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Old 10-24-17, 02:12 PM
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Hoover D-1 District Rankings (Off Season #5)

The latest news is that it will be the Brecksville Sectional switching with Willoughby South rather than the Wadsworth Sectional. This may be a better option for achieving a little more equality between the two districts. No matter what, there’s bound to be one district that winds up being better than the other.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

I started moving wrestlers up and down from their previous year’s weights. The new weights are partially based off of where they’ve been wrestling in the off season, though a lot of it is pure guesswork at this time.
Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

I’ve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if I’m forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Marlon Yarbrough- Copley (2x 1st middle school state)
2. Mikey Lewarchick- Wadsworth (2nd middle school state)
3. Nick Sabin- Mentor (5th district)
4. Jake Williams- Mass. Perry
5. Craig Schramm- Ellet
6. Ricky DiTuro- Twinsburg
7. Nick Jennings- Massillon
8. Luke Haymaker- Mass. Jackson

Williams posted a few big wins at the Grappler Fall Classic, beating D-3 state finalist Wyatt Riddle 5-1 and district champ Gavin Ritter 4-0. I’m not sure if he’ll stay at 113 or drop to this weight. He may deserve to be ranked higher, although Sabin also beat Riddle last season.

1. Jake Canitano- Solon (5th state 2016)
2. Gavin Sampsel- Mass. Perry*
3. Landen Hacker-Wadsworth (3rd middle school state)
4. Derek Fields- Brunswick (7th middle school state)
5. Michael Kelly-Barberton
6. Hunter Helminiak- Fitch (6th district)
7. Josue Tucker- McKinley
8. Derek Slipkovich- Boardman

Canitano wrestled 120 at the Grappler Fall Classic. I’m guessing that he makes his way down to 113 based off of Solon’s historical ability to cut weight, although, that’s purely speculation.

I want to be the optimist and assume that Sampsel will make a return at some point this season, but I don’t know enough about the situation at the present time.

1. Logan Heil- Brunswick (3rd state)
2. Joey Hirsch- Solon (SQ)
3. Jaivon Jones- Shaker Hts. (5th district)
4. Kyren Butler- Copley (3rd middle school state)
5. Zachary Evans- Hoover (6th middle school state)
6. Kolbie Lange- Barberton
7. Peyton Roth- Kenston
8. Jimmy Bostic- Mass. Jackson

Heil is still registered for Super 32 at 120, so I’m keeping him at the weight for the time being. He posted a 9-0 win over Hirsch at the Grappler Fall Classic.

1. Gus Sutton- Fitch (6th state)
2. Kyle Gruber- Mass. Perry (SQ)
3. Nick Nastasi- Kenston (SQ)
4. Caleb Graber- Green
5. Jared Dressler- Medina (5th district, SQ 2016)
6. Tommy Ungrady – Mayfield (5th middle school state)
7. Logan Messer- Wadsworth (5th middle school state)
8. Trysten Zahoransky- Solon

I’m glad to see that Nastasi hit a growth spurt. He looked tough but undersized at 106 last year, so I’m excited to see what he can do now that he’s filling in.

1. Matt Fields- Brunswick (1st, 2nd state)
2. Mitch Collica- Nordonia
3. Tyler Kaminski- Green
4. Jeff Brichford- Madison (5th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Caleb Schramm- Ellet (5th district, 6th district 2016)
6. Cameron Riggenbaugh- Wadsworth
7. Dietrich Boysel- Hudson (5th district 2015)
8. Nate DeBoe- Mentor (5th district)

Last season as a reserve, Riggenbaugh defeated state qualifier Blake Evans, state alternate Derek Unkefer, and district placer Tommy Masteller. I assume that he’ll work his way into the line-up this season, though I don’t know if it’ll be around 132-138 or up around 152-160.

1. Luke Baughman- Wadsworth (4th state)
2. Ronnie Rowan- Firestone (6th district 2016)*
3. Alec Bailey- Green (SQ 2016)
4. Ian Senz- Medina
5. Alex French- Riverside (6th district 2016)
6. Jonah Wakser- Hoover
7. Greg McKee- Highland (5th middle school state)
8. Dominic Vinas- Mass. Perry (7th middle school state)

Baughman changed his Super 32 registration to 132 before eventually moving back to 138. I’m not sure if he has any plans to make the move back down to 132 this season, or if was just an error in the registration.

1. Mitchell North – Wadsworth (3rd state)
2. Ryan Wissel- Medina (SQ)
3. Darese Sparkman- Mass. Perry
4. Antwon Holloway- Maple Hts.
5. Brady Linder- Highland
6. Joey Hersh- Madison*
7. Kris Jones- Twinsburg
8. John Fleet- Boardman

1. Alex Farenchak- Riverside (SQ)
2. Will Schmidt- Walsh Jesuit
3. Tyler Wissel- Medina
4. Christian Marinozzi- Mentor (6th district)
5. Osiris Khalfani- Copley*
6. Trevion Ross- Maple Hts.
7. Dylan Sosnowsky- Kenston
8. Cameron Fitsimmons- Barberton

1. David Carr- Mass. Perry (1st, 1st, 1st state)
2. Michael Ferree– Fitch (SQ)
3. Alex Cefaratti- Twinsburg
4. Jonathan List – Medina (6th middle school state)
5. Mason Coleman- Hudson
6. Billy Fleming- Mayfield
7. Mikail Compton- Glen Oak
8. Jarah Driggs- McKinley

List is registered for Super 32 at 152, though so is his teammate Tyler Wissel. I assume that one will be bumped up here to 160, though it’s possible that the Wissels cut to 138 and 145, and Senz winds up at 132 or 160.

1. Emil Soehnlen- Mass. Perry (1st state)
2. Brady Chrisman- Medina (5th state)
3. Luke Reicosky- Hoover (7th state)
4. Zenik Vovk- Mass. Jackson (6th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Joe Koplow- Kenston (6th district)
6. Mason McMillen- Wadsworth
7. Andrew Stehura- Fitch
8. Aidan Corrigan – Twinsburg (3rd middle school state)

1. Joey Baughman- Wadsworth (2nd, 2nd, 5th state)
2. Victor Marcelli- Mass. Jackson (6th, 3rd state)
3. Gary Wokojance- Barberton (6th state)
4. Michael O’Horo- Boardman
5. Dominic Shelley- Mentor (6th district 2016)
6. Jack Murphy- Dover
7. Paul Zentiska- Barberton
8. Sean-Michael James- Lake

1. Zack Blackiston- Mass. Perry (8th, 8th state)
2. Chris Suarez- Wadsworth
3. Dayton Robin- Dover
4. Breylon Douglas- Fitch
5. Tyler Tolarchyk- Mass. Jackson
6. Romaine Meinhard- Shaker Hts.
7. Spencer Loftus- Lakeside
8. Anthony Fornaro- Mayfield

The departure of St. Ignatius from this district thins out the middle to upper-weights a bit. State qualifiers Drobnick and Gill return for the Wildcats at 195 and 220, but will now be at Perrysburg, as will district placer Najee Lockett.

1. Clay McComas- Wadsworth (5th district, SQ 2016)
2. Ben Smith- Hoover (5th district 2016)
3. Adam Luster- Mass. Perry (SQ)
4. Parker Meaney- Lakeside (SQ)
5. Daniel Tilley- Firestone
6. Caleb Puchajda- Cuyahoga Falls
7. Riley Warner- Dover
8. Kenneth Koah- McKinley

This 220 weight runs about 10-12 deep with tough competitors. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brock Kimble or Marco Tramontano place at the district tournament at the end of the year.

1. Jordan Earnest- Wadsworth (4th state)
2. Michael Mather- Lake (5th district)
3. Tyler Petrey- Fitch (6th district)
4. Tyjuan Hill- Bedford
5. Luciano Cunningham- Lakeside
6. Max Millen- Mass. Perry
7. William Gallien- Copley
8. Richard Morrocco- Stow

I think the upper two weight classes evened out between the districts with Brecksville moving to Perrysburg and state placer D’Anna expected to move from heavyweight down to 220.
Both weights have quality wrestlers but are not overburdened with returning qualifiers and placers.

1. Wadsworth
2. Massillon Perry
3. Medina
4. Austintown Fitch
5. Brunswick
6. Copley
7. Hoover
8. Massillon Jackson

Wadsworth looks like a pretty substantial favorite at this district. They have very few question marks in the line-up, and they always seem to have depth with quality reserves ready to make an impact when they get their chance. Riggenbaugh could be one of these wrestlers in the coming season. Another name that I’m curious about is Dominic Lopraro. He was 3rd at the middle school state tournament in 2016, and I thought he was heading to Wadsworth, but I didn’t see any results from him last year. Their line-up could be even more potent if he returns and can wrestle around 152-160.

Perry is a strong #2, but they seem to be notably behind Wadsworth, especially if Sampsel is out for the season. However, if young wrestlers like Williams, Luster, and Millen can develop into state placers, they may be able to overtake Wadsworth at the state tournament.

Austintown Fitch and Boardman got hosed by the district board who moved them from the Kenston Sectional to Massillon Perry. Fitch won the Kenston sectional last year, and would have won it again this season had they stayed.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

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