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Old 11-21-13, 04:38 PM
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Go Buckeyes
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Yappi will become famous soon enoughYappi will become famous soon enough
2013-14 SL Boys Varsity Basketball Schedules

11/30/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Wooster			Away	
12/03/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Keystone		Home	
12/06/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Away	
12/10/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Home	
12/13/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Revere (Richfield)	Home	
12/17/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Brooklyn		Away	
12/20/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Highland (Medina)	Away	
12/27/13	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Midview			Away	@ BOB DIFRANCO MEMORIAL HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT (MIDVIEW) 
01/03/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Green (Green)		Away	
01/10/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Copley (Copley)		Home	
01/14/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Buckeye			Away	
01/17/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Away	
01/24/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Home	
01/28/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Away	
01/31/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Revere (Richfield)	Away	
02/04/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Norwayne		Away	
02/07/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Highland (Medina)	Home	
02/11/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Green (Green)		Home	
02/14/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Copley (Copley)		Away	
02/21/14	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Home	
TBD		Cloverleaf (Lodi)
11/29/13	Copley (Copley)		Twinsburg		Home	
11/30/13	Copley (Copley)		Ellet			Away	
12/03/13	Copley (Copley)		Barberton		Away	
12/06/13	Copley (Copley)		Nordonia (Macedonia)	Away	
12/07/13	Copley (Copley)		Firestone		Away	@ THE GREYNOLDS CLASSIC
12/10/13	Copley (Copley)		Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Home	
12/13/13	Copley (Copley)		Green (Green)		Away	
12/20/13	Copley (Copley)		Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Home	
12/21/13	Copley (Copley)		John Adams		Home	
12/28/13	Copley (Copley)		Northwest		Away	
01/03/14	Copley (Copley)		Revere (Richfield)	Home	
01/10/14	Copley (Copley)		Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Away	
01/17/14	Copley (Copley)		Highland (Medina)	Home	
01/24/14	Copley (Copley)		Nordonia (Macedonia)	Home	
01/28/14	Copley (Copley)		Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Away	
01/31/14	Copley (Copley)		Green (Green)		Home	
02/04/14	Copley (Copley)		Cuyahoga Falls		Away
02/07/14	Copley (Copley)		Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Away	
02/11/14	Copley (Copley)		Revere (Richfield)	Away	
02/14/14	Copley (Copley)		Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Home	
02/18/14	Copley (Copley)		Woodridge		Home	
02/21/14	Copley (Copley)		Highland (Medina)	Away
11/30/13	Green (Green)		Stow			Away	
12/06/13	Green (Green)		Highland (Medina)	Away	
12/10/13	Green (Green)		Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Home	
12/13/13	Green (Green)		Copley (Copley)		Home	
12/20/13	Green (Green)		Revere (Richfield)	Away	
12/21/13	Green (Green)		Alliance		Away	@ Mount Union
12/28/13	Green (Green)		Akron East		Home	
01/03/14	Green (Green)		Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Home	
01/07/14	Green (Green)		Cleveland East Tech	Home	
01/10/14	Green (Green)		Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Home	
01/14/14	Green (Green)		Norton			Home	
01/17/14	Green (Green)		Nordonia (Macedonia)	Away	
01/21/14	Green (Green)		Lake			Home	
01/24/14	Green (Green)		Highland (Medina)	Home	
01/28/14	Green (Green)		Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Away	
01/31/14	Green (Green)		Copley (Copley)		Away	
02/04/14	Green (Green)		Canton McKinley		Away	
02/07/14	Green (Green)		Revere (Richfield)	Home	
02/11/14	Green (Green)		Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Away	
02/14/14	Green (Green)		Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Away	
02/18/14	Green (Green)		Firestone		Away	
02/21/14	Green (Green)		Nordonia (Macedonia)	Home
11/30/13	Highland (Medina)	Brecksville-Broadview Heights	Home	
12/03/13	Highland (Medina)	Wooster				Away	
12/06/13	Highland (Medina)	Green (Green)			Home	
12/10/13	Highland (Medina)	Revere				Away	
12/13/13	Highland (Medina)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)		Home	
12/20/13	Highland (Medina)	Cloverleaf			Home	
12/27/13	Highland (Medina)	Westlake			Home	
12/30/13	Highland (Medina)	Buckeye				Away	
01/03/14	Highland (Medina)	Nordonia (Macedonia)		Away	
01/10/14	Highland (Medina)	Wadsworth			Home	
01/14/14	Highland (Medina)	Valley Forge			Home	
01/17/14	Highland (Medina)	Copley (Copley)			Away	
01/21/14	Highland (Medina)	North Royalton			Away	
01/24/14	Highland (Medina)	Green (Green)			Away	
01/28/14	Highland (Medina)	Revere				Home	
01/31/14	Highland (Medina)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)		Away	
02/04/14	Highland (Medina)	Akron North			Away	
02/07/14	Highland (Medina)	Cloverleaf			Away	
02/11/14	Highland (Medina)	Nordonia (Macedonia)		Home	
02/14/14	Highland (Medina)	Wadsworth			Away	
02/18/14	Highland (Medina)	Gilmour Academy			Home	
02/21/14	Highland (Medina)	Copley (Copley)			Home
12/03/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Aurora			Away	
12/06/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Copley			Home	
12/10/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Cloverleaf		Away	
12/13/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Wadsworth		Home	
12/20/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Tallmadge		Away	
12/27/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)		TBD		Away	@ Stow Holiday Tournament
12/28/13	Nordonia (Macedonia)		TBD 		Away	@ Stow Holiday Tournament
01/03/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Highland		Home	
01/04/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Medina			Home	
01/07/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Twinsburg		Away	
01/10/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Revere			Away	
01/17/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Green			Home	
01/21/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Hudson			Home	
01/24/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Copley			Away	
01/28/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Cloverleaf		Home	
01/31/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Wadsworth		Away	
02/04/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Walsh Jesuit		Away	
02/07/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Tallmadge		Home	
02/11/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Highland		Away	
02/14/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Revere			Home	
02/18/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Streetsboro		Away	
02/21/14	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Green			Away
12/03/13	Revere (Richfield)	Twinsburg		Away	
12/06/13	Revere (Richfield)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Away	
12/10/13	Revere (Richfield)	Highland (Medina)	Home	
12/13/13	Revere (Richfield)	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Away	
12/17/13	Revere (Richfield)	Valley Forge		Home	
12/20/13	Revere (Richfield)	Green (Green)		Home	
12/27/13	Revere (Richfield)	TBD			Away	@ HUDSON HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT
01/03/14	Revere (Richfield)	Copley (Copley)		Away	
01/10/14	Revere (Richfield)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Home	
01/14/14	Revere (Richfield)	Woodridge		Home	
01/17/14	Revere (Richfield)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Away	
01/21/14	Revere (Richfield)	Cuyahoga Falls		Home	
01/24/14	Revere (Richfield)	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Home	
01/28/14	Revere (Richfield)	Highland (Medina)	Away	
01/31/14	Revere (Richfield)	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Home	
02/04/14	Revere (Richfield)	Parma			Away	
02/07/14	Revere (Richfield)	Green (Green)		Away	
02/11/14	Revere (Richfield)	Copley (Copley)		Home	
02/14/14	Revere (Richfield)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Away	
02/18/14	Revere (Richfield)	Fairview		Away	
02/21/14	Revere (Richfield)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Home	
TBD		Revere (Richfield)
11/29/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Field			Home	
12/03/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Ellet			Away	
12/06/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Revere (Richfield)	Home	
12/10/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Copley (Copley)		Away	
12/13/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Highland (Medina)	Away	
12/17/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Norton			Away	
12/20/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Home	
12/28/13	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Cuyahoga Falls		Home	
01/03/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Away	
01/07/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Garfield		Away	
01/10/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Green (Green)		Away	
01/14/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Louisville		Away	
01/17/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Home	
01/21/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Kent Roosevelt		Home	
01/24/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Revere (Richfield)	Away	
01/28/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Copley (Copley)		Home	
01/31/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Highland (Medina)	Home	
02/04/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Ravenna			Home	
02/07/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Nordonia (Macedonia)	Away	
02/11/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Home	
02/14/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Green (Green)		Home	
02/21/14	Tallmadge (Tallmadge)	Cloverleaf (Lodi)	Away
11/29/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Firestone	Away	
12/03/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Stow		Home	
12/06/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Cloverleaf	Home	
12/10/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Green		Away	
12/13/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Nordonia	Away	
12/17/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Kent Roosevelt	Home	
12/20/13	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Copley		Away	
01/03/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Tallmadge	Home	
01/07/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Hudson		Away	
01/10/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Highland	Away	
01/17/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Revere		Home	
01/21/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Buckeye		Home	
01/24/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Cloverleaf	Away	
01/26/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Beachwood	Away	@ Walsh University Dunk For Diabetes
01/28/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Green		Home	
01/31/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Nordonia	Home	
02/04/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Barberton	Home	
02/07/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Copley		Home	
02/11/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Tallmadge	Away	
02/14/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Highland	Home	
02/18/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Medina		Home	
02/21/14	Wadsworth (Wadsworth)	Revere		Away
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Old 11-27-13, 02:30 PM
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Nordonia hudson postponed be made up jan 21.
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Old 11-27-13, 02:39 PM
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Go Buckeyes
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Yappi will become famous soon enoughYappi will become famous soon enough
Thanks. Hopefully someone from Highland can let us know if/when their first couple of games are rescheduled.
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