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NCAA Rumors

As Buckeye fans (like me) bemoan the disappointment of likely being only the 2nd best team in the NCAA next year, matching the dismal performance of this past season (sarcasm font), there are some interesting rumors circulating the wrestling web sites at this point in the summer. The following rumors range in credibility, but all have been kicked around on Flo, so it's not just off the wall crazy internet stuff. I'll rank them as 1 thru 3, 1 being about 50/50, 2 being somewhat likely and 3 being doubtful IMO but being talked about none the less. OK, here they are:

1. Nato will go 125.
Now we've discussed this in the past on Yappi, and I mistakenly wrote that the Olympic new weights were settled and Nate would be at 125 next year. This would obviously strengthen tOSU lineup filling a void at 125 and having Pletcher at 133 and Hayes at 141. I was unfortunately wrong. This decision won't be made until after the World Championships in late August. But, it's still a possibility.

2. AA Joey McKenna is transferring out of Stanford and tOSU is on his short list.
This is still in play, and if he does become a Buckeye he may go 149 and Micah bumps up to 157 (and getting away from Zain). McKenna placed 3rd at 141 as a freshman and got upset this year (as a 3 seed sophomore) and did not place. Obviously, this fills another void for tOSU at 157. I think the combination of Racer, Ryan and Burcher would be solid, but none would be considered a mid to high level AA like Micah.

3. Suriano is transferring out of PSU, or bumping to 133 if he stays.
This one I put in the "doubtful" category, but it is being talked about quite a bit on Flo. They had a 20 minute FRL (Flo Radio Live) segment on it recently and another shorter segment a week or so ago. They seem to obsess over the fact that no one like Cael or Suriano are saying anything to squash the transfer rumor. The 133 bump has been talked about less on Flo, but that would be an issue for PSU as well. They don't really have a backup plan for 125, like OSU without Nate or Jose.

Forgetting about #3, if #1 and #2 happen, tOSU lineup could look like this next year.

125 Nate
133 Luke
141 Ke-Shawn
149 McKenna
157 Micah
165 Campbell
174 BoJo
184 MyMar
197 Moore
285 Snyderman

That's a strong lineup.

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