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Quad Scrim at Edgewood

Uh some notes from the scrimmage.Uh although Edgewood and Massie tied at 2 each, Clinton-Massie was the best team there. The big linebacker from Massie was also the best player on the field and it wasn't even close.Milford is much improved and was probably no 2 team there, although Massie scored on the 3 first plays against Milford. After Milford got killed against Massie they seemed to get their legs under them and beat the other 3 teams.Sidney pretty much just threw the ball deep on 40% of their plays and hoped. The big RB from Sidney did not play for some reason. Sidney QB is a great athlete, but he pretty much all they have.Edgewood looked slow and QB play was really shakey.Nobody actually drove the ball for a score.Broken plays and long passes were pretty much the offenses of the day. Don't like the 10 play format. Everybody throws deep balls much more than in the regular season because you don't have to worry about getting a first down. I know it was just a scrimmage but Edgewood has a long way to go and not much time to get there. Couldn't run the ball at all.
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