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Originally Posted by Bevo View Post
"Hills' Brothers' coffee is the Heavenly Coffee; Heavenly coffee. Better coffee, millionaires' money can't buy."

At the Hills' boys' parents both worked there was drinking going on there - but it wasn't coffee. First place I ever heard "Tobacco Road" and "Talk, Talk" and a host of other obscure songs.

As for the holding tight part, not going into a story but there are several. I was actually told on two different unrelated occasions to not hold my dance partner so closely. Once at junior high and the other time in a church basement! There were a lot of these songs but my favorite was Blue Velvet. One of the Hills use to bring along their copy just so it was available at dances.

Do you believe me? It is true.\

(Or was that the jingle for "Chock Full of Nuts"; we won't even go into the adoelscent yuks that accompanied this ear worm!)

You should know that I have always believed everything you have ever posted. Yes, Chock Full Of Nuts Coffee was advertised as the "heavenly coffee". You also were also right about the comments the name of that java generated from the pre-teen young lads of the day, myself included I'm sure.

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