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Originally Posted by Zunardo View Post
Since cheating - excuse me, "research" is now allowed:

8. "Sailor" - Petula Clark
10. "Apache" - The Shadows
12. "I know" - Barbara George

I had to Youtube them first, but I am familiar with Apache and I Know, just not intimate. It's like they're in my head as background music or commercial themes.

Don't think I've ever heard Sailor before.

Found a great "live" video of Apache. Note the guitarist with the James Dean vibe and what he does during the opening riff.


It is "legalized research" sanctioned by the governing body of this Quiz.

8. "Sailor" - Petula Clark is incorrect. Remember the basis for this quiz is "One Hit Wonders". Pet Clark actually had 15 songs land in the Bill Board American Top 40 including 2 that even reached #1. "Sailor" never made it into the U.S. Top 40 charts. She may have recorded the song in her long career but it was never a charted song on the Top 40, at least in the sates.

10 " Apache" - Not the version that reached the U.S. Billboard magazine Top 40 chart anyway. We have previously had The Shadows guessed by others but while The Shadows had a huge international hit with the original "Apache", it never made it onto the U.S. Top 40. The Shadows were the backup band for the English pop icon, Cliff Richard, who had 9 songs make the U.S. Top 40 in the 50's 60's,70's and 80's but had over 80 songs chart in England, including 10 that reached #1 in England. The Shadows disbanded in 1969.

The version of "Apache" I am looking for was actually a cover of the The Shadows big international hit and although The Shadows version of "Apache" outsold this version it still never made the Top 40 in the states. The version I need is by a one hit wonder and reached #2 on the American charts in 1961.

I really enjoyed the youtube video you attached of The Shadows. How cool was that ! Those guys were New Wave 20 years before there was New Wave.
As I watched it, thought it looked like some refugees from Madame Tussand's Wax Museum. . .look-a-likes for Buddy Holly, James Dean, and Nick Nolte. I had a striped sweater just like the drummer was wearing back in 1961 or 1962. That video should be included in the next edition of "The Catalog Of Cool".

12. Yes, Barbara George is correct. Her song " I Know ( You Don't Love Me No More") was truly the definitive One Hit Wonder. She was a 'One and done" recording artist. One mega hit in '62 that went to #3 and that was it, never to be heard from again, had one throw away album and a single that went nowhere and then back to Louisiana. I understand she tried a comeback in the early 80's without success.

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