield Union H
2/3-Amanda Clearcreek A
2/9-Circleville Logan Elm A
2/13-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
2/16-Ashville Teays Valley H

12/2-TBA @All Ohio Nike Showcase
12/5-Columbus Bishop Watterson H
12/9-Carroll Bloom Carroll H
12/15-Circleville Logan Elm A
12/19-Columbus Hamilton Township H
12/22-Hebron Lakwood H
12/23-New Lexington A
12/30-Columbus Beechcroft H
1/4-Ashville Teays Valley A
1/6-Amanda Clearcreek A
1/12-Circleville H
1/13-Thornville Sheridan A
1/16-Baltimore Liberty Union A
1/20-Carroll Bloom Carroll A
1/23-Columbus St.Charles A
1/26-Circleville Logan Elm H
1/30-Columbus Hamilton Township A
2/3-Ashville Teays Valley H
2/9-Amanda Clearcreek H
2/10-Chillicothe Unioto H
2/13-Circleville A
2/16-Baltimore Liberty Union H

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** Added **

More Mid State League

12/9-The Wellington School H
12/15-Lancaster Fairfield Christian A
12/19-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
12/29-Tuscarawas Central Catholic @Tusky CC
12/30-Sugarcreek Garaway @Tusky CC
1/4-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
1/6-Grove City Christian H
1/12-Millersport H
1/16-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/20-The Wellington School A
1/23-Chillicothe A
1/26-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
1/30-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
2/1-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans H
2/3-Columbus Horizon Science Academy
2/9-Grove City Christian H
2/13-Millersport A
2/16-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
2/17-Marion Pleasant H

12/5-Cardington Lincoln A
12/9-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans H
12/15-The Wellington School A
12/19-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
12/22-Newark Catholic A
12/28-St.Paris Graham @Rockford Parkway
12/29-TBA @Rockford Parkway
1/2-Gahanna Christian Academy H
1/4-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
1/6-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
1/12-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
1/15-Worthington Christian @Cleveland
1/18-Millersport A
1/20-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
1/26-The Wellington School H
1/30-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy A
2/3-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
2/6-Columbus Bishop Hartley H
2/9-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep A
2/10-Danville H
2/13-Lancatser Fisher Catholic A
2/16-Millersport H

12/2-Glouster Trimble H
12/7-Granville Christian Academy A
12/9-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
12/15-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
12/19-Groev City Christian A
12/22-Mansfield Temple Christian H
12/30-Utica H
1/4-Millersport A
1/5-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
1/12-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans H
1/13-Gahanna Christian Academy A
1/16-The Wellington School A
1/20-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
1/23-Columbus New Hope Christian H
1/26-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
1/30-Grove City Christian H
2/3-Millersport H
2/6-Howard East Knox H
2/9-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
2/13-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
2/16-The Wellington School H

12/1-Crooksville H
12/5-Newark Catholic H
12/9-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
12/15-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
12/19-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans H
12/22-Columbus Patriot Prep A
12/27-Amanda Clearcreek H
1/2-GrovePort Madison Christian H
1/4-The Wellington School A
1/6-Millersport H
1/12-Grove City Christian A
1/16-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
1/20-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy A
1/26-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
1/30-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
2/1-Delaware Christian A
2/2-The Wellington School A
2/6-Granville Christian Academy H
2/7-Columbus Horizon Science Academy A
2/9-Millersport A
2/13-Grove City Christian H
2/16-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H

12/8-Columbus Tree Of Life A
12/9-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
12/12-Columbus New Hope Christian A
12/14-Columbus Cristo Ray H
12/15-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
12/19-The Wellington School H
12/20-Columbus Patriot Prep H
1/4-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
1/6-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/8-Columbus Patriot Prep
1/12-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep
1/18-Grove City Christian H
1/20-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
1/26-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
1/27-Granville Christian Academy A
1/30-The Wellington School A
2/3-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy A
2/9-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
2/13-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
2/16-Grove City Christian A

12/2-Frankfort Adena @Zane Trace
12/5-Granville Christian Academy A
12/7-Hebron Lakewood A
12/9-Millersport A
12/15-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
12/19-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep A
12/22-Columbus Horizon Science Academy H
12/29-GrovePort Madison Christian H
12/30-Stewart Federal Hocking A
1/4-Grove City Christian H
1/6-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy A
1/12-The Wellington School H
1/16-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
1/20-Millersport H
1/23-Westerville Northside Christian
1/26-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/30-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
2/3-Grove City Christian A
2/5-Columbus Patriot Prep
2/9-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
2/13-The Wellington School H
2/16-Zanesville Rosecrans H

12/1-Maumee Valley H
12/5-Upper Arlington H
12/9-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep A
12/11-Columbus Bishop Hartley A
12/15-Grove City Christian H
12/19-Millersport A
12/21-Whitehall-Yearling A
12/30-Westerville North A
1/4-Lancaster Fisher Catholic A
1/6-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans A
1/9-Columbus New Hope Christian A
1/12-Sugar Grove Berne Union A
1/16-Lancaster Fairfield Christian Academy H
1/20-Canal Winchester Harvest Prep H
1/23-Columbus Bishop Ready H
1/26-Grove City Christian A
1/27-Columbus East A
1/30-Millersport H
2/2-Lancaster Fisher Catholic H
2/9-Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans H
2/13-Sugar Grove Berne Union H
2/16-Lancaster Fairfield Christian H
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** Added **

Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference

Games that are missing
12/22-North Jackson Jackson Milton A
1/26-North Jackson Jackson Milton H

Games that are missing
12/15-Mineral Ridge H
1/122-North Jackson Jackson Milton A
1/20-Struthers A

Games that are missing
1/9-North Jackson Jackson Milton H
2/2-North Jackson Jackson Milton A

12/-1-Leetonia H
12/5-Campbell Memorial H
12/9-Vienna Mathews A
12/12-Mineral Ridge H
12/15-Atwater Waterloo H
12/19-Berlin Center Western Reserve A
12/22-Sebring McKinley A
12/29-Struthers H
1/2-Columbiana Crestview A
1/5-North Jackson Jackson Milton H
1/6-Canfield South Range
1/9-New Middlefield Springfield H
1/12-McDonald H
1/16-Mineral Ridge A
1/19-Atwater Waterloo A
1/23-Berlin Center Western Reserve H
1/26-Sebring McKinley H
2/2-New Middlefield Springfield A
2/6-McDonald A
2/9-Hanoverton United Local H
2/13-East Palestine A

12/1-Hanoverton United Local A
12/5-Warren Lordstown A
12/8-Heartland Christian H
12/12-Middlefield Christian A
12/15-Sebring McKinley H
12/19-McDonald H
12/22-Atwater Waterloo H
12/28-Cortland Maplewood H
1/5-Lowellville A
1/9-Mineral Ridge A
1/12-Berlin Center Western Reserve H
1/16-New Middletown Springfield H
1/19-Mineral Ridge A
1/23-Awater Waterloo A
1/30-Lowelleville H
2/2-Mineral Ridge H
2/6-Berlin Center Western Reserve A
2/13-Heartland Christian A
2/16-Columbiana Crestview A
2/20-Ravenna Southeast H

12/1-Heartland Christian A
12/6-Youngstown Valley Christian H
12/9-Lordstown A
12/12-Berlin Center Western Reserve H
12/15-North Jackson Jackson Milton A
12/19-New Middletown Springfield H
12/22-Lowellville H
2/29-Canton Heritage Christian H
1/5-McDonald A
1/9-Atwater Waterloo H
1/12-Mineral Ridge A
1/16-Berlin Center Western Reserve A
1/19-North Jackson Jackson Milton H
1/23-New Middletown Springfield A
1/26-Lowellville A
1/30-McDonlad H
2/2-Atwater Waterloo A
2/6-Mineral Ridge H
2/9-Leetonia H
2/16-Heartland Christian H
2/20-Campbell Memorial A
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NE Ohio Basketball Schedules

** Added **

Head Coach: Kevin Stacey
12/01/2017 A Navarre Fairless
12/05/2017 H Massillon Tuslaw
12/08/2017 H Smithville
12/12/2017 A Akron Manchester
12/15/2017 H Rittman
12/22/2017 A Jeromesville Hillsdale
12/29/2017 A Creston Norwayne
12/30/2017 A Strasburg-Franklin
01/02/2018 H Kidron Central Christian
01/05/2018 A Dalton
01/06/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
01/12/2018 A Doylestown Chippewa
01/19/2018 A Smithville
01/20/2018 A Rittman
01/26/2018 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
01/30/2018 A Millersburg West Holmes
02/02/2018 H Creston Norwayne
02/03/2018 H Dalton
02/06/2018 H Canton Central Catholic
02/09/2018 A West Salem Northwestern
02/16/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
02/20/2018 A Wooster Triway

Head Coach: Brian West
12/01/2017 A Akron Coventry
12/05/2017 H Lodi Cloverleaf
12/08/2017 A Rittman
12/12/2017 H Orrville
12/15/2017 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
12/19/2017 A Loudonville
12/22/2017 A Dalton
12/29/2017 H Apple Creek Waynedale
01/05/2018 A West Salem Northwestern
01/09/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
01/12/2018 A Smithville
01/19/2018 H Rittman
01/20/2018 A Jeromesville Hillsdale
01/23/2018 H Ashland Crestview
01/26/2018 H Dalton
02/02/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
02/03/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
02/09/2018 A Doylestown Chippewa
02/10/2018 A Wellington
02/16/2018 H Smithville
02/20/2018 A Canal Fulton Northwest
02/23/2018 H Millersburg West Holmes

Head Coach: D. J. Schrock
12/05/2017 H New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
12/08/2017 A West Salem Northwestern
12/09/2017 A Atwater Waterloo
12/15/2017 H Dalton
12/22/2017 H Smithville
12/29/2017 A Rittman
12/30/2017 H Wooster Triway
01/05/2018 A Jeromesville Hillsdale
01/09/2018 A Creston Norwayne
01/12/2018 H Apple Creek Waynedale
01/19/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
01/20/2018 A Dalton
01/23/2018 H Akron Manchester
01/26/2018 A Smithville
02/02/2018 H Rittman
02/03/2018 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
02/06/2018 A Norton
02/09/2018 H Creston Norwayne
02/13/2018 H Columbia Station Columbia
02/16/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
02/20/2018 A Ashland Mapleton
02/24/2018 H Lucas

Head Coach: Kelly Seboe
12/02/2017 H Millersburg West Holmes
12/08/2017 A Mansfield Temple Christian
12/09/2017 H Ashland Mapleton
12/15/2017 H Mansfield St. Peter
12/19/2017 H Creston Norwayne
12/22/2017 A Mansfield Christian
12/29/2017 A Mansfield St. Peter
01/05/2018 H Kidron Central Christian
01/09/2018 A Danville
01/12/2018 H Lucas
01/13/2018 A Bellville Clear Fork
01/19/2018 A Crestline
01/20/2018 H Sullivan Black River
01/30/2018 H Ashland Crestview
02/02/2018 H Mansfield Christian
02/06/2018 A Fredericktown
02/09/2018 A Kidron Central Christian
02/10/2018 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
02/13/2018 A Howard East Knox
02/16/2018 A Lucas
02/20/2018 H Smithville
02/23/2018 H Crestline

Head Coach: Lynn Wess
12/01/2017 A Dalton
12/05/2017 A Apple Creek Waynedale
12/08/2017 H Wooster Triway
12/09/2017 A Alliance Marlington
12/12/2017 A Millersburg West Holmes
12/16/2017 A Canal Fulton Northwest
12/19/2017 H Canton South
12/22/2017 H Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
12/23/2017 N Rittman (WQKT Classic, College of Wooster)
12/28/2017 H Navarre Fairless
12/30/2017 N Akron North (Akron Holiday Classic, Akron Firestone)
01/05/2018 A Akron Manchester
01/12/2018 H Orrville
01/16/2018 H Smithville
01/23/2018 A Wooster Triway
01/26/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
01/30/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
02/02/2018 A Navarre Fairless
02/09/2018 H Akron Manchester
02/13/2018 A Orrville
02/20/2018 H Magnolia Sandy Valley
02/24/2018 H East Canton

Head Coach: Sly Slaughter
12/01/2017 A Millersburg West Holmes
12/05/2017 H Smithville
12/08/2017 H Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
12/12/2017 A Creston Norwayne
12/22/2017 H Wooster Triway
12/23/2017 N Medina Buckeye (WQKT Classic, College of Wooster)
12/29/2017 A Canal Fulton Northwest
01/02/2018 H Akron North
01/05/2018 A Navarre Fairless
01/09/2018 H Canton Central Catholic
01/12/2018 A Massillon Tuslaw
01/19/2018 A Akron Manchester
01/23/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
01/26/2018 H Ashland
01/30/2018 A Wooster Triway
02/02/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
02/09/2018 H Navarre Fairless
02/10/2018 H Wooster
02/13/2018 H Massillon Tuslaw
02/16/2018 H Akron Manchester
02/17/2018 A West Salem Northwestern
02/20/2018 A Canton Central Catholic

Head Coach: Jim Frizell
12/01/2017 H Strasburg-Franklin
12/05/2017 A Orrville
12/08/2017 A Apple Creek Waynedale
12/15/2017 A West Salem Northwestern
12/19/2017 H Akron Kenmore-Garfield
12/22/2017 A Doylestown Chippewa
12/23/2017 N Wooster Triway (WQKT Classic, College of Wooster)
12/29/2017 H Dalton
01/05/2018 H Rittman
01/06/2018 A Jeromesville Hillsdale
01/12/2018 H Creston Norwayne
01/16/2018 A Massillon Tuslaw
01/19/2018 H Apple Creek Waynedale
01/20/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
01/26/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
02/02/2018 A Dalton
02/03/2018 A Rittman
02/06/2018 A Kidron Central Christian
02/09/2018 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
02/16/2018 A Creston Norwayne
02/17/2018 H Norton
02/20/2018 A Loudonville

Head Coach: Randy Endsley
12/02/2017 A Rittman
12/08/2017 H Wellington
12/12/2017 H Lorain Clearview
12/15/2017 A La Grange Keystone
12/22/2017 H Oberlin Firelands
12/23/2017 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
12/27/2017 A Ashland Mapleton
12/29/2017 A Columbia Station Columbia
01/05/2018 A Medina Buckeye
01/09/2018 H Fairview Park Fairview
01/12/2018 H Sheffield Brookside
01/19/2018 A Wellington
01/20/2018 A Loudonville
01/23/2018 A Rocky River Lutheran West
01/26/2018 H La Grange Keystone
01/27/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
02/02/2018 A Oberlin Firelands
02/06/2018 H Oberlin
02/10/2018 H New London
02/16/2018 H Medina Buckeye
02/20/2018 A Brooklyn
02/23/2018 A Sheffield Brookside

Head Coach: Mark Alberts Jr.
12/01/2017 A Wooster Triway
12/02/2017 H Bellville Clear Fork
12/08/2017 H Doylestown Chippewa
12/09/2017 N Peninsula Woodridge (Jack Greynolds Classic, Barberton)
12/15/2017 H Smithville
12/19/2017 H Columbia Station Columbia
12/22/2017 A Rittman
12/23/2017 A North Robinson Colonel Crawford
12/29/2017 A Jeromesville Hillsdale
01/05/2018 H Creston Norwayne
01/06/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
01/12/2018 H Dalton
01/19/2018 A Doylestown Chippewa
01/20/2018 A Smithville
01/26/2018 H Rittman
01/27/2018 A Sullivan Black River
02/02/2018 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
02/03/2018 A Creston Norwayne
02/09/2018 H Apple Creek Waynedale
02/10/2018 A Norwalk
02/16/2018 A Dalton
02/17/2018 H Orrville

Head Coach: Ben Holt
12/01/2017 H West Salem Northwestern
12/05/2017 A Millersburg West Holmes
12/08/2017 A Massillon Tuslaw
12/15/2017 H Akron Manchester
12/22/2017 A Orrville
12/23/2017 H Smithville
12/30/2017 H Doylestown Chippewa
01/05/2018 H Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
01/12/2018 A Canal Fulton Northwest
01/13/2018 N Hartville Lake Center Christian (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/19/2018 H Navarre Fairless
01/20/2018 A Berlin Hiland
01/23/2018 H Massillon Tuslaw
01/26/2018 A Akron Manchester
01/27/2018 A Bellville Clear Fork
01/30/2018 H Orrville
02/02/2018 A Sugarcreek Garaway
02/06/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest
02/09/2018 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
02/16/2018 A Navarre Fairless
02/20/2018 H Apple Creek Waynedale
02/23/2018 H Canton South

Head Coach: Matt Creamer
12/05/2017 A Canton GlenOak
12/15/2017 A Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
12/16/2017 A Hartville Lake Center Christian
12/23/2017 H Youngstown Ursuline
12/28/2017 A Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
12/29/2017 H Columbus Bishop Ready
01/05/2018 H Akron Kenmore-Garfield
01/06/2018 H Wooster
01/09/2018 A Orrville
01/12/2018 H Canton Heritage Christian
01/13/2018 A Avon
01/16/2018 A Youngstown Ursuline
01/20/2018 H Akron East
01/26/2018 A Uniontown Lake
01/27/2018 A Massillon Perry
01/30/2018 H North Canton Hoover
02/03/2018 A Mansfield St. Peter
02/06/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
02/10/2018 H Zanesville
02/13/2018 A Akron Archbishop Hoban
02/20/2018 H Orrville
02/22/2018 H Canal Fulton Northwest

Head Coach: Kevin Bille
12/01/2017 H Apple Creek Waynedale
12/08/2017 H Canal Fulton Northwest
12/15/2017 A Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
12/16/2017 A Canton South
12/19/2017 H Kidron Central Christian
12/23/2017 H Dalton
12/28/2017 A Massillon Tuslaw
12/29/2017 N Mansfield Christian (Berlin Hiland)
01/05/2018 H Orrville
01/06/2018 H Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
01/12/2018 H Akron Manchester
01/13/2018 N Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/19/2018 A Wooster Triway
01/23/2018 A Canal Fulton Northwest
01/26/2018 H Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
01/30/2018 H Canton Heritage Christian
02/02/2018 H Massillon Tuslaw
02/06/2018 A Akron Manchester
02/09/2018 A Orrville
02/13/2018 H New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
02/16/2018 H Wooster Triway
02/20/2018 A Millersburg West Holmes

Head Coach: Terry Sites
12/05/2017 H Gnadenhutten Indian Valley
12/08/2017 A Newcomerstown
12/12/2017 H Strasburg-Franklin
12/15/2017 H Magnolia Sandy Valley
12/19/2017 A Bowerston Conotton Valley
12/22/2017 A East Canton
12/27/2017 H Uhrichsville Claymont
12/30/2017 A Minerva
01/05/2018 A New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
01/06/2018 A Navarre Fairless
01/09/2018 A Malvern
01/12/2018 H West Lafayette Ridgewood
01/19/2018 A Strasburg-Franklin
01/23/2018 A Gnadenhutten Indian Valley
01/26/2018 A Magnolia Sandy Valley
01/30/2018 H Bowerston Conotton Valley
02/02/2018 H East Canton
02/03/2018 H Sugarcreek Garaway
02/09/2018 H New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
02/13/2018 H Malvern
02/17/2018 N IVC Showcase, Uhrichsville Claymont
02/23/2018 H Dover

Head Coach: Matt Monter
12/01/2017 H Massillon Tuslaw
12/02/2017 A Hartville Lake Center Christian
12/08/2017 H Jeromesville Hillsdale
12/15/2017 A Doylestown Chippewa
12/16/2017 H Cleveland James F. Rhodes
12/22/2017 H Creston Norwayne
12/23/2017 A Navarre Fairless
12/29/2017 A Smithville
01/05/2018 H Apple Creek Waynedale
01/06/2018 A Rittman
01/09/2018 H Elyria Open Door Christian
01/12/2018 A West Salem Northwestern
01/19/2018 A Jeormesville Hillsdale
01/20/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
01/26/2018 A Creston Norwayne
02/02/2018 H Smithville
02/03/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
02/09/2018 H Rittman
02/10/2018 H Twinsburg
02/16/2018 H West Salem Northwestern
02/20/2018 A Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
02/23/2018 A Akron North

Head Coach: Ryan McGonagle
12/02/2017 H Dalton
12/05/2017 A Louisville Saint Thomas Aquinas
12/09/2017 H Elyria Open Door Christian
12/12/2017 H Garrettsville James A. Garfield
12/16/2017 H McDonald (Hoops with a Heart)
12/19/2017 H Rootstown
12/22/2017 A Youngstown Valley Christian
12/29/2017 A East Canton
12/30/2017 H Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
01/05/2018 A Akron Springfield
01/09/2018 A Mantua Crestwood
01/12/2018 H Ravenna Southeast
01/13/2018 N Wooster Triway (MMC Classic, North Canton Hoover)
01/19/2018 H Mogadore
01/23/2018 H Youngstown Ursuline
01/26/2018 A Garrettsville James A. Garfield
02/02/2018 A Rootstown
02/09/2018 H Youngstown Valley Christian
02/13/2018 A Kidron Central Christian
02/16/2018 H Mantua Crestwood
02/17/2018 A Mogadore
02/23/2018 A Ravenna Southeast

Head Coach: Eric Nickles
12/05/2017 H Lucas
12/08/2017 A Dalton
12/09/2017 A Mansfield Christian
12/15/2017 A Creston Norwayne
12/22/2017 H Apple Creek Waynedale
12/23/2017 A Sullivan Black River
12/29/2017 H West Salem Northwestern
12/30/2017 A Crestline
01/05/2018 H Doylestown Chippewa
01/06/2018 H Smithville
01/12/2018 A Rittman
01/19/2018 H Dalton
01/20/2018 H Creston Norwayne
01/26/2018 A Apple Creek Waynedale
01/27/2018 H Mansfield Temple Christian
01/30/2018 H Ashland Mapleton
02/02/2018 A West Salem Northwestern
02/03/2018 A Doylestown Chippewa
02/09/2018 A Smithville
02/10/2018 Loudonville
02/16/2018 Rittman
02/17/2018 at New London

Head Coach: Adam Hall
12/01/2017 A Smithville
12/08/2017 A Berlin Hiland
12/12/2017 A Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
12/15/2017 H Malvern
12/19/2017 H New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
12/22/2017 A Bowerston Conotton Valley
12/28/2017 N Kidron Central Christian (First Federal Holiday Showcase, Berlin Hiland)
12/30/2017 H Apple Creek Waynedale
01/02/2018 H Magnolia Sandy Valley
01/05/2018 A West Lafayette Ridgewood
01/09/2018 A East Canton
01/12/2018 H Newcomerstown
01/13/2018 H Mogadore
01/19/2018 H Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
01/23/2018 H Sugarcreek Garaway
01/26/2018 A Malvern
01/30/2018 A New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Catholic
02/02/2018 H Bowerston Conotton Valley
02/06/2018 A Magnolia Sandy Valley
02/09/2018 H West Lafayette Ridgewood
02/13/2018 H East Canton
02/17/2018 N IVC Showcase, Uhrichsville Claymont

Head Coach: Tyrone Miller
12/05/2017 A Doylestown Chippewa
12/08/2017 A Sugarcreek Garaway
12/12/2017 H Malvern
12/15/2017 H Bowerston Conotton Valley
12/19/2017 A Strasburg-Franklin
12/22/2017 A Magnolia Sandy Valley
12/23/2017 A St. Clairsville
12/29/2017 H Canal Winchester Harvest Prep (TCC Showcase)
12/30/2017 H Caldwell (TCC Showcase)
01/02/2018 H East Canton
01/05/2018 H Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
01/12/2018 H Uhrichsville Claymont
01/16/2018 A West Lafayette Ridgewood
01/19/2018 A Malvern
01/26/2018 A Bowerston Conotton Valley
01/30/2018 H Strasburg-Franklin
02/02/2018 H Magnolia Sandy Valley
02/03/2018 A Gnadenhutten Indian Valley
02/06/2018 A East Canton
02/09/2018 A Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley
02/13/2018 A Navarre Fairless
02/17/2018 N IVC Showcase, Uhrichsville Claymont
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** Added **

Frontier Athletic Conference

Chillicothe HS
12/05 Zane Trace
12/08 at Miami Trace
12/12 Washington CH
12/15 Greenfield
12/16 at Upper Arlington
12/19 Hillsboro
12/21 at Marion Franklin
12/22 Unioto
12/23 at Jackson
12/28 at Reynoldsburg
12/29 at Thomas Worthington
12/30 at Logan Elm
01/12 Miami Trace
01/19 at Washington CH
01/20 at Wilmington
01/23 Harvest Prep
01/26 at Greenfield
02/02 at Hillsboro
02/03 at Warren
02/06 at Vinton County
02/10 Jackson
02/13 at Meigs

Jackson HS
12/01 Meigs
12/05 River Valley
12/08 Greenfield
12/09 at Gallipolis
12/12 at Hillsboro
12/15 at Washington CH
12/19 Miami Trace
12/23 Chillicothe
12/29 Athens
12/30 at Unioto
01/03 Minford
01/05 at Vinton County
01/09 at Wellston
01/12 at Greenfield
01/16 at Wheelersburg
01/19 Hillsboro
01/23 at South Webster
01/26 Washington CH
02/02 at Miami Trace
02/06 Waverly
02/10 at Chillicothe
02/13 Alexander

Washington Court House HS
12/05 at Circleville
12/08 Hillsboro
12/12 at Chillicothe
12/15 Jackson
12/19 at Greenfield
12/23 at Miami Trace
12/29 at Adena
01/02 Logan
01/09 at Lancaster
01/12 at Hillsboro
01/13 at Gallipolis
01/16 Lynchburg Clay
01/19 Chillicothe
01/23 at Logan Elm
01/26 at Jackson
01/27 Grandview Hts
01/30 at Waverly
02/02 Greenfield
02/10 Miami Trace
02/13 Unioto
02/17 Springfield Shawnee

Miami Trace HS
12/01 Waverly
12/05 Logan Elm
12/08 Chillicothe
12/09 at Lynchburg Clay
12/12 at Greenfield
12/15 at Hillsboro
12/19 at Jackson
01/22 Circleville
01/23 Washington CH
12/28 vs Madison Plains at MT Tourney
12/30 MT Tourney
01/03 Clinton Massie
01/06 Dayton Stivers
01/09 at Bexley
01/12 at Chillicothe
01/13 at Vinton County
01/19 Greenfield
01/20 Southeastern
01/26 Hillsboro
02/02 Jackson
02/03 at Unioto
02/10 at Washington CH

Greenfield McClain HS
12/01 vs Westfall at ZT Classic
12/02 vs Hillsboro at Ohio Valley Classic
12/08 at Jackson
12/12 Miami Trace
12/15 at Chillicothe
12/19 Washington CH
12/22 at Westfall
12/23 at Ironton
12/27 Adena
12/29 Unioto
01/02 at Zane Trace
01/09 at Leesburg Fairfield
01/19 at Miami Trace
01/20 at North Adams
01/26 Chillicothe
01/30 at Lynchburg Clay
02/02 at Washington CH
02/06 at Circleville
02/09 Hillsboro
02/10 at Paint Valley
02/13 Piketon

Hillsboro HS
11/30 Eastern Brown
12/02 vs Greenfield at Ohio Valley Classic
12/05 at Georgetown
12/08 at Washington CH
12/09 Batavia
12/12 Jackson
12/15 Miami Trace
12/19 at Chillicothe
12/29 Blanchester
01/09 at Fayetteville
01/12 Washington CH
01/13 Western Brown
01/16 Leesburg Fairfield
01/19 at Jackson
01/20 at Adena
01/23 at Waverly
01/26 at Miami Trace
01/30 at Goshen
02/02 Chillicothe
02/03 Paint Valley
02/09 at Greenfield
02/13 at Lynchburg Clay
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Gmc conference schedules

Colerain Cardinals

Fri. 1 at Mount Healthy 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 at Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 19 Northwest 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Thu. 28 at Dearborn Heights 12:40 PM
Fri. 29 at Michigan Collegiate 11:00 AM

Fri. 5 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 at La Salle 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 Lakota East 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 Middletown 7:30 PM

Fairfield Indians

Fri. 1 at Elder 7:30 PM
Tue. 5 at Northwest 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 Hamilton 7:30 PM
Sat. 16 at Kings 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 29 West Clermont 7:30 PM

Tue. 2 at Centerville 7:30 PM CHS
Fri. 5 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Sat. 6 at Western Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 Oak Hills 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 at Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 Princeton 7:30 PM

Hamilton Big Blue

Sat. 2 Northwest 7:30 PM
Tue. 5 at Mount Healthy 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Wed. 27 Beavercreek 7:30 PM
Fri. 29 at Lebanon 7:00 PM

Fri. 5 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 Talawanda 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 at Princeton 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Sat. 3 at Harrison 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 at Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 at Lakota West 7:30 PM

Lakota East Thunderhawks

Tue. 5 at Wilmington 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 at Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 Hamilton 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Mon. 15 at Woodward 4:00 PM
Fri. 19 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 Princeton 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 at Colerain 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 Sycamore 7:30 PM

Lakota West Firebirds

Fri. 1 at Turpin 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Sat. 9 Winton Woods 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 19 La Salle 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 at Mason 7:30 PM
Sat. 30 Kings 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 at St. Xavier 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 at Middletown 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 Princeton 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Sat. 10 at Moeller 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 Hamilton 7:30 PM

Mason Comets

Sat. 2 Springboro 6:00 PM Hillsboro, OH
Tue. 5 at Loveland 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 29 Wilmington 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 Princeton 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 at Kings 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 Sycamore 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 Hamilton 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM

Middletown Middies

Fri. 1 Kings 7:30 PM
Tue. 5 at St. Xavier 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 Hamilton 7:30 PM
Sat. 9 Lima Senior 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Wed. 27 at Princeton 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 Colerain 7:30 PM
Sat. 6 Elder 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Sun. 14 at Covington Catholic 4:45 PM Flyn' to the Hoops
Tue. 23 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 at Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 Lakota West 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Sat. 17 at Springfield 7:30 PM Springfield HS

Oak Hills Highlanders

Sat. 2 Western Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 5 at Moeller 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Sat. 16 St. Xavier 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 Princeton 7:30 PM
Sat. 30 La Salle 8:00 PM Mount Saint Joseph

Tue. 2 Winton Woods 7:30PM
Fri. 5 at Mason 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 Elder 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 at Fairfield 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 Mason 7:30 PM

Princeton Vikings

Fri. 1 Xenia 9:00 PM Ohio Valley Hoops Classic
Fri. 8 at Sycamore 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 19 Wilmington 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 at Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Wed. 27 Middletown 7:30 PM
Sat. 30 Winton Woods 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 at Mason 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 Sycamore 7:30 PM
Sat. 13 at Flyin to the Hoop 4:45 PM
Fri. 19 at New Albany 5:30 PM
Tue. 23 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 Colerain 7:30 PM
Sat. 27 Wayne 6:15 PM Wilimington HS
Tue. 30 Hamilton 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 at Fairfield 7:30 PM

Sycamore Aviators

Fri. 1 Milford 7:30 PM
Fri. 8 Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 12 at Hamilton 7:30 PM
Fri. 15 at Lakota West 7:30 PM
Sat. 16 Moeller 7:30 PM
Fri. 22 Middletown 7:30 PM
Wed. 27 at Kings 7:30 PM
Fri. 29 Anderson 7:30 PM

Fri. 5 Lakota East 7:30 PM
Sat. 6 Loveland 7:30 PM
Tue. 9 Oak Hills 7:30 PM
Fri. 12 at Princeton 7:30 PM
Tue. 16 at Turpin 7:30 PM
Fri. 19 at Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 23 Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 26 Lakota West 7:30 PM
Tue. 30 at Mason 7:30 PM

Fri. 2 at Middletown 7:30 PM
Tue. 6 Hamilton 7:30 PM
Fri. 9 Colerain 7:30 PM
Tue. 13 at Fairfield 7:30 PM
Fri. 16 at Lakota East 7:30 PM
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If anyone has some extra time, these are the schools that I have nothing for so far:

116 Amelia (Batavia)
152 Avon Lake (Avon Lake)
162 Barnesville (Barnesville)
172 Beallsville (Beallsville)
176 Beaver (East Liverpool)
234 Bloomfield (N Bloomfield)
250 Bridgeport (Bridgeport)
254 Bristol (Bristolville)
262 Brookside (Sheffield)
264 Brookville (Brookville)
282 Buckeye Local (Rayland)
318 Carlisle (Carlisle)
326 Catholic Central (Steubenville)
328 Cedarville (Cedarville)
360 Chardon (Chardon)
362 Chesapeake (Chesapeake)
374 Clay (Portsmouth)
376 Claymont (Uhrichsville)
382 Clermont Northeastern (Batavia)
9360 Columbus International (Columbus)
416 Conneaut (Conneaut)
458 Dawson-Bryant (Coal Grove)
470 Dixie (New Lebanon)
492 Eastern (Beaver)
494 Eastern (Reedsville)
496 Eastern (Winchester)
510 Eaton (Eaton)
519 Edison (Richmond)
591 Emmanuel Christian Academy (Springfield)
566 Fairport Harding (Fairport Harbor)
578 Federal Hocking (Stewart)
634 Geneva (Geneva)
646 Glen Este (Cincinnati)
654 Glenwood (New Boston)
668 Green (Franklin Furnace)
672 Greeneview (Jamestown)
294 Harrison Central (Cadiz)
698 Harvey (Painesville)
702 Hawken (Gates Mills)
733 Horizon Science Academy (Cleveland)
751 Indian Creek (Wintersville)
774 Jefferson Area (Jefferson)
776 Jefferson Twp (Dayton)
784 John F Kennedy (Cleveland)
812 Kirtland (Kirtland)
827 Lake Ridge Academy (North Ridgeville)
1747 Legacy Christian Academy (Xenia)
860 Liberty (Youngstown)
922 Madison (Madison)
938 Manchester (Manchester)
967 Martin Luther King Jr. (Cleveland)
968 Martins Ferry (Martins Ferry)
1024 Miami Valley School (Dayton)
1027 Middletown Christian (Franklin)
1030 Midview (Grafton)
1036 Miller (Corning)
1063 Monroe Central (Woodsfield)
1082 National Trail (New Paris)
1094 Newbury (Newbury)
1114 Newton Local (Pleasant Hill)
1146 North Olmsted (North Olmsted)
1152 North Ridgeville (N Ridgeville)
1138 Northeast Ohio College Preparatory (Cleveland)
1136 Northeastern (Springfield)
1164 Northwest (Cincinnati)
1168 Northwestern (Springfield)
1178 Notre Dame (Portsmouth)
1186 Oak Hill (Oak Hill)
1192 Oberlin (Oberlin)
1204 Olmsted Falls (Olmsted Falls)
1232 Parma (Parma)
1238 Peebles (Peebles)
1246 Perry (Perry)
1235 Ponitz Career Technology Center (Dayton)
1268 Portsmouth (Portsmouth)
1270 Portsmouth West (West Portsmouth)
1272 Preble Shawnee (Camden)
1280 Pymatuning Valley (Andover)
1300 Ridgewood (West Lafayette)
1302 Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington (Ripley)
1306 River (Hannibal)
816 River Valley (Bidwell)
1312 Riverside (Painesville)
9057 Riverview East Academy (Cincinnati)
1318 Rock Hill (Ironton)
1320 Rocky River (Rocky River)
1330 Ross (Hamilton)
484 Sciotoville Community (Portsmouth)
1406 Shadyside (Shadyside)
1414 Shawnee (Springfield)
1418 Shenandoah (Sarahsville)
1420 Sheridan (Thornville)
1453 South Gallia (Crown City)
1458 South Point (South Point)
230 South Webster (South Webster)
1454 Southern (Racine)
1456 Southern Local (Salineville)
1344 St Clairsville (St Clairsville)
1362 St John Central (Bellaire)
1359 St John School (Ashtabula)
1368 St Joseph Central (Ironton)
1386 St Wendelin (Fostoria)
1486 Steele (Amherst)
1514 Symmes Valley (Willow Wood)
1520 Talawanda (Oxford)
1536 Toronto (Toronto)
1562 Tri-County North (Lewisburg)
1564 Twin Valley South (West Alexandria)
1566 Union Local (Belmont)
1751 Valley Christian School (Youngstown)
1588 Valley Forge (Parma Heights)
1636 Waverly (Waverly)
1644 Waynesville (Waynesville)
1654 Wellsville (Wellsville)
1688 West Liberty-Salem (West Liberty)
1690 West Muskingum (Zanesville)
1694 West Union (West Union)
1662 Western (Latham)
1664 Western Brown (Mount Orab)
1684 Westlake (Westlake)
1706 Wickliffe (Wickliffe)
1712 Williamsburg (Williamsburg)
1748 Yellow Springs (Yellow Springs)
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** Added **

Avon Lake
12/5/17 H Bay
12/8/17 A North Olmsted
12/12/17 A Avon
12/15/17 H Westlake
12/19/17 A Lakewood
12/22/17 A Valley Forge
12/28/17 H Strongsville
1/2/18 A Normandy
1/5/18 A North Ridgeville
1/9/18 H Amherst Steele
1/12/18 A Berea-Midpark
1/16/18 H Olmsted Falls
1/19/18 H Midview
1/23/18 H North Olmsted
1/26/18 H Avon
1/30/18 A Westlake
2/2/18 H Lakewood
2/6/18 H North Ridgeville
2/9/18 A Amherst Steele
2/13/18 H Berea-Midpark
2/16/18 A Olmsted Falls
2/23/18 A Midview

12/1/17 A Buckeye Trail
12/5/17 H Shenandoah
12/8/17 A Buckeye Local
12/15/17 A Monroe Central
12/19/17 H Bellaire
12/23/17 N Harrison Central (OUE)
12/29/17 H Buckeye Local
1/2/18 A Bridgeport
1/5/18 A Shenandoah
1/9/18 H John Marshall (WV)
1/12/18 H Buckeye Trail
1/16/18 H Caldwell
1/20/18 A Union Local
1/23/18 H Monroe Central
1/26/18 A Caldwell
1/30/18 A John Marshall (WV)
2/2/18 H Bridgeport
2/6/18 H Union Local
2/9/18 H Martins Ferry
2/13/19 OVAC Playoff
2/16/17 OVAC Consolation
2/17/17 OVAC Championship

Beaver Local
12/1/17 A Crestview
12/8/17 H Edison
12/15/17 A East Liverpool
12/19/17 H Buckeye Local
12/23/17 A Wellsville
12/27/17 A Oak Glen (WV)
12/30/17 H East Palestine
1/2/18 H Wellsville
1/5/18 A Indian Creek
1/9/18 A Edison
1/16/18 H East Liverpool
1/19/18 A Buckeye Local
1/20/18 A Southern Local
1/23/18 H Indian Creek
1/26/18 H Oak Glen (WV)
1/30/18 H Harrison Central
2/3/18 N Buckeye 8 Showcase
2/6/18 A United Local
2/10/18 A East Palestine
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship

12/1/17 A Chalker
12/5/17 H Badger
12/8/17 A Lordstown
12/14/17 A Agape Christian
12/15/17 H Windham
12/19/17 H Heartland Christian
12/29/17 H Newbury
12/30/17 A Heartland Christian
1/2/18 A Mathews
1/8/18 A Ashtabula St John
1/9/18 A Maplewood
1/12/18 H Chalker
1/16/18 A Badger
1/19/18 H Lordstown
1/23/18 H Pymatuning Valley
1/26/18 A Windham
1/29/18 H Ashtabula St John
1/30/18 H Grand Valley
2/6/18 A Newbury
2/9/18 H Agape Christian

12/1/17 A Monroe Central
12/5/17 A Shadyside
12/8/17 A Beallsville
12/16/17 A Madonna (WV)
12/19/17 H Hannibal River
12/22/17 H Cameron (WV)
12/27/17 A Frontier
12/29/17 H Monroe Central
1/2/18 H Barnesville
1/5/18 A Hannibal River
1/9/18 A Steubenville Catholic Central
1/12/18 H Beallsville
1/13/18 H Frontier
1/16/18 H Shadyside
1/20/18 H Madonna (WV)
1/23/18 A Cameron (WV)
1/26/18 A Buckeye Local
1/30/18 H Steubenville Catholic Central
2/2/18 A Barnesville
2/6/18 H Buckeye Local
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship

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** Added **

12/1/17 H Lordstown
12/8/17 H Newbury
12/12/17 H Maplewood
12/15/17 A Chalker
12/19/17 H Mathews
12/22/17 H Windham
12/27/17 H LaBrae
12/29/17 H Champion
1/2/18 A Badger
1/9/18 A Pymatuning Valley
1/12/18 A Lordstown
1/16/18 A Maplewood
1/19/18 A Newbury
1/23/18 H Grand Valley
1/26/18 H Chalker
1/27/18 H Cardinal Mooney
2/6/18 H Brookfield
2/9/18 A Windham
2/13/18 A Garrettsville Garfield
2/16/18 A Western Reserve Academy
2/20/18 A Youngstown Liberty
2/23/18 NEC Showcase

12/1/17 H Bellbrook
12/8/17 H Monroe
12/9/17 H Dixie
12/12/17 A Dayton Oakwood
12/15/17 A Tri-County North
12/16/17 H Graham
12/22/17 A Dayton Jefferson
12/29/17 N Arcanum (Franklin-Monroe Holiday Tournament)
12/30/17 N TBA (Franklin-Monroe Tournament)
1/5/18 A Eaton
1/6/18 H Carlisle
1/9/18 A Valley View
1/12/18 A Franklin
1/13/18 A National Trail
1/19/18 H Dayton Oakwood
1/20/18 H Twin-Valley South
1/26/18 H Eaton
1/27/18 H Milton-Union
2/2/18 H Valley View
2/6/18 H Franklin
2/9/18 A Bellbrook
2/16/18 A Monroe

12/1/17 H Waynesville
12/5/17 A Monroe
12/8/17 A Dayton Northridge
12/9/17 H Middletown Christian
12/12/17 A Preble Shawnee
12/15/17 H Middletown Madison
12/23/17 H Tri-County North
12/29/17 H Dayton Christian
1/2/18 A Franklin
1/5/18 A Milton-Union
1/6/18 A Brookville
1/12/18 A Dixie
1/13/18 H Valley View
1/16/18 H Legacy Christian
1/19/18 H Preble Shawnee
1/23/18 A Middletown Madison
1/26/18 H Milton-Union
1/27/18 A Clinton-Massie
2/6/18 H Dixie
2/9/18 A Waynesville
2/13/18 H Twin-Valley South
2/16/18 H Dayton Northridge

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** Added **

Steubenville Catholic Central
12/1/17A Harrison Central
12/5/17 H East Liverpool
12/9/17 H Bellaire
12/15/17 H Madonna (WV)
12/19/17 A Oak Glen (WV)
12/22/17 A Weir (WV)
12/27/17 N Lisbon David Anderson (Big Red Classic)
12/30/17 A Steubenville
1/3/18 A Union Local
1/5/18 A Edison
1/9/18 H Bridgeport
1/12/18 H Steubenville
1/19/18 A Madonna (WV)
1/23/18 H Edison
1/24/18 H Wheeling CC (WV)
1/27/18 A Bellaire
1/30/18 A Bridgeport
2/2/18 H Oak Glen (WV)
2/6/18 A St Clairsville
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship

12/1/17 A Emmanuel Christian
12/5/17 A Legacy Christian
12/8/17 A Greenon
12/12/17 A Madison Plains
12/15/17 A Springfield Catholic Central
12/19/17 H S Charleston Southeastern
12/22/17 H Jamestown Greeneview
12/29/17 A Fairbanks
1/5/18 H Mechanicsburg
1/6/18 H Leesburg Fairfield
1/9/18 A Springfield Northeastern
1/12/18 H West Jefferson
1/19/18 A Triad
1/23/18 H West Liberty-Salem
1/26/18 H Greenon
2/2/18 H Madison Plains
2/3/18 A East Clinton
2/5/18 H Springfield Catholic Central
2/9/18 A S Charleston Southeastern
2/13/18 A Springfield Northwestern
2/16/18 A Jamestown Greeneview
2/17/18 H Middletown Madison

12/2/17 H West Geauga
12/8/17 A Brush
12/12/17 A Willoughby South
12/15/17 H Kenston
12/19/17 A Shaw
12/22/17 A Eastlake North
12/28/17 A Chagrin Falls
12/30/17 A Bedford
1/5/18 H Painesville Riverside
1/8/18 A Wickliffe
1/12/18 H Mayfield
1/13/17 A Hawken
1/19/18 A Madison
1/22/18 H Kirtland
1/26/18 H Willoughby South
1/30/18 H Brush
2/2/18 A Kenston
2/6/18 H Eastlake North
2/9/18 A Painesville Riverside
2/13/18 A Mayfield
2/16/18 H Madison
2/20/18 H Ashtabula Edgewood

Portsmouth Clay
12/1/17 H Paint Valley
12/2/17 H McDermott Northwest
12/5/17 A Sciotoville East
12/8/17 H Franklin Furnace Green
12/9/17 A Manchester
12/12/17 A Portsmouth Notre Dame
12/15/17 H New Boston Glenwood
12/16/17 A North Adams
12/19/17 A Latham Western
12/22/17 H Symmes Valley
12/29/17 H Chillicothe Huntington
1/5/18 A Beaver Eastern
1/6/18 H Ironton St Joseph
1/9/18 H Sciotoville East
1/12/18 A Franklin Furnace Green
1/19/18 H Portsmouth Notre Dame
1/26/18 A New Boston Glenwood
1/27/18 A South Webster
2/2/18 H Latham Western
2/9/18 A Symmes Valley
2/10/18 A Peebles
2/16/18 H Beaver Eastern

12/5/17 H Harrison Central
12/8/17 H Malvern
12/12/17 H Newcomerstown
12/15/17 A Berlin Hiland
12/19/17 H Coshocton
12/22/17 H Indian Valley
12/27/17 A Tuscarawas Valley
1/2/18 A West Lafayette Ridgewwod
1/5/18 A Garaway
1/6/18 A St Clairsville
1/9/18 H Buckeye Trail
1/12/18 A Tuscarawas Central Catholic
1/16/18 A River View
1/19/18 A Newcomerstown
1/26/18 H Berlin Hiland
1/27/18 H Minerva
1/30/18 H Sandy Valley
2/2/18 A Indian Valley
2/6/18 H West Lafayette Ridgewwod
2/9/18 H Garaway
2/13/18 A Buckeye Trail
2/17/18 N IVC Showcase

Clermont Northeastern
12/1/17 A Western Brown
12/2/17 H Little Miami
12/8/17 H Felicity-Franklin
12/12/17 A East Clinton
12/15/17 H Blanchester
12/19/17 A Bethel-Tate
12/22/17 H Peebles
1/29/17 A Batavia
1/2/18 A Cincinnati Mariemont
1/6/18 H Cleves Taylor
1/9/18 H Williamsburg
1/12/18 A Georgetown
1/16/18 A New Richmond
1/19/18 A Felicity- Franklin
1/20/18 A Leesburg Fairfield
1/23/18 H East Clinton
1/26/18 A Blanchester
1/30/18 A Cincinnati Turpin
2/2/18 H Bethel-Tate
2/9/18 A Williamsburg
2/16/18 H Georgetown
2/17/18 N SBAAC Showcase

Columbus International
12/1/17 A Tree of Life Christian
12/7/17 H Oakstone Academy
12/11/17 H Columbus West
12/12/17 H Columbus Northland
12/15/17 A Columbus East
12/16/17 A Northside Christian
12/18/17 H Columbus Cristo Rey
12/19/17 H Columbus Mifflin
12/20/17 A Oakstone Academy
12/22/17 H Columbus Centennial
1/5/18 H Genoa Christian
1/12/18 H Columbus Whetstone
1/16/18 A Columbus Linden-McKinley
1/19/18 A Columbus Northland
1/23/18 H Columbus East
1/26/18 A Columbus Mifflin
1/30/18 H Columbus Centennial
2/2/18 H Columbus Beechcroft
2/6/18 A Columbus Whetstone
2/9/18 H Columbus Linden-McKinley
2/15/18 A Madison Christian

12/5/17 H Ashtabula Edgewood
12/12/17 A North East (PA)
12/15/17 H Seneca (PA)
12/19/17 Titusville (PA)
12/22/17 Girard (PA)
12/30/17 A Ashtabula St John
1/3/18 A Erie First Christian (PA)
1/5/18 A Fairview (PA)
1/12/18 A Mercyhurst Prep (PA)
1/16/18 H Northwestern (PA)
1/18/18 H North East (PA)
1/20/18 A Seneca (PA)
1/23/18 H Titusville (PA)
1/25/18 H Ashtabula St John
1/26/18 A Girard (PA)
1/30/18 H Erie First Christian (PA)
2/2/18 H Fairview (PA)
2/6/18 A Grand Valley
2/9/18 H Mercyhurst Prep (PA)
2/13/18 A Northwestern (PA)
2/17/18 A Pymatuning Valley
2/20/18 H Fairport Harding

New Lebanon Dixie
12/1/17 N National Trail (Twin Valley South Tip-Off)
12/2/17 N TBA (Twin Valley South Tip-Off)
12/8/17 A Waynesville
12/9/17 A Brookville
12/12/17 H Dayton Northridge
12/15/17 H Preble Shawnee
12/16/17 A Dayton Christian
12/22/17 A Dayton Oakwood
12/29/17 A National Trail
1/5/18 A Middletown Madison
1/6/18 A Arcanum
1/9/18 H Milton-Union
1/12/18 H Carlisle
1/19/18 A Dayton Northridge
1/23/18 A Preble Shawnee
1/26/18 H Middletown Madison
1/30/18 H Newton Local
2/2/18 A Milton-Union
2/3/18 H Franklin-Monroe
2/6/18 A Carlisle
2/10/18 H Tri-County North
2/16/18 H Waynesville

Beaver Eastern
12/1/17 A Oak Hill
12/5/17 H Symmes Valley
12/8/17 A Sciotoville East
12/9/17 N Columbus Africentric (Buckeye Elite National Showcase)
12/12/17 A Franklin Furnace Green
12/15/17 H Latham Western
12/19/17 A Portsmouth Notre Dame
12/22/17 A New Boston Glenwood
12/29/17 N Piketon (Pike County Holiday Classic)
12/30/17 N TBA (Pike County Holiday Classic)
1/2/18 H Ripley
1/5/18 H Portsmouth Clay
1/9/18 A Symmes Valley
1/12/18 H Sciotoville East
1/16/18 H Lucasville Valley
1/19/18 H Franklin Furnace Green
1/20/18 N Peebles (Dave Young Classic)
1/26/18 A Latham Western
2/2/18 H Portsmouth Notre Dame
2/9/18 H New Boston Glenwood
2/13/18 H Minford
2/16/18 A Portsmouth Clay

Reedsville Eastern
12/1/17 A Cheshire River Valley
12/8/17 H Trimble
12/15/17 A Waterford
12/19/17 H South Gallia
12/22/17 A Corning Miller
12/29/17 H Franklin Furnace Green
1/3/18 H Nelsonville-York
1/5/18 H Racine Southern
1/9/18 A Wahama (WV)
1/12/18 A Belpre
1/13/18 H Meigs
1/16/18 H Federal Hocking
1/19/18 A Trimble
1/23/18 A Point Pleasant (WV)
1/26/18 H Waterford
1/30/18 A South Gallia
2/2/18 H Corning Miller
2/3/18 H Ohio Valley Christian
2/6/18 H Wahama (WV)
2/9/18 A Racine Southern
2/13/18 A Federal Hocking
2/16/18 H Belpre

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** Added **

Richmond Edison
12/5/17 A Sandy Valley
12/8/17 A Beaver Local
12/12/17 H East Liverpool
12/15/17 A Buckeye Local
12/19/17 H Indian Creek
12/22/17 A Caldwell
12/28/17 H Weir (WV)
1/5/18 H Steubenville Catholic Central
1/6/18 H Caldwell
1/9/18 H Beaver Local
1/12/18 A East Liverpool
1/16/18 H Buckeye Local
1/19/18 A Indian Creek
1/23/18 A Steubenville Catholic Central
1/26/18 A Harrison Central
1/30/18 H Carrollton
2/1/18 H Toronto
2/3/18 N Buckeye 8 Showcase
2/6/18 A Weir (WV)
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship
2/20/18 H Steubenville

Emmanuel Christian
12/1/17 H Cedarville
12/4/17 H Springfield Northeastern
12/8/17 A Miami Valley School
12/12/17 H Troy Christian
12/15/17 H Middletown Christian
12/19/17 A Yellow Springs
12/29/17 A Springfield Northwestern
1/5/18 H Legacy Christian
1/9/18 H Dayton Jefferson
1/13/18 H Springfield Catholic Central
1/16/18 A Dayton Christian
1/19/18 H Miami Valley School
1/22/18 A Troy Christian
1/26/18 A Middletown Christian
1/30/18 H East Dayton Christian
2/2/18 A Legacy Christian
2/3/18 A South Charleston Southeastern
2/6/18 A Yellow Springs
2/9/18 A Dayton Jefferson
2/12/18 A East Dayton Christian
2/13/18 H Greenon
2/16/18 H Dayton Christian

Fairport Harding
12/5/17 H Painesville Harvey
12/8/17 H Ashtabula St John
12/12/17 A Cuyahoga Hts
12/15/17 H Burton Berkshire
12/19/17 A Richmond Hts
12/22/17 H Middlefield Cardinal
12/27/17 A Newbury
1/3/18 A Gates Mills Hawken
1/5/18 A Independence
1/9/18 A Kirtland
1/12/18 H Cuyahoga Hts
1/13/18 H Southington Chalker
1/16/18 A Burton Berkshire
1/19/18 H Richmond Hts
1/23/18 A Middlefield Cardinal
1/26/18 A Gates Mills Hawken
1/30/18 H Independence
2/2/18 H Kirtland
2/6/18 A Geneva
2/9/18 A Ashtabula St John
2/16/18 H Mentor Christian
2/20/18 A Conneaut

Federal Hocking
12/5/17 A Albany Alexander
12/8/17 H Pomeroy Meigs
12/12/17 A South Gallia
12/15/17 H Racine Southern
12/19/17 A Waterford
12/22/17 A Belpre
12/30/17 H Berne Union
1/5/18 H Wahama (WV)
1/6/18 H Nelsonville-York
1/9/18 H Glouster Trimble
1/10/18 A Amanda Clearcreek
1/12/18 A Athens
1/16/18 A Reedsville Eastern
1/19/18 A Corning Miller
1/23/18 H South Gallia
1/26/18 A Racine Southern
1/27/18 A Wellston
1/30/18 H Waterford
2/2/18 A Belpre
2/6/18 A Glouster Trimble
2/9/18 H Wahama (WV)
2/13/18 H Reedsville Eastern

New Boston Glenwood
12/1/17 A McDermott Northwest
12/5/17 H Latham Western
12/8/17 A Symmes Valley
12/12/17 H Sciotoville East
12/15/17 A Portsmouth Clay
12/16/17 A Mowrystown Whiteoak
12/19/17 H Franklin Furnace Green
12/22/17 H Beaver Eastern
12/30/17 H South Webster
1/5/18 A Portsmouth Notre Dame
1/6/18 A Peebles
1/9/18 A Latham Western
1/12/18 H Symmes Valley
1/19/18 A Sciotoville East
1/23/18 H Ironton St Joseph
1/26/18 H Portsmouth Clay
2/2/18 A Franklin Furnace Green
2/3/18 A Ironton St Joseph
2/6/18 H Portsmouth West
2/9/18 A Beaver Eastern
2/13/18 H West Union
2/16/18 H Portsmouth Notre Dame

Franklin Furnace Green
12/2/17 H Ironton Rock Hill
12/5/17 A Portsmouth Notre Dame
12/8/17 A Portsmouth Clay
12/9/17 H Ironton St Joseph
12/12/17 H Beaver Eastern
12/15/17 A Sciotoville East
12/16/17 A Manchester
12/19/17 A New Boston Glenwood
12/22/17 H Latham Western
12/29/17 A Reedsville Eastern
12/30/17 H South Gallia
1/5/18 A Symmes Valley
1/9/18 H Portsmouth Notre Dame
1/12/18 H Portsmouth Clay
1/16/18 H South Webster
1/19/18 A Beaver Eastern
1/20/18 A Ironton St Joseph
1/26/18 H Sciotoville East
1/27/18 H Carter Christian (KY)
2/2/18 H New Boston Glenwood
2/9/18 A Latham Western
2/16/18 H Symmes Valley

Jamestown Greeneview
12/2/17 A Springfield Northwestern
12/8/17 H South Charleston Southeastern
12/9/17 A East Clinton
12/12/17 A Springfield Catholic Central
12/15/17 H Greenon
12/19/17 H Madison Plains
12/22/17 A Cedarville
12/28/17 N London (McDonalds Holiday Tournament)
12/30/17 N TBA (McDonalds Holiday Tournament)
1/5/18 H West Jefferson
1/6/18 H Springfield Kenton Ridge
1/9/18 A North Lewisburg Triad
1/12/18 H West Liberty-Salem
1/16/18 A Springfield Northeastern
1/19/18 A Milford Center Fairbanks
1/23/18 H Mechanicsburg
1/26/18 A South Charleston Southeastern
2/2/18 H Springfield Catholic Central
2/3/18 H Anna
2/6/18 A Greenon
2/9/18 A Madison Plains
2/16/18 H Cedarville

Harrison Central
12/1/17 H Steubenville Catholic Central
12/5/17 A Claymont
12/8/17 H Union Local
12/15/17 A Bellaire
12/19/17 H Martins Ferry
12/23/17 H Barnesville
12/29/17 A Indian Creek
1/5/18 A St Clairsville
1/6/18 A Brooke (WV)
1/9/18 A Union Local
1/16/18 H Bellaire
1/19/18 A Martins Ferry
1/23/18 H St Clairsville
1/26/18 H Richmond Edison
1/30/18 A Beaver Local
2/1/18 H Buckeye Local
2/3/18 N Buckeye 8 Showcase
2/6/18 A East Liverpool
2/9/18 H Indian Creek
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship
2/23/18 H Garaway

Painesville Harvey
12/5/17 A Fairport Harding
12/8/17 A Wickliffe
12/12/17 A Geneva
12/15/17 H Beachwood
12/22/17 H Chagrin Falls
12/23/17 H Painesville Riverside
12/29/17 TBA (Newark Holiday Tournament)
12/30/17 TBA (Newark Holiday Tournament)
1/4/18 H Orange
1/5/18 A Perry (Lake County)
1/9/18 A West Geauga
1/12/18 H Geneva
1/19/18 H Wickliffe
1/20/18 H Gilmour Academy
1/23/18 A Chagrin Falls
1/26/18 A Orange
2/2/18 H West Geauga
2/9/18 H Perry (Lake County)
2/16/18 A Beachwood
2/17/18 A Painesville Riverside
2/23/18 A Independence

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** Added**

Gates Mills Hawken
12/1/17 N Vermilion (Liberty Ford Tip-Off)
12/2/17 N TBA (Liberty Ford Tio-Off)
12/5/17 A Chagrin Falls
12/8/17 A University School
12/12/17 A Middlefield Cardinal
12/15/17 H Cuyahoga Hts
12/19/17 A Kirtland
12/22/17 H Richmond Hts
1/3/18 A Fairport Harding
1/5/18 A Burton Berkshire
1/9/18 H Independence
1/12/18 H Middlefield Cardinal
1/13/18 H Chardon
1/16/18 A Cuyahoga Hts
1/19/18 H Kirtland
1/23/18 A Richmond Hts
1/26/18 A Fairport Harding
1/30/18 H Burton Berkshire
2/2/18 A Independence
2/9/18 A West Geauga
2/10/18 A Gilmour Academy
2/17/18 H Western Reserve Academy

Wintersville Indian Creek
12/1/17 A St Clairsville
12/5/17 H Brooke (WV)
12/8/17 A East Liverpool
12/12/17 H Buckeye Local
12/15/17 N Weir (WV)
12/19/17 A Richmond Edison
12/22/17 H Martins Ferry
12/29/17 H Harrison Central
1/2/18 H East Liverpool
1/5/18 H Beaver Local
1/12/18 A Buckeye Local
1/16/18 A Carrollton
1/19/18 H Richmond Edison
1/23/18 A Beaver Local
1/26/18 H Weir (WV)
1/30/18 H Steubenville
2/3/18 N Buckeye 8 Showcase
2/6/18 A Martins Ferry
2/9/18 A Harrison Central
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship
2/20/18 H St Clairsville

Jefferson Area
12/1/17 H Newton Falls
12/5/17 H Ashtabula Lakeside
12/8/17 A Ashtabula Edgewood
12/12/17 H Struthers
12/15/17 A Girard
12/19/17 A Poland Seminary
12/21/17 N TBA (Berkshire Holiday Tournament)
12/22/17 N TBA (Berkshire Holiday Tournament)
1/5/18 A Cortland Lakeview
1/6/18 H Grand Valley
1/9/18 A Niles McKinley
1/12/18 H Hubbard
1/13/18 A Ashtabula St John
1/19/18 H Ashtabula Edgewood
1/23/18 A Struthers
1/26/18 A Warren Howland
1/30/18 H Poland Seminary
2/2/18 H Cortland Lakeview
2/6/18 H Niles McKinley
2/9/18 A Hubbard
2/10/18 H Kirtland
2/13/18 A Warren Champion

Dayton Jefferson
12/5/17 H Dayton Ponitz
12/8/17 A Troy Christian
12/12/17 H Middletown Christian
12/15/17 H Legacy Christian
12/16/17 H Riverview East Academy
12/19/17 H Dayton Christian
12/22/17 H Brookville
12/29/17 N TBA (Tri-Village Patriot Holiday Classic)
12/30/17 N TBA (Tri-Village Patriot Holiday Classic)
1/5/18 A Miami Valley School
1/9/18 A Emmanuel Christian
1/12/18 H Yellow Springs
1/19/18 H Troy Christian
1/20/18 A Riverview East Academy
1/23/18 A Middletown Christian
1/26/18 A Legacy Christian
1/27/18 H Dayton Stivers
2/2/18 H Miami Valley School
2/6/18 A Dayton Christian
2/9/18 H Emmanuel Christian
2/16/18 A Yellow Springs

Lake Ridge Academy
11/30/17 H St Thomas Aquinas
12/2/17 N Open Door Christian (Quicken Loans Arena)
12/5/17 A Grand River
12/8/17 H St Martin de Porres
12/16/17 H Hearts for Jesus
1/4/18 H Lawrence School
1/5/18 H Elyria First Baptist
1/8/18 H Community Christian
1/9/18 H Andrews Osrborne Academy
1/16/18 H Grand River
1/19/18 A St Martin de Porres
1/20/18 A Elyria First Baptist
1/23/18 A Cleveland Horizon Science
1/25/18 A Andrews Osborne Academy
1/30/18 N Northeast Ohio College Prep
2/1/18 H Cleveland Horizon Science
2/2/18 H Northeat Ohio College Prep
2/6/18 H Open Door Christian
2/10/18 H Mansfield Temple Christian

Legacy Christian
12/1/17 H New Madison Tri-Village
12/2/17 H Cedarville
12/5/17 A Miami Valley School
12/8/17 H Dayton Christian
12/12/17 H Yellow Springs
12/15/17 A Dayton Jefferson
12/16/17 A Newton Local
12/19/17 A Dayton Stivers
12/21/17 H Middletown Christian
12/29/17 A Springfield Northeastern
1/5/18 A Emmanuel Christian
1/6/18 H Tipp City Bethel
1/9/18 H Troy Christian
1/16/18 A Carlisle
1/19/18 A Dayton Christian
1/23/18 A Yellow Springs
1/26/18 H Dayton Jefferson
2/2/18 H Emmanuel Christian
2/6/18 A Middletown Christian
2/9/18 A Troy Christian
2/13/18 H South Charleston Southeastern
2/16/18 H Miami Valley School

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** Added**

Youngstown Liberty
12/1/17 H Poland Seminary
12/5/17 A Warren Howland
12/8/17 A Brookfield
12/12/17 H Leavittsburg LaBrae
12/15/17 A Newton Falls
12/19/17 H Warren Champion
12/22/17 H Cortland Lakeview
12/27/17 H Vienna Mathews
1/5/18 H Campbell Memorial
1/9/18 H Girard
1/12/18 H Niles McKinley
1/19/18 H Brookfield
1/23/18 A Leavittsburg LaBrae
1/26/18 H Newton Falls
1/30/18 A Warren Champion
2/2/18 A Campbell Memorial
2/6/18 A Girard
2/9/18 A Canfield South Range
2/13/18 A Struthers
2/16/18 A Pymatuning Valley
2/20/18 H Bristolville Bristol
2/23/18 A Columbiana Crestview

12/5/17 A Geneva
12/8/17 A Chagrin Falls Kenston
12/12/17 H Mayfield
12/15/17 H Eastlake North
12/22/17 A Lyndhurst Brush
12/29/18 A Cleveland John Adams
1/5/18 H Willoughby South
1/6/18 A Ashtabula Lakeside
1/9/18 A Burton Berkshire
1/10/18 H Cleveland Max Hayes
1/12/18 A Painesville Riverside
1/13/18 H St Martin de Porres
1/19/18 H Chardon
1/26/18 A Mayfield
1/30/18 H Chagrin Falls Kenston
2/2/18 A Eastlake North
2/6/18 H Lyndhurst Brush
2/9/18 A Willoughby South
2/13/18 H Painesville Riverside
2/16/18 A Chardon
2/20/18 A Cleveland Collinwood
2/23/18 H Perry (Lake County)

12/1/17 H Leesburg Fairfield
12/8/17 H Fayetteville-Perry
12/9/17 H Portsmouth Clay
12/12/17 A Eastern Brown
12/15/17 H Lynchburg-Clay
12/16/17 H Franklin Furnace Green
12/19/17 A Ripley
12/22/17 A Fayetteville-Perry
12/29/17 N West Union (McDonalds Classic)
12/30/17 N TBA (McDonalds Classic)
1/5/18 H Mowrystown Whiteoak
1/6/18 H Latham Western
1/12/18 A Leesburg Fairfield
1/13/18 H Sciotoville East
1/19/18 A Peebles
1/20/18 N TBA (Dave Young Classic)
1/23/18 A Mowrystown Whiteoak
1/26/18 H Peebles
2/2/18 A Felicity-Franklin
2/3/18 A Piketon
2/6/18 H North Adams
2/13/18 A Portsmouth West

Miami Valley School
12/1/17 A Franklin
12/4/17 A Dayton Stivers
12/5/17 H Legacy Christian
12/8/17 H Emmanuel Christian
12/12/17 A Dayton Christian
12/15/17 A Yellow Springs
12/16/17 A Bradford
12/18/17 H Troy Christian
12/28/17 N TBA (Brian Cook Classic)
12/29/17 N TBA (Brian Cook Classic)
1/2/18 A Dayton Oakwood
1/5/18 H Dayton Jefferson
1/9/18 A Middletown Christian
1/19/18 A Emmanuel Christian
1/20/18 H Waynesville
1/23/18 H Dayton Christian
1/26/18 H Yellow Springs
1/30/18 A Troy Christian
2/2/18 A Dayton Jefferson
2/9/18 H Middletown Christian
2/10/18 H Hamilton Ross
2/16/18 A Legacy Christian

Middletown Christian
12/1/17 A Bradford
12/8/17 H Yellow Springs
12/9/17 A Carlisle
12/12/17 A Dayton Jefferson
12/15/17 A Emmanuel Christian
12/16/17 H Fayetteville-Perry
12/21/17 A Legacy Christian
1/2/18 H Cincinnati Oyler
1/5/18 H Dayton Christian
1/9/18 H Miami Valley School
1/12/18 A Troy Christian
1/16/18 H Cincinnati Trailblazers
1/19/18 A Yellow Springs
1/20/18 A East Dayton Christian
1/23/18 H Dayton Jefferson
1/26/28 H Emmanuel Christian
1/30/18 H Middletown Madison
2/2/18 A Dayton Christian
2/6/18 H Legacy Christian
2/9/18 A Miami Valley School
2/13/18 H St Bernard Elmwood Place
2/16/18 H Troy Christian

Grafton Midview
12/1/17 H Columbia Station Columbia (DiFranco Tournament)
12/2/17 H TBA (DiFranco Tournament)
12/8/17 H North Ridgeville
12/12/17 H North Olmsted
12/15/17 H Amherst Steele
12/19/17 A Avon
12/23/17 A Elyria
1/5/18 A Berea-Midpark
1/9/18 H Westlake
1/12/18 H Olmsted Falls
1/13/18 A Parma Hts Valley Forge
1/16/18 A Lakewood
1/19/18 A Avon Lake
1/23/18 A North Ridgeville
1/26/18 A North Olmsted
1/30/18 A Amherst Steele
2/2/18 H Avon
2/6/18 H Berea-Midpark
2/9/18 A Westlake
2/13/18 A Olmsted Falls
2/16/18 H Lakewood
2/23/18 H Avon Lake

Corning Miller
12/5/17 A Wellston
12/8/17 A Stewart Federal Hocking
12/12/17 H Waterford
12/19/17 A Racine Southern
12/22/17 H Reedsville Eastern
12/23/17 A Crooksville
12/29/17 H New Lexington
12/30/17 H Nelsonville York
1/5/18 A Glouster Trimble
1/9/18 H Belpre
1/12/18 H Crown City South Gallia
1/13/18 A Tree of Life Christian
1/19/18 H Stewart Federal Hocking
1/26/18 H Wahama (WV)
1/27/18 A Nelsonville York
1/30/18 H Racine Southern
2/2/18 A Reedsville Eastern
2/6/18 A Belpre
2/9/18 H Glouster Trimble
2/16/18 A Crown City South Gallia

Woodsfield Monroe Central
11/30/17 A Bellaire
12/1/17 H Bridgeport
12/5/17 H Magnolia (WV)
12/8/17 A Hannibal River
12/12/17 H Sarahsville Shenandoah
12/15/17 H Barnesville
12/16/17 A New Matamoras Frontier
12/19/17 H Caldwell
12/22/17 H Beverly Fort Frye
12/29/17 A Bridgeport
1/2/18 H Shadyside
1/9/18 H New Matamoras Frontier
1/12/18 A Shadyside
1/16/18 A Sarahsville Shenandoah
1/23/18 A Barnesville
1/26/18 H Bellaire
1/27/18 N Paden City (WV)
2/2/18 A Beverly Fort Frye
2/6/18 H Hannibal River
2/9/18 A Caldwell
2/13/18 OVAC Playoff
2/16/18 OVAC Consolation
2/17/18 OVAC Championship

New Paris National Trail
12/1/17 N New Lebanon Dixie (Twin Valley South Tip-Off)
12/2/17 N TBA (Twin Valley South Tip-Off)
12/8/17 H Arcanum
12/9/17 A Camden Preble Shawnee
12/15/17 A West Alexandria Twin Valley South
12/16/17 H Centerville (IN)
12/19/17 H Lewisburg Tri-County North
12/22/17 H Middletown Madison
12/29/17 H New Lebanon Dixie
1/2/18 A Seton Catholic (IN)
1/5/18 A Casstown Miami East
1/9/18 H Covington
1/12/18 A Tipp City Bethel
1/13/18 H Brookville
1/19/18 H Ansonia
1/20/18 A Burris Laboratory School (IN)
1/26/18 A New Madison Tri-Village
2/2/18 H Newton Local
2/3/18 A Lewisburg Tri-County North
2/6/18 A Union City Mississinawa Valley
2/9/18 H Franklin-Monroe
2/16/18 A Bradford

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** Added**

Newton Local
12/2/17 A Sidney Lehman Catholic
12/5/17 A Russia
12/8/17 H Ansonia
12/12/17 H Covington
12/15/17 A New Madison Tri-Village
12/16/17 H Legacy Christian
12/19/17 A West Milton Milton-Union
12/22/17 H Union City Mississinawa Valley
1/5/18 H Franklin-Monroe
1/6/18 H Botkins
1/9/18 A Bradford
1/12/18 H Arcanum
1/13/18 H Houston
1/19/18 West Alexandria Twin Valley South
1/20/18 A Sidney Fairlawn
1/26/18 H Lewisburg Tri-County North
1/30/18 A New Lebanon Dixie
2/2/18 A New Paris National Trail
2/6/18 H Casstown Miami East
2/9/18 A Covington
2/10/18 H Bradford
2/16/18 A Tipp City Bethel

12/1/17 H Windham
12/5/17 A Burton Berkshire
12/8/17 A Bristolville Bristol
12/12/17 A Fuchs Mizrachi
12/16/17 A Lordstown
12/19/17 H Pymatuning Valley
12/27/17 H Fairport Harding
12/29/17 A Bloomfield
1/2/18 H Orwell Grand Valley
1/5/18 H Southington Chalker
1/9/18 A Vienna Mathews
1/12/18 A Windham
1/19/18 H Bristolville Bristol
1/24/18 H Kinsman Badger
1/26/18 H Lordstown
1/30/18 H Cortland Maplewood
2/2/18 A Southington Chalker
2/6/18 H Bloomfield
2/13/18 A Open Door Christian
2/16/18 H Ashtabula St John
2/20/18 H Middlefield Cardinal
2/23/18 N NEC Showcase

North Olmsted
12/1/17 A North Royalton
12/5/17 A Fairview Park Fairview
12/8/17 H Avon Lake
12/12/17 A Grafton Midview
12/15/17 H Avon
12/19/17 H Westlake
12/29/17 H Parma Hts Valley Forge
1/5/18 A Lakewood
1/9/18 H North Ridgeville
1/12/18 H Amherst Steele
1/16/18 H Berea-Midpark
1/19/18 A Olmsted Falls
1/23/18 A Avon Lake
1/26/18 H Grafton Midview
1/30/18 A Avon
2/2/18 A Westlake
2/6/18 H Lakewood
2/9/18 A North Ridgeville
2/13/18 A Amherst Steele
2/16/18 A Berea-Midpark
2/20/18 H Medina Buckeye
2/23/18 H Olmsted Falls

North Ridgeville
12/1/17 N TBA (Liberty Ford Tip-Off)
12/2/17 N TBA (Liberty Ford Tip-Off)
12/8/17 A Grafton Midview
12/12/17 A Amherst Steele
12/15/17 H Berea-Midpark
12/19/17 A Olmsted Falls
12/22/17 H Parma
12/29/17 A Sheffield Brookside
1/5/18 H Avon Lake
12/9/18 A North Olmsted
1/12/18 A Avon
1/16/18 N Westlake
1/19/18 H Lakewood
1/23/18 H Grafton Midview
1/26/18 H Amherst Steele
1/30/18 A Berea-Midpark
2/2/18 H Olmsted Falls
2/6/18 A Avon Lake
2/9/18 H North Olmsted
2/13/18 H Avon
2/16/18 A Westlake
2/23/18 A Lakewood

Springfield Northeastern
12/4/17 A Emmanuel Christian
12/8/17 H Mechanicsburg
12/12/17 A West Liberty-Salem
12/15/17 H West Jefferson
12/19/17 H North Lewisburg Triad
12/22/17 A Milford Center Fairbanks
12/23/17 H Springfield Kenton Ridge
12/29/17 H Legacy Christian
1/3/18 H Urbana
1/5/18 A South Charleston Southeastern
1/9/18 H Cedarville
1/12/18 A Springfield Catholic Central
1/16/18 H Jamestown Greeneview
1/19/18 H London Madison Plains
1/23/18 A Greenon
1/26/18 A Mechanicsburg
1/30/18 H Yellow Springs
2/2/18 H West Liberty-Salem
2/6/18 A West Jefferson
2/9/18 A North Lewisburg Triad
2/13/18 A Springfield Northwestern
2/16/18 H Milford Center Fairbanks

Cincinnati Northwest
12/2/17 A Hamilton
12/5/17 H Fairfield
12/8/17 H Trenton Edgewood
12/12/17 A Cincinnati Woodward
12/16/17 A Cincinnati Wyoming
12/19/17 A Cincinnati Colerain
12/22/17 H Morrow Little Miami
12/29/17 A Hamilton Ross
1/5/18 H Cincinnati Mt Healthy
1/6/18 A Oxford Talawanda
1/12/18 H Harrison
1/13/18 A Trenton Edgewood
1/16/18 A Cincinnati Winton Woods
1/20/18 A Cincinnati Taft
1/26/18 A Morrow Little Miami
1/30/18 H Loveland
2/2/18 H Hamilton Ross
2/3/18 A Cincinnati Mt Healthy
2/6/18 H Hamilton Badin
2/9/18 H Oxford Talawanda
2/13/18 Cincinnati Indian Hill
2/16/18 A Harrison

Springfield Northwestern
12/1/17 A Casstown Miami East
12/2/17 H Jamestown Greeneview
12/8/17 H Springfield Shawnee
12/15/17 A Bellefontaine
12/22/17 H Plain City Jonathan Alder
12/26/17 A Springfield Catholic Central
12/29/17 H Emmanuel Christian
1/2/18 H Yellow Springs
1/5/18 H Lewiston Indian Lake
1/9/18 A St Paris Graham
1/12/18 A Bellefontaine Bejamin Logan
1/19/18 A Urbana
1/26/18 H St Paris Graham
1/30/18 H New Carlisle Tecumseh
2/2/18 H Bellefontaine Benjamin Logan
2/6/18 A Springfield Kenton Ridge
2/9/18 H Urbana
2/10/18 A Fort Recovery
2/13/18 H Springfield Northeastern
2/16/18 A Lewiston Indian Lake

Portsmouth Notre Dame
12/5/17 H Franklin Furnace Green
12/8/17 A Latham Western
12/12/17 H Portsmouth Clay
12/15/17 A Willow Wood Symmes Valley
12/16/17 A South Webster
12/19/17 H Beaver Eastern
12/22/17 A Sciotoville East
1/5/18 H New Boston Glenwood
1/6/18 A Mowrystown Whiteoak
1/9/18 A Franklin Furnace Green
1/12/18 H Latham Western
1/16/18 H Raceland (KY)
1/19/18 A Portsmouth Clay
1/26/18 H Willow Wood Symmes Valley
1/30/18 A Seaman North Adams
2/2/18 A Beaver Eastern
2/6/18 H Ironton St Joseph
2/9/18 H Sciotoville East
2/13/18 H Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant
2/16/18 A New Boston Glenwood

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** Added **

Oak Hill
12/1/17 H Beaver Eastern
12/5/17 H Waverly
12/8/17 A Lucasville Valley
12/9/17 N Point Pleasant (WV)
12/12/17 A Wheelersburg
12/15/17 H Minford
12/19/17 A Portsmouth West
12/22/17 H South Webster
12/29/17 A Albany Alexander
1/2/18 H Ironton Rock Hill
1/5/18 A McDermott Northwest
1/9/18 A Waverly
1/12/18 H Lucasville Valley
1/14/18 N Warren JFK (Mercy Medical Classic)
1/16/18 A Wellston
1/19/18 H Wheelersburg
1/26/18 A Minford
1/30/18 H Cheshire River Valley
2/2/18 H Portsmouth West
2/3/18 A Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant
2/9/18 A South Webster
2/16/18 H McDermott Northwest
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