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Old 10-11-16, 04:48 PM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Fostoria D-2 District Rankings

*=unsure about participation

Some of the weights are bound to be wrong, especially this early in the year. Feel free to let me know if you have any insight or information.

1. Gavin Ritter- Wauseon (5th district)
2. Austin McNamara- Ashland
3. Jimmy Balazy- Padua
4. Juan Perez- Defiance
5. Connor McCarty- Bay
6. Brock Sautter- Maumee
7. Bailey Gibson- Elida
8. Isaiah Gonzalez- Huron

Ritter posted an impressive day when he defeated state qualifiers Charley Bohls (2-10 and Tyler Capodice (11-10) in back-to-back matches during the state duals process.
During the post season, Ritter defeated Clay Eagle 4-1 in the 5th place final at Fostoria to earn alternate status after also besting Perez and McCarty earlier in the event.

I may have Balazy overrated for the beginning of the year, but I feel that it’s only a matter of time before the former 2x middle school state placer becomes a viable candidate for state qualification as he grows into the weight after a year as an undersized 106-pounder.
Among his previous wins were victories over middle school state champ Bryce Hepner, Graham’s likely starter at 106 Tanner Jordan, and state alternate Ray Adams.

1. Alex Slattman- Wauseon (5th district)
2. Charley Bohls- Napoleon (SQ)
3. Jake Bartinelli- Buckeye (SQ)
4. Clayton Eagle- Ashland (6th district)
5. Conor Eckman- Firelands
6. Logan Schoen- Perkins
7. Gabe Mina-Vasquez- Norwalk*
8. Sam Fender- Padua

Slattman earned a sturdy 6th place finish at the Maumee Bay Classic last year where he defeated state qualifiers Caden Blust and Louie LeChapelle.
He followed a sectional title with a 5th place finish at Fostoria where he downed returning state qualifier Leondre Cooley 6-4 in the 5th place final to close out the year as state alternate.

Bohls improved more and more as the season wore on last year, placing 7th at Medina and 5th at Perrysburg early in the year and then winning the sectional title over Ritter by the end of the season.
He followed his sectional title with a 2nd place finish at Fostoria where he defeated Clay Eagle and Jake Bartinelli in the quarters and semis respectively to reach his first state tournament.

1. Eric Bartos- Buckeye (4th, 7th state)
2. Caden Blust- Columbian (SQ)
3. Brad Huhn- Brookside (SQ)
4. Leondre Cooley- Sandusky (6th district, SQ 2015)
5. Austin Selvaggio- Elida
6. Allen Tin- Fairview (6th district)
7. Tim Tusick- Padua
8. Brad Silliman- Madison Comp.

Bartos continued to climb the mountain of wrestling success, following up his 7th place finish in 2015 with a 4th place finish at the Schott this past season.
After placing 6th and 5th at Medina and the Dies respectively, Bartos earned his first district title at Fostoria where his closest match was a 7-0 shutout of Caden Blust in the finals.
In Columbus, Bartos fell to state finalist Jeffrey Thomas 3-1 in the quarters before rolling back with 3 straight consolation wins including a 1-0 victory over Ironman champ Nate Keaton in the consolation semifinals.

Only a freshman last season, Blust earned his first trip to the Schott and finished a match shy of placement.
He racked up wins over state qualifiers Tate Zeman, Leondre Cooley, Alec Bailey, and Louie Lachapelle during the year before adding a 15-1 win over Brady O’Connor at the state tournament.

1. Matthew Taylor- Ashland (6th state)
2. Michael Clark- Buckeye (5th district)
3. Danny Assaf- Defiance (SQ)
4. Miguel Morell- Firelands
5. Mike Baumberger/Kaleb Gibson Madison Comp. (SQ 2014)
6. Mason Satterfield- Perkins*
7. Bryce Quinlan- Toledo C.C.
8. Nolan Ray- Wauseon (5th middle school state)

Taylor thoroughly impressed last year, earning his first state medal after a sterling junior campaign.
Though he didn’t place at Brecksville, Taylor majored Michigan state finalist A.J. Facundo 13-3 in the opening round.
He later placed 3rd at the Gorman where he downed state placer Cody Moosman 4-3 in the consolation finals.
Taylor bested Carson Speelman to win the OCC and sectional titles before picking up a 3rd place finish at Fostoria where he defeated former state placer Blaine Hunter 5-3 in the consolation finals.
He rebounded from a first round loss at the state tournament with 3 straight wins including victories over returning state placers Dante Ginnetti and Matt Cardello, the latter of whom is now ranked 4th in the nation by Flo Wrestling.

Clark had a sneaky good sophomore year, ending his season as the state alternate out of this district after a 10-4 win over a very tough Carson Speelman in the 5th place final at Fostoria.
He also picked up an impressive 7-5 win over state qualifier Addison Fogle in the 7th place final at the Dies. Fogle was the wrestler who defeated Taylor in the opening round of the state tournament.

1. Carson Speelman- Madison Comp. (6th district)
2. Mauricio Barajas- Wauseon (SQ 2015)
3. Landon Plank- Ashland (5th district)
4. Jayden Hefner- Wapakoneta (5th district, 5th district 2015)
5. Skyler Brown- Napoleon (6th district)
6. Jameson Kilgore- Bellevue
7. Lucas Salmon/Jacob Maslyk – Perkins
8. Andrew Branson- Columbian

Speelman displayed an impressive improvement last year, earning his first district medal after finishing 6th at Medina, 5th at the Gorman, and 5th at Marion County.
Counted among his wins were victories over state qualifiers Zach Collins, state qualifier Aaron Kitts, and state placer Cameron Gessner.

Hefner will be looking to break through to his first state tournament after finishing as the state alternate the last two years.
He definitely displayed the tools last year when he defeated state qualifier Aaron Kelly 5-3 in the consolation quarterfinals and only fell to state bronze medalist Tra Jones, and 3x state placer Charlie Nash at the district tournament. Hefner ended his season with a 3-2 win over Skyler Brown to earn his second 5th place medal.

1. Timothy Grunden- Defiance (3rd state)
2. Leconte Merrell- Madison Comp. (7th state)
3. Hunter Yackee- Wauseon (SQ)
4. Otha Jones- Scott*
5. Angel Granados- Napoleon (SQ)
6. Sam LoFaso- Padua (6th district)
7. Drew Crabtree- Perkins
8. Treston Francis- Bellevue

Grunden rose to new and impressive heights during his sophomore stint, winning titles at Defiance, Clay, and Perrybsurg.
He downed state placers Rhett Petersen and Brock Jones at Perrysburg, and defeated Sandro Ramirez in the semis of the Maumee Bay Classic before pinning state finalist Wade Smiddy in the title bout.
At the district and state tournaments, Grunden defeated state placers Sid Ohl, Brennan Joseph, Jake Henderson, and Dakota Goff (twice) while losing only to Ramirez (3-2) and Rocky Jordan (3-1).
Down a weight this year, he’ll be among the state title favorites at 138.

Merrell, a prolific pinner, stuck 3 foes at the state tournament while placing 7th in his junior year. Among his victims were Beau Smith, Eli Yoho, and 4x state placer Corey Simpson.

1. Sandro Ramirez- Wauseon (2nd, 3rd state)
2. Sid Ohl- Ashland (7th state)
3. Tyler Copeland- Wapakoneta (3rd, 5th state)
4. Gabe Makin- Elida
5. Luke Larson- Huron
6. Dylan Nason- Perkins
7. Collin Mell- Bath
8. Jacob Anderson- Columbian

Ramirez posted a second excellent season to start off his high school career, improving upon his state placement from the year before.
He avenged an earlier season loss to Grunden with a 3-2 win in the sectional finals and then won the rubber match by the same score the week after to claim the district title.
A week later, he methodically worked his way through the first 3 rounds of the state tournament defeating Dylan Miller, Jason Keyes, and Joe Boley to reach his first state finals.
I expect 145 to be loaded at the top this year, but Ramirez will be as likely as anyone to walk away with the state title when all is said and done.

Ohl earned a tournament title at Marion County last year where he bested state placer Luciano Mendicino and state qualifier Tommy King in the semis and finals respectively.
He claimed another tournament title at the West Holmes Marine Invitational where he majored former state finalist Cole Woods 12-4 in the finals.

1. Ricky Maffett- Ashland (5th district)
2. Andrew Bailey- Wauseon
3. Caleb Cass- Cloverleaf
4. Chase Patton- Bowling Green
5. Brandon Derr- Upper Sandusky
6. Emilio Calderon- Perkins
7. Zach Sanger- Buckeye
8. Calvin Brown- Elida

Maffett was 2nd to returning state finalist Derek Gross at the Gorman last year where he beat state qualifier Ian Maund 3-1 in the semifinals.
He defeated both Makin and Larson at Fostoria while grabbing his first district medal while also hanging tough with 2x state placer Tyler Copeland in a 3-2 quarterfinal bout.

Bailey is a quality wrestler who can be very dangerous, especially if he finds the right weight class this season.
He posted wins over James Limongi, state qualifier Tanner Bey, state qualifier Angel Granados, and Gabe Makin among others last year.
His only losses at the district tournament last year were a pair of one point bouts with state qualifier Taylor Komives and state placer Greg Briggs.

1. Noah Clary- Upper Sandusky (SQ)
2. Zach Altman- Napoleon (6th district)
3. Brahm Ginter- Shelby
4. Justin Schneider- Maumee
5. Xavier Torres- Wauseon
6. Cal Miller- Wapakoneta
7. Ethan Hundley- Bellevue
8. Cory Stallings- Cloverleaf

Clary split two bouts with state placer Amison last season, pinning the Perkins wrestler in their state duals match.
He pinned Dylan Plaugher to finish 3rd at the district, following the 3-2 loss to Amison.
He also kicked off his first state tournament with a 7-6 win over Ethan Fout before falling to Crawford and Myers (who placed 4th and 3rd) in consecutive matches.

Former middle school state placer Torres will likely be a state placer at some point in his career, but it’s difficult to tell what weight he’ll be at this year with the depth of the Wauseon line-up.
In his early season action at his natural weight, Torres defeated Michigan state qualifier Nick DiNobile and Michigan state placer Graham Barton (4-3) in their dual meets.

1. Robbie Bowers- Defiance (2nd, 2nd state)
2. Keysean Amison- Perkins (8th state)
3. Alex Andrews- Napoleon (SQ)
4. Patrikc Keown- Firelands
5. Eric Middleton- Clyde
6. Jack Rodgers- Rocky River
7. Justin Ochletee- Keystone
8. Nick Smythe- Bellevue

Bowers showed what a gamer he was, winning the district title over 3x state placer Tre Campbell who had defeated him multiple times earlier in the year, including a pin in the sectional finals.
Bowers posted a 3-2 win over Campbell to take the district title and then made his 2nd straight state finals despite effectively wrestling up a weight.
Now back down to his more natural weight, Bowers will enter the season as the title favorite after placing 5th in the nation at Junior Nationals in Fargo over the summer.

Amison earned his first podium finish after making a huge jump in weight over the off season.
He impressed at the Gorman, placing 2nd after defeating state placer Chase Fetter in the semifinals.
His 6th place finish at Top Gun contained wins over state qualifier David Heath and state placer Kade Byland.

1. Tre Terry- Bath (SQ)
2. Josh Barr- Bay (SQ)
3. Devin Gochinski- Ashland (6th district)
4. David McCullough- Keystone (6th district)
5. Austin Giesige- St. Mary’s Memorial
6. Cordell Newman– Wapakoneta
7. Sam Hunter- Sandusky
8. Douglas Childers- Firelands

Terry will be looking for state placement after finishing a match away last season where he beat 6th place finisher Micah Linton 7-5 in sudden victory in the opening round.
Terry pinned a tough Conner Carneal in the consolation finals at the district tournament last year after besting Cover 5-3 in his go-to-state bout.

Barr reached his first state tournament on the wings of a district 3rd place finish where he posted 3 straight consolation pins before earning a 7-2 win over state placer Shykel Jones in the consolation finals.
This came a week after he picked up a 13-5 major over McCullough in the sectional finals.

1. Tony Banister- Wauseon (2nd, 8th state)
2. Abdullah Silmi- Norwalk (8th state)
3. Pete Abraham- Padua (5th district, 6th district 2015)
4. Matthew Cover- Bay (5th district)
5. Ryan Kelley- Clyde
6. Andrew Lorcher- Perkins
7. Tyler Bath- Vermillion
8. Josh Bever- Ashland

Banister will be a slight state title favorite this season after finishing 2nd in 2016 where he defeated this season’s greatest competition for a state title, Kavan Sarver (2-1 in OT), in the quarterfinals.
Among his many other quality wins was a 9-3 win over D-1 state finalist Gary Traub at Brecksville and a 3-1 win over bronze medalist Logan Kemp in the finals at Perrysburg.

Silmi started last year up at 220 before cutting down to 195 where he placed 3rd at the district tournament after besting Abraham 4-2 in their go-to-state bout and then downing state placer Ben Ocheltree 2-1 in the consolation finals.
He’ll look to better his state placement of 8th after the graduation of 4 other state placers from the weight class.

1. Landon Hall- Wapakoneta (4th, 6th state)
2. Brandon Phillips- Maumee (SQ)
3. Connor Johnston- Upper Sandusky (5th district)
4. Greg Packard- Brookside (6th district)
5. Bobby Gross- Bath
6. Noah Meeker- Elida
7. Larry Verhovec- Firelands
8. Bradley Rine- Bellevue

Hall has been a quality wrestler since entering high school, and has only gotten better with each passing season.
This year, he’ll have a real shot at ending his career with a state title in what should be an up for grabs weight class.
Last year he was 4th at GMVWA and Top Gun, beating state placer Joe Fornaro (8-4) at the latter event.
After finishing 2nd to Banister at sectionals and districts, Hall placed 4th at state where he beat Justin Sanders, Tim Albertson, Ben Ocheltree, and Fornaro.

Phillips made his first state tournament and finished a bout shy of placement after a 5-4 consolation win over a tough Trey Ellis at the state tournament.
He also defeated both Johnston (9-2) and Packard (4-2) at the district tournament a week after besting Johnston 4-2 in the sectional semifinals.

1. Ja’Mez Young- Sandusky (4th state)
2. Devin Williams- Shelby (5th district 2015)
3. Bailey Young- L. Shawnee (6th district)
4. Sean Lipscomb- Firelands
5. J.D. McCardle- Clearview
6. Maxton Edgerly- Bay (5th district)
7. Jayden Neal- Bath
8. Keslyr Hooper- Lexington

This weight is absolutely stacked at Fostoria!

State placer Young leads the way as one of the district and state title favorites.
He bested Wes Cochran (5-3) in the state consolation semis last season on his way to a 4th place finish, and Cochran is the only other returning placer in D-2 from the 285 weight class.
Young also defeated Devin Williams and state placer Sean Williams (3-0) at the sectional tournament a week before finishing 2nd at Fostoria to reach his first state tournament.

Williams was likely the best heavyweight to miss out on the district tournament last year.
He beat state bronze medalist Hoy twice last year and also split two bouts with Ja’Mez Young, and also defeated Bailey Young, Hooper, and Newlan.

Good luck predicting the rest of this cluster.

Young split two bouts with Neal, bested state placers Cochran and Blake Sampson, and also downed Connor Hubschman last year.

McCardle beat Young and Edgerly, while Lipscomb beat Edgerton and state qualifier Shirley but lost to Neal.

1. Wauseon
2. Ashland
3. Defiance
4. Perkins
5. Napoleon
6. Wapakoneta
7. Buckeye
8. Bath/Firelands

Wauseon will once again sport an excellent line-up. State title contenders Ramirez and Banister lead the way for a squad that could send half the team or more to state. Some interesting plot points to follow will be the development of middle school state placer Nolan Ray and the weight class of McKayla Campbell.
Already a district qualifier despite wrestling up two weights last season, Campbell could join Paige Nemec as the state’s only female state qualifiers if she’s at an ideal weight class.

I really like Ashland’s squad. Not only do they have talent and depth, but there is the potential for many of their wrestlers to be ranked even higher. Newlan can certainly place at heavyweight, plus Brycen Light and Gage Adkins could well push for placement.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Ashland sends the most wrestlers to state out of this district or even claim the team title at Fostoria.

Defiance has two really legit contenders for state titles in Grunden and Bowers. I’m hoping that they’ll both be at Ironman this season to see how they match up against some of the nation’s best.

Perkins will be tough as always, and boast some wrestlers like Nason, Schoen, Satterfield, Calderon, Lorcher, Crabtree, Salmon, and Maslyk who could push for a state tournament spot if they continue to develop this year.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 10-18-16, 10:28 AM
rjewards rjewards is offline
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what weight is campbell of wauseon?
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Old 10-18-16, 10:59 AM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Originally Posted by rjewards View Post
what weight is campbell of wauseon?
I'm assuming that she'll be at 120 with Ritter and Slattman at 106 and 113 again.
If either of them is up at 120, she'll probably start at 113 or 106.
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Old 10-18-16, 12:05 PM
rjewards rjewards is offline
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Originally Posted by McClearn7 View Post
I'm assuming that she'll be at 120 with Ritter and Slattman at 106 and 113 again.
If either of them is up at 120, she'll probably start at 113 or 106.
Thank you just couldnt find her on the list, but my eyes are not what they once were.....
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Old 10-18-16, 01:58 PM
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Slattman is wrestling 120.
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