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Old 05-18-17, 10:16 AM
Unstacked Unstacked is offline
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Fargo Cost

It looks like the price of Fargo went up a couple hundred bucks this year. $1,200 for one style and $1,400 for both. It's a great experience, but the cost seems a little steep. Is there a way to break down the cost of where everything goes and how they came up with that figure? It seems kind of steep when you compare to other options kids/parents have these days to spend their money. Ex. (a kid can go to Disney Duals for $350!) I thought the change in Venue might help lower the cost. With the increase numbers of State participants (record numbers!), couldn't some of that money be used to offset the cost of Fargo? How much are coaches paid? Is there a way our board members can get sponsorship money from businesses throughout Ohio up front, instead of trying to pass the buck onto the kids to go to businesses looking for a handout. There has to be some patrons of wrestling out there running businesses in Ohio who will support us. Heck, put their sponsor name on a singlet if that will help pay for the gear! I'm not even sure Pa. kids have to pay anything....at least that is how it used to be. How do they make it work? I think we are missing an opportunity to send the best kids to Fargo by pricing kids out of the market to go. If we really want to challenge for a National Title, I think it starts with lowering the cost to enter.
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Old 05-18-17, 10:21 AM
pinem07 pinem07 is offline
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I'm sure no one in USA-Ohio is making a profit on this. I'm sure all of the money goes towards gear, travel, housing, food, tournament and whatever other costs may be in there.

But I do agree that is very steep for many people to pay. It would be interesting to know what other states in the Midwest charge for their athletes to go to Fargo.
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Old 05-18-17, 10:46 AM
keithcarter keithcarter is offline
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This is a discussion that has been a hot button this year.

We are working on a letter to send to all parents explaining the cost increase from last year. Part of the bump in cost increase is that we have held fees flat for a number of years. So the bump while it looks large is actually much smaller when you look on a year to year basis.

I also want to point out that these wrestlers are traveling with us for 8 or 9 days as a single style athlete with all expenses paid.

The two biggest factors with price this year is we are leaving St Eds for camp. No one will shy away from saying we had an incredible deal at Eds. What Coach Urbas and staff did there for USA-Ohio for 20+ years was simply amazing. With going to a college we are almost spending a day what we spent for an entire week at eds per kid. Also we didnt house all athletes at Eds and we will now do so on the campus of Ohio Northern. We did bid out the fargo camp and Ohio Northern beat everyones price by a significant amount.

The other major added cost is that Fargo is now doing Day before weigh ins. This is requiring us to be in Fargo a full day earlier than we typically are. Fargo in itself is $45 per kid and $45 per coach per night. This year also they have extended the greco tournament a day to 3 days. In the past Freestyle has received a break based on number of days but there is another $45. So just in additional fargo cost its $90 by itself.

There is also additional cost with buses, fargo fees etc.. that we have just ate in the past and have finally had to pass that cost on.

We have a fund raising director inside USA-Ohio and have for years but have not been successful in getting money raised. It is difficult with USA-Ohio being a fully volunteer organization and all of us on the board having paying jobs to dedicate much more time than we already are and that is why we have a designated person for Fund Raising but it never seems to stick.

One reason we decided to host our Own state duals and the State tournament this year is to use the "profit" from those events to off set the cost of Fargo. We are continually working weekly and daily to lower those cost. I will say that we had budgeted an amount we believed we would make on the state tournament this year and yes we beat that number and we are working on how best to handle that. As many of you know you have to plan and budget based on past scenarios and that is what we have done.

I would gladly put a sponsor across our singlet anywhere they would like. We plan for 150-160 athletes every year. So a $5,000 donation could lower the cost roughly $30 a kid. We need lots of $5,000 donations.

Coaches make very little money to coach but it also cost us to house them, clothe them and feed them for 9 days and some of them almost 14 that coach double teams.

I will gladly discuss it further with anyone that would like to talk. My Phone Number is 513-292-5837. I can promise you that USA-Ohio is not making a profit off of the Fargo team and have lost $1,000's of dollars every year since i have been in office. We as well as our coaches would love to win fargo as well.
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Old 05-18-17, 10:47 AM
Tussy Tussy is offline
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My son is Manzona and he is going with the Indiana state team and I will pay about the same amount for him. have not gotten all the paperwork yet, but it is expensive. I am sure the closer you are the less expensive it might be.
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Old 05-18-17, 10:59 AM
Unstacked Unstacked is offline
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Thanks Keith! No one ever said you guys were profiting from this and making a lot of money. I guess the problem is finding a person to put in charge of Fund Raising for Ohio Wrestling who is well connected. Thanks for all you do for wrestling. It is appreciated. I just see more kids in Ohio going the JO route now because of cost of Fargo.
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Old 05-18-17, 11:23 AM
keithcarter keithcarter is offline
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Sorry to quote Dan Le Batard "if my tone was bad" it wasnt intentional.

What most havent realized is that our Fargo cost were much lower than many states for the last number of years. Our deal with St Eds was an incredible deal that i dont believe we could/can or will ever match! St Eds really did an amazing service to all of Ohio for a number of years.

We at USA-Ohio would love to get fargo cost down to free if we could. We may find additional ways to save money next year we are hoping but its roughly $175,000 for this trip. When i win the lottery and its 100million i promise you that Fargo will be free for at least 10yrs haha.

We are truly open to any fundraising ideas that people have.
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Old 05-18-17, 11:42 AM
UsedToBe103 UsedToBe103 is offline
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I grew up in Illinois and went to Fargo in '06 and '07. I have no idea how much they charge now, but when I went I believe it was $750 for one style and $850 for both styles. Training camp was about a week long and it alternated each year between UofI and NIU. We stayed in the dorms and ate at the cafeteria. We drove overnight in a couple buses to Fargo (a considerably shorter drive than from Ohio), and then stayed in a hotel (can't remember which one) for about a week. In '06 the tournament as 3 days per style, but then they tried condensing it to 2 days per style in '07.

They issued each of us a set of $5 raffle tickets. There were enough tickets that if you sold all of yours, you earned back what you paid. I don't really know, but I'm guessing they may have had some sponsors, donors, or deals with the universities that hosted us.
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Old 05-18-17, 11:46 AM
keithcarter keithcarter is offline
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When i went to fargo in Ohio in 2000 it was 750 per style.
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Old 05-18-17, 12:00 PM
Huge Huge is offline
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Probably too late for this but if you have wrestlers stay and eat with host families it would save a lot. Problem is ONU is in the middle of nowhere but JCU, BW , or Otterbein could host and then let local parents host. We did for 4 years and it was a pleasure to get to know wrestlers from across the state on a personal level. It makes it weird/fun when you are at tournaments the following year cheering each other on despite being on different teams for high school. I suppose this was already considered but....
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Old 05-18-17, 12:16 PM
keithcarter keithcarter is offline
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Would love to do that but its finding someone to organize all of that. Coach urbas and staff handled all of that at Eds. If someone wanted to step up and take the lead i would gladly and so would the entire board on seeing if we could make that happen. Its not as easy of a task as it seems.

When i went to fargo thats how we did it and it was an amazing experience. One year i stayed with Coach Barger from Walsh and i still remember to this day that he held the window up with a state coach of the year plaque.
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Old 05-18-17, 07:54 PM
Bugout Bugout is offline
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How long has the Ohio team been in existence ? I remember way back in 1984 when I made the team only through USA state tournament. The 1st place wrestler didn't pay anything and 2nd place wrestler only paid for his transportation. I can not recall 3rd placer price. We didn't have a camp back then. Most southwest wrestlers trained at Raiders wrestling camp (Wright state). Most of us went to JO and straight to USA nationals in northern Iowa university
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Old 05-18-17, 09:35 PM
CHTigerNation CHTigerNation is offline
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I Was on Fargo Team 2x, 1998 Cadet Team and 1999 Junior Team for both styles. 1998 the cadet camp was @ Walsh, I stayed with Brent Thompson & his dad. In 1999 camp was @ St. Eds and I remember commuting (not sure if it was because I was in Cleveland area already). I do remember paying about 900 for both styles. In Fargo we stayed on their campus and ate in their cafeteria. Keeping up with inflation 1200-1400 seems about right considering I paid 900 bucks almost 20 years ago.

There are many options to wrestle in national level events over summer, however Fargo is where you get the best of the best hands down. Pay a little more , get on the podium and the college looks/offers will follow, so that 1200-1400 will be well worth it.
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Old 05-19-17, 07:10 AM
Lambeau Fields Lambeau Fields is offline
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Lambeau Fields will become famous soon enough
The cost may seem expensive but the experience and memories will be priceless.
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Old 05-19-17, 07:38 AM
Ikejfk112 Ikejfk112 is offline
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Wow I didn't no it cost that much ��
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Old 05-19-17, 08:22 AM
TheStuff142 TheStuff142 is offline
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Keith seems to have made/supported/facilitated some really awesome changes..at least been the face of these changes lately and we all appreciate it. The FS State Duals alone shows what growth he has led. Record numbers at state tournament this year...State Tournament was freaking awesome this year.

It's (the $$) is insane. Whether or not every dime is legit counted for.....it is still a lot of money for many families....a mortgage payment kinda money for some. Some of you big timers maybe a car payment.

I am sure there are cuts that could be made aren't there? Cuts to extra coaches on staff, cut beer at the bison, cut down dramatically on the gear given to coaches, cut down on the number of extra people that come to fargo that do not actually run training camp or coach kids. Throwing out ideas...

If it was free...there would still be complainers. We need a big money booster to help fund Fargo for all and that is not easy to come by.

Since we are hosting Central Regional next year....how about all profit or 50% of profit from hosting that event go directly towards reducing the cost for each kid...or use that to buy coaches gear so kids do not have to pay for all the stuff the coaches get. Might be trying to nickel and dime the cost down, but you have to start somewhere

Waiting on my lottery winnings as well and then all (Public School, Non-Hold back, non transfer) kids will all go to Fargo for free...
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Old 05-19-17, 10:05 AM
keithcarter keithcarter is offline
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Look I'd love to take credit for this but it is truly a huge team effort. I am just the one with the Big Mouth and love to talk on Yappi and Twitter. Its truly a huge team effort and i am only a very small piece in it. I really do mean a very small piece but just a big mouth.

$1,200 is a lot and more than one months mortgage payment for me . In discussing with other coaches though many going to team camps tell me its 450-500 bucks for a 3 or 4 night camp without gear etc. So if you take our trip and consider its 3 times that then we are priced right.

Bottom line is we are going to continue to look at ways to cut cost.

Just to clarify while the regional is in Ohio next year USA-Ohio is not the host. We got burnt extremely bad a few years ago on the Regional and do not want to take that risk again.

I am looking for that big money booster.
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Old 05-19-17, 11:45 AM
ty512 ty512 is offline
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This is the first year my son has tried and qualified for the fargo team. I honestly didn't think the cost was bad considering all that it includes. I guess I'm the minority.
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Old 05-19-17, 03:05 PM
BobPreusse BobPreusse is offline
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good job coach Keith Carter explaining the cost complexities, yes its a lot more than meets the eye. (NJ & NY & California have to fly, whats their cost?).

So much goes into the camp, hats off to coach Urbas & the St Eds community, and All the coaches who volunteer themselves when they could be fishing. Its a BIG operation-- host housing, volunteers preparing lunches, medical needs must be attended to, all the paperwork, keeping track of each kid..... i see why no one else has come forward to host it.

I've enjoyed going over to St EDs-- and before that Worthington Kilbourne many years ago -- to watch the camp. U see the kids who want to move up the ladder next season. The "average kid" mingles with state champs and sees how they prepare, how they approach the sport. Its a precious time to learn and improve for those that have the desire to do so. The camp is a big part of it all... then theres Fargo where a kid might be quickly eliminated but again it the total experience that counts. I've been often to Fargo and it is "the big show".
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Old 05-19-17, 05:31 PM
mataddict mataddict is offline
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One way we found to reduce cost with the Jr high national team was to eliminate the bus as we found that to be a huge expense. I realize that not all parents travel so that may be unrealistic but for the ones that do, and the kids that would car pool with them, that may reduce the number of buses and thus the overall cost. Just a thought.
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Old 05-19-17, 08:14 PM
CoachYing CoachYing is offline
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I just talked to my WV guys they pay $1400 and get no camp to speak of. So sounds like we are getting a great deal.
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Old 05-22-17, 12:06 PM
falcons53 falcons53 is offline
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We are in Texas. I know that there was a push by the Dallas Sports Commission to get the tournament moved to Dallas/Frisco Texas area. One of their points was easier travel for a larger portion of the country. Fargo has always been a great site and host. Dallas would probably be easier travel for the huge East Coast/Midwest wrestling contingent.

$975 cost for Texas both styles. I assume lower cost due to lower travel cost.

Last edited by falcons53; 05-22-17 at 12:48 PM.
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Old 05-22-17, 02:32 PM
toby103 toby103 is offline
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PA = $1100 both styles (drive)
NJ = $1800 both styles (fly)
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Old 05-23-17, 11:35 AM
Unstacked Unstacked is offline
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Thumbs up

Thanks for all the input. Looks like Ohio is pretty comparable to the rest, but it would still be nice to find a fund raiser/ sponsorship guy who has the responsibility of getting the cost down some more.
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