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Old 03-16-18, 11:33 AM
Medina smoke Medina smoke is offline
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Originally Posted by wrestlfan View Post
here is my situation
My son is 7 and has a very bad speech impediment. He is starting to get self conscious about it. I do not want him moving up through grades with this problem. I should have had his tongue clipped when he was a baby as he is tongue tied. He is already old for his grade (july 31 birthday). We almost held him back this year but didnt as academically he is in the middle range.
IF we hold him back and he ends up wrestling and being very old for his grade we are going to have these 1 BEAST babies crying that is was strictly for wrestling purposes.
There are situations where a hold back was necessary and until you have walked in their shoes maybe you should keep your mouth shut.
6 year olds bully just as bad as 7 year olds, Wouldn’t accomplish anything but losing the true friends he has made
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Old 03-16-18, 12:02 PM
wlpdrpat wlpdrpat is offline
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A few years ago I had a son in the 6th grade that was academically at the top of his class but he was very young for his grade (the youngest boy in his class) however he was also the biggest boy in his class standing a full head above most of his classmates.

His older brother was in 8th grade and was struggling academically - we had to hire outside tutors to help him in both 7th and 8th grade. We decided at that time to hold back our older son, which upset a lot of parents as they thought we were doing it for athletic purposes.

Our older son didn't make the varsity team as a freshman other than the occasional match. However, when our younger son was a freshman he found a starting position on varsity at 220 and had a winning season finishing 5th at sectionals behind 3 state qualifiers and a state alternate all of whom were seniors.

This year my older son was a junior at 220 and my younger son was a sophomore at HWT and they both had great seasons finishing as state alternates. Next year I hope to see them both become state qualifiers and possibly placers.

My point is that different kids mature at different rates and some should certainly be held back to ensure their academic success whereas others it would be detrimental for them both academically and socially. In the end the parents have to make the decision that they feel is in the best interest of their child.

IMHO - if a parent were to make a decision to hold back their child for the sole purpose of improving their opportunity to make the podium in Columbus they are doing their child a disservice. They would be better off to move to another state like Wyoming or Idaho where there are only 25 schools in their equivalent of Division 1.

Ohio is a very challenging state when it comes to wrestling and making the podium in Columbus is extraordinary compared to most other states. There are very few states that have a 3 tier state championship process (sectionals, district, state) and many states have 4-6 divisions. An older senior in Ohio is just a likely to get bumped out by some phenom freshman and what would that do for their self-esteem? Unless your kid is a 365 day/yr wrestler and a freshman phenom then their likelihood of going D1 is between slim and non anyway. That doesn't mean they shouldn't wrestle - I think all boys should as it is great for them in a lot more ways than just winning a state title.
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Old 03-16-18, 01:33 PM
eyes r burning eyes r burning is offline
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Originally Posted by wrestlfan View Post
We almost held him back this year but didnt as academically he is in the middle range.
So... you're kid is an average student? What's the problem? He's right where he should be.
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Old 03-16-18, 01:58 PM
candoattitude candoattitude is offline
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The issue here is overbearing parents holding their kids back in junior high to gain competitive advantage in HS. I/We understand the intention of the extended age rule is to not punish those that were held back for mental developmental issues. For those of you taking advantage of the system for personal gain and advantage....shame. Likely the same people that attack McDonalds for millions after spilling hot coffee on their lap, then realizing the foam cup didn’t have a warning that the contents were hot.
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Old 03-17-18, 03:02 AM
kbiz kbiz is offline
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It's within the rules and it's inappropriate to question or peer pressure parents on how to raise their kids as a way to cover for the fact that you think it is unfair to your kid somehow. I find it funny that most of these people seem unaware of the fact that the same argument can be made on the other side - why are you letting your 14 year old freshman wrestle varsity? Don't you know he could be wrestling adults? What kind of negligent parent are you? If you're that against holding your own kid back for no other reason than to give him an extra bit of chance to do better in wrestling for all 4 years of high school, then why aren't you purposely prohibiting your non-hold-back freshman from wrestling varsity? Think that sounds crazy? Elder has a 2X state champion whose father did that very thing. I overheard his coach at a restaurant at state talk about kids who placed at state who his freshman has beat, but didn't wrestle varsity. Why aren't you doing that? Always looking at other families to criticize but can't even see the fault of your own position.
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