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Okay, so McKenna's top 3 are Ohio State, Lehigh, and Penn State. Lehigh's there because his HS coach, Jeff Buxton, now runs the RTC at Lehigh. If Suriano leaves, I think McKenna swings to Penn State (assuming he can and will make 141). If Suriano stays, I think it's Ohio State if the money is right, Lehigh if it isn't.

Suriano out of Penn State is a real thing and I think it might happen. I really have no idea why he would leave (weight that much of an issue? Anybody see him struggling last year to make 125?), but he's been at Rutgers like all summer from what rumors are saying. If he leaves, they have no 125 for the foreseeable future. Their whole recruiting plan was that Suriano had that spot for three more years and then someone like a Kurt McHenry slides in there after that.

If Suriano stays and bumps up, it's a loss, but Penn State would still be the favorite with no 125, Suriano at 133 and Cortez at 141 (Nick Lee redshirting). Ohio St with McKenna and Penn State w/o Suriano is a CLOSE team race
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