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USA Football unveils program to help kids grow into the game

Among the highlights of Rookie Tackle:
  • Leagues can choose to play six, seven or eight players on the field per team. Overall roster size will be decreased to encourage greater time on the field for each player. The roster size allows for smaller coach-to-player ratio. “Every youngster should have the opportunity to play meaningful time,” said Nick Inzerello, USA Football’s senior director of partnerships and education. “That’s why they sign up.”
  • No position specialization; players will be able to experiment at different positions.
  • No special teams. “Sometimes those skills and fundamentals of punting and kicking and long-snapping are more challenging for youngsters at their first experience in tackle football,” Inzerello said. “We want to eliminate them and quicken the pace to get more snaps on offense and defense.”
  • Two-point stances only except for the center. The center will still snap the ball, but he cannot be covered by a defensive player or hit.
  • Smaller fields at 40 yards-by-35 yards, scaled by size and player level.“We think it will foster more physical activity,” Inzerello said. “Typically on a smaller field, one or two of the fastest players cannot be able to overtake a game. The boundary turns them back into the field and there are more sustained drives and forces teams to utilize the field.” For areas where field space is an issue, two games can be going simultaneously.
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I don't necessarily have a problem with any of those proposals, but in the end I don't think it's going to stem the concussion/brain injury tide that will eventually relegate football into a minor sport. As the demographics in the nation keep changing, especially with women becoming the college educated class, which will lead to more and more positions of power and influence, football as we know it is on its downslide.
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I think that this is a great start. I despise most youth football programs because I see too many teams with 30-50+ players, yet only the same 11-13 players see the field, the entire game. What is the point of that? Also, I see way too many coaches who have NO idea what they are doing, teaching dangerous techniques, and running their kids into the ground, which turns them off. Too many youth teams think that they are coaching men, not kids. I see too much belittling kids, still see youth coaches grabbing facemasks to scream at kids, etc. And I call coaches out on these issues all the time and get the perverbial "what the hell do you know?"... aw just played in college and coached high school football for 10 years, not much. Why is there so little oversight of our youth football programs? Where is the safety? I see all over the state youth programs practicing full pads in the heat when it would not be legal for our high schoolers to do it. I see youth teams practicing in full gear in early July, when their first game isn't until the end of August.... really, do you need 7-8 weeks of practice before that game? There are very few youth leagues that have any standard of checking credentials for coaches. You may get lucky and get a background check. I know it is hard to find volunteers, but football has to do a better job than they are at the youth levels. Again, it is supposed to be instructional, every player should get meaningful time in every game, period. It can be done, even with 50 players, I have done it, & seen it done successfully.... and YES you can still win if done right. I even see very successful high school teams get everyone meaningful playing time at the freshman and JV levels to actually develop players. They need to know what they are doing and have that experience for Varsity, even if they don't start... injuries happen & breathers are needed and they need to be ready. This is a good first step by USA football but honestly should have been done 20 years ago.

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