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Old 10-10-17, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Peak View Post
Isn't the knee moving up a "preliminary" movement, as the pitcher could go to a base (1B for lefties, 3B for righties) instead of proceeding to the pitch? The pitcher's movement towards home would be the "pitching motion". If I use the definition you have above, then he could never throw to a base, due to any movement of the pitcher's front leg in general would indicates a pitching movement.

Not trying to nitpick, but trying to understand this situation. We faced it a few times and I'd like to know it's legality under the rules, one way or another.

Devil's advocate on the rules is this one from MLB Rules 5.07 (d):
"At any time during the pitcher’s preliminary movements and until his natural pitching motion commits him to the pitch, he may throw to any base provided he steps directly toward such base before making the throw."

When does preliminary movement end and natural pitching motion begin? Just because a knee is raised, the pitcher could still go to a base or begin his pitch. Does the preliminary movement end once the pitcher moves towards home? When his foot in the air either breaks beyond the rubber (i.e. Cueto)? Nothing I've seen in the rules stipulate the end of one and the beginning of the other - in regards to raising a knee. Every Ump I have spoke with has different views.
Let's keep it simple here....

From the windup, once he makes a movement that commits him to pitch, he must do so without interruption.
From the set, once he makes a movement that requires him to pitch or throw to a base, he must do so without interruption.

He he fails to meet that criteria, it's illegal. It's not a philosophy, it's not an opinion, it's not what some guys think..... it's the rule.

Anything else is just overthinking this.

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