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A story from a Notre Dame magazine that explores concussions/traumatic brain injuries as being caused by playing football. The article discusses a lawsuit filed here in Cleveland by the estate/family of St. Ed's alum Steve Schmitz '74, now deceased, alleging that Mr. Schmitz's death (in his late 50's) was caused by football injuries.

"At least one lawsuit has been filed against Notre Dame by a former player. Steve Schmitz, who played as a receiver and running back in the late 1970s, and his wife sued, alleging degenerative brain disease as a result of Notre Dame’s “reckless disregard for the safety of an amateur collegiate football player.”...

Although Schmitz’ case dates well before there were widespread concerns about head injuries, it is worth noting that Frank Varrichione, who played for ND in the 1950s, was included as a plaintiff in the NFL settlement case, as were other former Irish players."

fwiw...he was a great high school football player...didn't he score some huge number of touchdowns? He got little mention from people over the years, I'm assuming because his college career didn't amount to a whole lot.

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