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Wilmington D-2 District Rankings

*=unsure about participation

Some of the weights are bound to be wrong, especially this early in the year. Feel free to let me know if you have any insight or information.
This district could fluctuate with the potential of some of the southeast/south central teams potentially switching back and forth between here and Claymont.

1. Tanner Jordan- Graham
2. Wade Monebrake- Eaton (SQ)
3. Thomas McGuire- Chaminade-Julienne (2nd middle school state 2014)
4. Trey Finnearty- Circleville (8th middle school state 2015)
5. Jedediah Marlow- Western Brown
6. Nathan Allgeyer- Clinton-Massie
7. Kaleb Ream- S. Shawnee
8. Elijah Richards- N. Richmond

Jordan beat state qualifier Johnny Craker 6-1 and pinned state qualifier Cole Houser last year while wrestling with Grahamís 2nd team.
He also finished 2nd to teammate Crace at Valley View and 2nd to Fargo All-American Angelo Rini at Marion Harding.

Monebrake has the potential to be the district champ at this weight at what could be a wide open district field.
He qualified for his first state tournament last year, even though he may still have been a bit undersized.
Monebrake also pinned state placer Camron Neal, placed 5th at the GMVWA where he beat state qualifier Trevor Schaller (6-0), bested state qualifier Zach Williams (4-0) at Top Gun, and placed 3rd at the district tournament where he defeated Houser 10-6 in the consolation finals.

1. Nate Keaton- Circleville (5th, 4th state)
2. Jordan Crace- Graham (3rd state)
3. Dawson Carter- Hillsboro (SQ)
4. Cole Houser- Benjamin Logan (SQ)
5. Sam Price- Monroe (6th district)
6. Colton Robins- Reading
7. Chase Watts- Logan Elm
8. Austin Lacey- Greenville

Keaton is registered for Super 32 at this weight, though he is ranked at 120 by Boro Fan, so he could well wind up at either classification.
Last season, Keaton surprised a lot of people by winning the Ironman title to start the season.
Among his wins at the tournament were a 10-5 victory over state bronze medalist Crace and an exciting and somewhat controversial 5-4 finals victory over D-3 state champ Dylan DíEmilio who is currently ranked 3rd in the nation by Flo Wrestling.
The weight cut was too severe, and Keaton headed up to 113 for the remainder of the season, besting 2x state placer Colteon Chase 8-3 to win a title at St. Charles and later defeating state finalist Jeffrey Thomas 4-3 to earn his first district title.
Keaton would place 5th at the state tournament, falling only to state champ Ana Abduljelil and 1-0 to 2x state placer Eric Bartos.
He will begin the season as one of the title threats regardless of whether heís wrestling at 113 or 120.

Crace closed out his freshman campaign with a 3rd place finish at the state tournament, winning a rubber match 8-1 over Conor McCrone. This win came a match after Crace majored Jacob Decatur 8-0 in the consolation semifinals.
He added several other tournament titles over the course of the year, winning the GMVWA where he bested D-3 state finalist Jacob Edwards in the semifinals and another at New Lexington where he majored Fargo All-American Angelo Rini 18-9.

1. Caleb Brooks- Circleville (8th, 5th state)
2. Brandon Lucas- Western Brown (5th state 2015)
3. Jacob Gentry- Ross (7th state)
4. Matt Asher- Clinton-Massie (8th state)
5. Drew Price- Mid. Madison (5th, 5th district)
6. Isaiah Stickley/Andrew Shafer- Graham (6th/3rd middle school state)
7. Joey Dima- Valley View
8. Dustin Robbins- Reading

Brooks is a big pick up for Circleville. He like Keaton may be up a weight, but this is where he registered for Super 32, so Iíll keep him here for the time being.
Brooks placed 3rd at Medina last season while wrestling for Bishop Ready, knocking off state placer Nick Berry 8-3 in the consolation finals.
After runner-up finishes to state placers Beltran and Donathan at CIT and Groveport-Madison, Brooks claimed titles at St. Charles, sectionals, and the district tournament before finishing 8th in a dense field at state to claim his second state medal.

Iím glad to see Lucas back after missing the post season last year.
He finished 3rd at Brecksville this past season while racking up impressive wins over state placers Cole Mattin (7-0), Gabriel Tagg (7-5), and Jake Canitano (7-5).
He wrestled up at 113 during the state duals bout with Lake Catholic, where he defeated state placer Hunter Ryan by a 5-3 score.

1. Jeff Thomas- Graham (2nd state)
2. Coby Hughes- Trace (SQ)
3. Ben Sherrill- Bellbrook (5th district)
4. Brayden Ploehs- Ross (SQ)
5. Seth Taylor- Western Brown (6th district)
6. Thomas McGraw- Chaminade-Julienne
7. Isaac Bennett- Logan Elm
8. Tyler Matthews- Circleville

Thomas won the GMVWA as a freshman after defeating state placers Matt Asher and Chad Craft along the way.
After winning the sectional title, Thomas was 2nd at the district tournament, defeating state placer Jake Gentry (7-1) in the semis before falling to Nate Keaton in the championship bout.
He had a great run to the finals in Columbus, defeating 2x state placer Eric Bartos (3-1) in the quarters and bronze medalist Lukas Stricker (6-5) in the semis to reach his first state championship bout.

Sherrill finished as the district alternate at Wilmington last season, defeating former state qualifier Jaylin Cameron 7-5 in the 5th place match to earn that status.
Sherrill also defeated Ploehs 2-0 in the consolation finals at Eaton where his only setback was a 6-4 loss to state placer Nick Berry.

1. Mitch Moore- Graham (1st, 1st state)
2. Jordin Hamblin- Western Brown (SQ)
3. Casey Ragle- Norwood (SQ)
4. Coleman Manning- Eaton (5th district)
5. Lane Dees- N. Richmond
6. Keegan Rawlins- McClain
7. Braeden Butler- Logan Elm
8. Lane Griffin- Benjamin Logan

Mitch Moore is an absolute animal, and Virginia Tech will be getting a good one when his high school career concludes.
For now, heíll possibly be the strongest state title favorite in D-2 this season.
Last year was upset by D-1 state champ Mario Guillen at Ironman but displayed his resolve by storming back through a hellacious consolation bracket to claim 3rd.
Among his wins on the backside were; a triumph over state champ Alan Hart, a victory over 3x state champ Tyler Warner, a win over former state champ Alex Mackall, and a pin in his rematch with Guillen for 3rd place.
Moore rolled through the rest of the schedule, with only a 5-3 victory over Alan Hart not reaching bonus points.
He further cemented himself as a national stud when he claimed his second state title, this time defeating Ironman champ Tariq Wilson 5-3, and I think he may have majored the other Ironman finalist PA state champ Cole Matthews at the Canfield Duals earlier in the year.
Mitch will be one of the premier wrestlers at his weight once again in 2017, as he helps lead a Falcons team with national title aspirations.

Hamblin took notable strides forward last year, qualifying for his first state tournament after defeating state qualifier Ploehs in both the sectional finals and district consolation finals.
He also bested Ben Sherrill twice and took state placer Nick Berry into overtime in the district quarters.
He won his first consolation bout at the state tournament 2-0 over Domenic Carfagna and provided a sturdy test for 3x state placer Hunter Kosco in a 6-5 loss in their state placement bout.

1. J.D. Stickley- Graham
2. Greg Brewer- Circleville (5th district)
3. Taylor Steele- Waynesville (SQ)
4. Brandon Planck- New Richmond (SQ)
5. Wes Davenport- Unioto
6. Zane Nelson- Washington C.H.(5th district)
7. Micah Marshall- Chaminade-Julienne (6th district)
8. Gavin Moore- Trace

Last season Stickley posted a 14-4 win over state placer Hugo Villereal while wrestling for the second team at the BG duals.
As a freshman the year before, Stickley teched state alternate Jayden Hefner 17-2 in their state duals match.

Brewer was 3rd at Olentangy Liberty to start last year where he defeated state qualifier Kris Volpe 11-9 in the consolation finals.
He also downed state qualifier Derek Spears (4-2) and a tough Chase Haehnle (8-5) in the semis and finals at Western Brown to earn the tournament title.
His biggest win last year may have been the 7-6 finals victory over returning state placer Hayden Bullard to claim a tournament championship at St. Charles.

1. Joey Sanchez- Graham (5th state)
2. Alex Kowal- Fenwick (7th state)
3. Trenten Scott- Franklin (SQ)
4. Caleb Blake- Tippecanoe
5. Yima Nyamor- Wyoming
6. Chris Conger- Washington C.H.
7. Derek Moore- Trace
8. Mitchell Moyer- Urbana

I was surprised to see Sanchez make 152 last year, and he looked good all season, claiming his first state medal at seasonís end.
Now heís evidently going to wrestle 145 for the Falcons this year, so he should be huge for the weight class if he is at full strength.
I felt good for Sanchez last year, earning the win for the Falcons in the Blair dual by winning a huge swing match. Sanchez gets a bit overlooked with all of the talent at Graham, with all of the nationally ranked wrestlers in the room. The fact is that there are many schools around the state where he would be their best wrestler, and itís great to see him earn the spotlight, if only for a match.
He wrestled very well all of last season, claiming a title at New Lexington where he defeated state placer Garrett Hall 4-1 in the semifinals.
At the state tournament, Sanchez fell in overtime to Luciano Mendicino in the quarterfinals but battled back through the consolation rounds to place 5th, defeating Mendicino 2-1 in their finals bout to close out the year.

Kowal reached the district finals for the first time, besting Derek Spears 10-5 in the decisive semifinals bout after downing Greg Brewer 6-5 in the quarterfinals.
Kowal demonstrated impressive resolve at the state tournament where he rebounded from an overtime loss in the opening round to best former state finalist Cole Woods 6-5 in his first consolation bout. He then defeated Luke McKeon 4-3 to earn his first state placement and later pinned Thurston Dyer in their 7th place final to close out the season with a win.

1. Rocky Jordan- Graham (1st, 2nd state)
2. Derek Spears- Western Brown (SQ)
3. Isaac Allen- Wilmington (5th district)
4. Braeden Lehman- Urbana (6th district)
5. Jordan Cahall- Batavia
6. Noah Pittman- Wyoming
7. Gavin Clark- N. Richmond
8. Mitch Current- Benjamin Logan

Jordan placed 5th at Ironman, 2nd at the GMVWA and 1st at everything else last year, closing out the season with his first state title.
Among his laundry list of impressive wins were a tech of D-3 bronze medalist Colt Yinger in the finals at New Lexington, a 3-1 win over former middle school state champ Timothy Grunden, a tech of state placer Jake Henderon in the district finals, and a pair of 4-0 wins over state finalist Sandro Ramirez (state duals and state finals).
Rocky is currently ranked 7th in the nation by Flo Wrestling.

Spears really impressed me during his freshman season, qualifying for the state tournament after posting a quality campaign.
He bested senior Damian Walton 11-7 in his go-to-state bout last year a week after he defeated him 4-1 in the sectional semifinals. Spears also pinned a tough Yima Nyamor in the sectional finals to win the tournament title.
With another year of progress is a quality program, I expect Spears to be contending for state placement in 2017.

1. Ryan Thomas- Graham (3rd, 3rd state)
2. Jake Henderson- Western Brown (5th state)
3. Chance Daisy- Indian Lake
4. Mason Plikerd- Benjamin Logan
5. Cameron Svarda- Mid. Madison
6. Isaac Ilo- Eaton
7. Gage Johnson- Franklin (6th middle school state)
8. Austin Hamblin- Ross

I was surprise to see Thomas make the jump from 132 to 160, though I donít expect him to miss a step as he looks to improve upon his pair of 3rd place finishes.
He plowed through the field at the GMVWA last season and did similar work at Valley View, New Lexington, the CBC, and sectionals.
Thomas finished 2nd to former state finalist Hunter Bray at the district tournament and was upset by 2x state placer Collin Adkins 9-8 in overtime in the state quarterfinals. However, he rebounded with 4 straight consolation wins including a 3-2 victory over Bray in the rematch and a 9-1 major over returning state bronze medalist Jashon Hubbard in the consolation finals.

Henderson got better and better as the season wore on last year, going 2-2 at Brecksville over the holidays before reeling off a streak of wins that wasnít broken until he faced off against state champ Rocky Jordan in the district finals.
Among his wins was a 7-2 victory over state qualifier Trenten Scott to win the Hammer and Anvil, a pin over state placer Joe Boley in the state duals process, and a 10-1 win over state qualifier Mac Altom in the district semifinals to reach his first state tournament.
He would fall to Joe Boley in the state quarter finals before battling back with a 5-4 win over former state placer Brennan Jospeh and a 3-0 victory over 8th place finisher Dave Esarco in the consaoltion rounds.
Henderson defeated Boley 5-2 in the rubber match to end his season with a win and claim a 5th place finish at the state tournament.

1. Forrest/Hunter Hyden- Graham
2. Gunner Dawson- Mid. Madison (SQ)
3. Dylan Knotts- Indian Lake
4. Ross Lennon- Clinton-Massie
5. Ethan Stewart- Washington C.H.
6. Ryan Buckley- N. Richmond
7. Blake Coy- Carroll
8. Wes Bogard- Talawanda

I expect one of the Hydenís to claim the starting spot for Graham in 2017, though Iím uncertain which it will be.
Forrest has some solid seasons so far in his high school career, though he wrestled at 182 last year and split time between 182 and 195 the prior season, so Iím uncertain how difficult the cut would be. Then again, Sanchez is wrestling at 145, so I expect that Forrest be at the weight if he can make it.
Among his wins last year were a 16-1 tech over a solid Hunter Heard and an 18-7 win over a quality Hunter McNutt.
The year prior, Hyden defeated state qualifiers Ryan Slone, Sam Wilcox, Tanner Walker, Jud Ramage, and 2016 state placer Joe Fornaro.
If he canít make the cut, Iíd expect Hunter to man the starting roll after a solid freshman season in 2016.
He placed 3rd at Valley View last season with his only loss coming to state champion teammate Garrett Jordan.

Dawson reached the state tournament for the first time last year, punctuating a sterling season with a sectional title where he majored Mason Plikerd 15-6 in the finals.
After a quarterfinal loss to Drew Moore at the district tournament, Dawson rattled off consecutive wins over Bryant Burgeford (11-8), Justin Shields (2:11), and Jake Badgley (4:56) to claim a ticket to the state tournament.

1. Gage Braun- Graham (5th state)
2. Eric Altman- Western Brown (SQ)
3. Jackson Gear- McNicholas (SQ)
4. Ben Davenport- Unioto (5th district)
5. Conor Dixon- Indian Lake (6th district)
6. Anthony Tissandier- Clinton-Massie
7. Dominic Badger- Trotwood-Madison
8. Shavez Jackson- Norwood

Braun made his presence known during his sophomore year, placing 5th in his first trip to the state tournament.
He won a title over state placer Stone Day at Valley View where he defeated the sophomore state placer 8-6.
After winning the sectional title, Braun placed 3rd at the district tournament where he defeated returning state qualifier Mason McCane in overtime in his go-to-state bout before downing Baden Pinson (5-1) in the consolation finals.
He lost a 4-0 bout to 2x state finalist Robbie Bowers in the state quarters but won a tight 1-0 match over a tough Evan Schenk to earn placement.
After picking up another win over Day, Braun fell to 3x state place Tre Campbell in the consolation semis before ending his season with a win over former middle school state champ Dominic Cooper to claim a 5th place finish.

Altman fell to state champ Garrett Jordan in the district semifinals but was able to string together wins over Ross Lennon (6-2), Mason Plikerd (5-2), Drew Moore (10-1), and Gunnar Dawson (7-5) to finish 3rd at the district and earn a spot at the state tournament.
This season heíll look to improve upon that sterling season and secure a spot on the state podium.

1. Kavan Sarver- Graham (3rd state)
2. Stone Day- Valley View (7th state)
3. Baden Pinson- Reading (SQ)
4. Jared Fenner- Trace (SQ)
5. Kevin Melling- Eaton (6th district)
6. Zach Palmer- Indian Lake
7. R.J. Tolliver- Wilmington
8. Nick Vagnier- Logan Elm

Sarver split two overtime bouts with state finalist Tony Banister last year, winning their showdown at Ironman before falling in the state quarterfinals.
He also earned another victory (3-2) over Banister in the state duals finals, helping the Falcons claim yet another title.
He placed 2nd at the GMVWA where he bettered 2x state placer Landon Hall 2-1 in the semis before falling to state champ Jack Harris in the finals.
After falling to Banister at state, Sarver bested Justin Sanders (11-3), Abdullah Silmi (16-1), Chris Cook (8-0), and Landon Hall (4-1) to surge back and finish with the bronze medal.

Day impressed last year, winning titles at Franklin, Deer Park, Tippecanoe, Miamisburg, and sectionals.
Among his wins was a 2-1 semifinal win over state qualifier Joe Cochran at Eaton and an 11-7 victory over Pinson in the district semifinals.
At the state tournament, Day defeated Billy Cooper (16-5), Justin Reynolds (9-5) and Shykel Jones while finishing 7th. His only losses were by 1 point a piece to Gage Braun and John Szep.

1. Johnny Shafer- Graham (5th state)
2. Karson Chasteen- Ross (8th state)
3. Garrett Mitchel- Logan Elm (6th district)
4. Wyatt Hilliard- Franklin (SQ 2014)*
5. Mikey Addis- Norwood
6. Grant Carlson- Tippecanoe
7. Ben Davis- Circleville
8. Nick Robinette- Unioto

Shafer made an immediate impact during his freshman season, winning titles at New Lexington, the CBC over state qualifier Steven Major, sectionals (also over Major), and a district title where he bested returning state champion Nick Svarda 3-1 in the semifinals.
Shafer closed out his freshman campaign with a 4-3 win over 2x state placer Ben Higgins to claim a 5th place medal.

I was impressed with Chasteen last season, placing at the state tournament as a district 4th place finisher.
Chasteen surged to a sectional title at Batavia where he pinned all 3 opponents in the first period including Addis in the finals.
He was upset by Robinette (11-5) in the first round of the district tournament, but battled back with 4 straight wins including wins over Addis, Davis and a victory over Mitchel (8-6) in his go-to-state bout.
He rebounded from an opening round loss at the state tournament to eventual champ Garit Witt to claim wins over Alec Love (14-5) and Brody Robinson (1:59) to earn his first state medal.

1. Colvin Turner- Franklin (SQ)
2. Trevor Hicks - Washington C.H. (SQ)
3. Trent Wilson- Valley View (6th district)
4. Collin Wolffe- Trace
5. Benito Guerrero- Circleville
6. Max Evans- Mid. Madison
7. Zach Stacy- W. Brown
8. Lane Cluff- Hillsboro

Turner won the SWBL Tournament last season, pinning state alternate Cameron Coffman in the finals after sticking Wilson in the semis.
Turner avenged an earlier loss to Hicks with a pin in the district semifinals to earn his first trip to the state tournament.
In Columbus, he was a match shy of placement, pinning Dom Sciarretti in his first consolation bout before falling to district champ Logan Ferrell in the blood round.

Hicks earned an early season title at Franklin last year where he bested state qualifiers Jeremy Rosenblum (10-8) and Colvin Turner (8-7) in the semis and finals respectively.
Hicks pinned Wolffe to win the sectional title and then defeated Wilson 5-2 a week later in the consolation semifinals of the district tournament to secure a spot in the state tournament.

1. Graham
2. Western Brown
3. Circleville
4. Franklin
5. Trace
6. Ross
7. Eaton
8. Indian Lake

Iím calling it nowÖGraham wins the district title.
I guess the real question is, how many district champs can the Falcons walk away with?
12 seems possible, and 7 state titles is not out of the question if the team hits its stride at the right time.
The team is so consistently dominant in D-2 that Iím actually more interested in the under the radar wrestlers than I am in watching the current crop of returning placers.
J.D. Stickley will be getting his first chance to start, and Iím intrigued to see just how high he can climb. He seems like a state placer, but how high will he ascend?
Tanner Jordan is another quality wrestler who will be making his first appearance as a regular starter.
Iím also interested to see who seizes the starting spots at 120 and 170. There could be a pair of middle school state placers fighting for the lesser of those 2 weights and possibly a pair of Hydens fighting for 170.

Western Brown is a good team with a strong core.
Iím puling for Lucas especially after he was sidelined at the end of last year. He can certainly push for a state title in what could be an open weight class.
Marlow looks like another tough grappler who should challenge for state qualification after backing up Lucas last season at 106.

Circleville adds a few interesting pieces as 2x state placer Caleb Brooks and former middle school state placer Trey Finnearty will make their presence know at this district.
Keaton will also once again be a state title threat whether he opts for 113 or 120.

Franklin has some top end talent, though Iím uncertain whether or not former state qualifier Hilliard will actually be participating.
Scott and Turner have already reached the state tournament previously and will be looking to add to their legacy with a state medal.
Turner has as good a shot as anyone at winning the district title, and he could place high at state with a bit of improvement in what should be an open weight class.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

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VERY solid stab at it in the pre-season! Good work.
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Originally Posted by CincyCoach View Post
VERY solid stab at it in the pre-season! Good work.
Thanks for the positive feedback. The season's getting closer and closer. Can't wait!
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Originally Posted by McClearn7 View Post
Thanks for the positive feedback. The season's getting closer and closer. Can't wait!
#5 at 106 is in 8th grade.
Thanks for these, crazy amount of time invested.
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Thanks for all the time and effort!
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Originally Posted by severs0801 View Post
#5 at 106 is in 8th grade.
Thanks for these, crazy amount of time invested.
Thanks for the information. I've updated the rankings accordingly.
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are you doing one with Claymont?
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round of applause, great effort!!!
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Originally Posted by severs0801 View Post
are you doing one with Claymont?
They should be out later today.
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And it's Heath this year not Claymont I believe!!!!

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