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Originally posted by Seek Up
The Enquirer reported in 1983 that Eric Blaine of Wyoming turned a 47.9 during the state tournament in 1980 and it was the city record at that time. I have not been able to verify where he ran that time (it was not regional finals).
skins99 can vouch for Don Connolly. He published a high school track and field newsletter called Our Times from 1971-1982. In 1980 he shows Eric Blaine running a 48.7 at regional. That was his fastest time up to that date and even after the state meet. The time was converted to a metric time. While the state went to meters in 1980, the regional at Welcome was still run in yards because the track was not yet converted to meters. That means that Blaine ran a 49.0 in the 440 yard dash. He makes the list with a time of 48.94.

I trust Don Connolly's lists absolutely becase I know the guy. He is now the road running meet director guru in Cincinnati. Back then he was teaching math at Indian Hill.
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