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Coshocton (previously Heath) D-3 District Rankings #4

*=unsure about participation

Iím guessing that there will be a late season draw between two sectionals like they had last year to determine who will wrestle here and who will go to the Troy District.
Iíll adjust wrestlers and teams between the districts as more information becomes available.

1. Colton Bethel- Ridgewood (SQ)
2. Collin Yinger- Nelsonville-York (5th district)
3. Owen Ott- Harrison C.
4. Gavin Weaver- Newcomerstown (8th middle school state 2015)
5. Matt Kuhn- Crooksville
6. Lucian Brink- Coshocton
7. Marshal Niswonger- Caldwell
8. Jake Mathews- R. Edison

I think that bethel won the title at Coshocton this past week, though the results from the tournament are hard to come by.

1. Greg Quinn- Shadyside (2nd, 4th state, 6th state)
2. Klay Reeves- J. Northridge (8th state)
3. Jacob Edwards- River Valley (5th district)
4. David Staten- West Jefferson (5th district 2015, 6th district 2014)
5. Jordan Hoselton- Zane Trace (SQ)
6. Cole Harris- Toronto (6th district)
7. Andrew Knaup- W. Muskingum
8. Brayden Reynolds- Barnesville

Quinn defeated a game Jordan Rosselli 4-3 to earn the title at Brecksville after knocking off state placer Hunter Ryan 2-0 in the semifinals.

1. Jakob Neer- Northmor (SQ)
2. Jacson Muldrew- Shadyside (SQ)
3. Carter Wolf- Pleasant (SQ)
4. Ryan Fulwider- Madison Plains (SQ)
5. Ryley Crall- Union Local
6. Tyler Antonacci- Bridgeport
7. Levi Pemberton- Caldwell
8. Jesse Kean- W. Jefferson

Wolf defeated Kalib Patterson 4-2 in sudden victory in the finals at Marion Harding to earn the tournament title.

Pemberton was tournament champion at Gallia Academy where he pinned Mason Hamric (0:33) in the finals.

1. Matt Seifert- Utica (SQ)
2. Ryan Matthews- Fredericktown (5th district)
3. Josh Kahl- Shadyside (5th district 2014)
4. Tyler Holley- J. Northridge*
5. Collin Wiley- Caldwell
6. Noah Inboden- Nelsonville-York
7. Joey Buckland- W. Jefferson
8. Jason Thomas- Huntington

Seifert was 2nd to West Virginia state champ Luke Martin at Olentangy Liberty where he beta James Davis 3-1 in the semifinals.

1. Luke Coniker- Steubenville C.C. (SQ)*
2. Aaron Kitts- Northmor (SQ)
3. Dallas Scott- Centerburg (SQ)
4. Andrew Halko- Ready (6th district)
5. Damir Pereira- W. Jefferson (SQ 2015)
6. Mason Kuneff- Bridgeport (6th district)
7. Adam Hook- Cardington-Lincoln (5th district)*
8. Brian Heller- Nelsonville-York

Kuneff was tournament champion at East Liverpool where he defeated West Virginia state qualifier Blaze Cain 9-3 in the semifinals.

1. Conan Becker- Northmor (5th state)
2. Preston Smith- Pleasant (6th district 2014)
3. Cody Hawthorne- Shadyside (SQ)
4. Jeremiah Dobbins- River Valley
5. Christopher Knaup- W. Muskingum
6. Jackson Unger- Coshocton
7. James Wallace- Alexander
8. Dylan Glotfeldy- Barnesville

Becker had an impressive run to the Medina finals where he beat state qualifier Dakota Bunting (10-2) and 2x state placer Alex Isbrandt (7-5) before finishing 2nd to state placer Luke Hernandez.

1. Conor Becker- Northmor (6th middle school state)
2. Dawson Hoselton- Zane Trace
3. Jonas Proffitt- Westfall
4. Kyle Bethel-Ridgewood
5. Brock Zugg- Pleasant (6th district 2015)
6. Tanner Petitte- Garaway (5th district)*
7. Nate Bateson- Crooksville
8. Quinton Piazza- Utica*

Becker was very impressive at the Gorman where he beat a tough Thomas Forbes twice while placing 3rd. His only loss was a 5-3 semifinal bout with former state finalist Derek Gross.

1. Forrest Belli- J. Northridge (5th district, SQ 2015)
2. Santino Kusic- Bridgeport (SQ)
3. Devin Crum- Union Local (6th district)
4. Grant Hershberger- Garaway
5. Brylan Clouse- Barnesville (6th district)
6. Kevin Bethel- Ridgewood
7. Matt Ross- Northmor (6th district)
8. Seth Cade- R. Edison

Belli was 2nd to nationally arnked Connor Brady at Olentangy Liberty where he pinned West Virginia state qualifier Zane Hinzman in the semifinals.

1. Josh Doherty- W. Jefferson (2nd state)
2. Steele Strout- J. Northridge (SQ)
3. Tyler Speelman- Nelsonville-York (5th district, SQ 2015)
4. Jake Dempsey- Liberty U.
5. Javon Merrill-Ridgewood
6. Hunter Stoffer- Sandy Valley (SQ)
7. Jerrod Hunt- Garaway
8. Clay Baker- Ft. Frye

Speelman finished 8th at Brecksville where he defeated a tough Trever Begin 11-5 in the placement bout.

1. Jackson Dunn- Tusky Valley (SQ)
2. Kasey Bethel- Ridgewood
3. Zac Talbot- River
4. Jason Binkiewicz- Buckeye Local (6th district)
5. A.J. Straight- Madison Plains
6. Hunter Corbin- J. Northridge
7. Chaz Love- Crooksville*
8. Ben Singer- Northmor

I havenít been able to find results from Dunn so far this year. I believe Tusky Valley wrestled at Coshocton, but once again results are scarce.

1. Joven Housholder- Toronto
2. Austin Carroll- Z. Trace
3. Mason Burger- Northmor
4. Luke Matusik- River*
5. Garrett Duncan- Bridgeport*
6. Nathaniel Wilson- W. Jefferson
7. Dillon Lanthorn- Centerburg
8. James Hood- Pleasant

Householder placed 3rd at the Hoppel down at 182 after wrestling 220 last season.

1. Dalton Hoover- Martins Ferry (2nd state)
2. Jake Burns- W. Jefferson (4th state)
3. Hudson Jump- Grandview Hts. (7th state)
4. Patrick Jansen- Ready
5. Ryan Williams- Nelsonville-York
6. Hunter Foster- Crooksville
7. Dalton Rice- Shenandoah
8. Nathan Price- Northmor

Burns pinned his way through Nelsonville-York, sticking Williams in the finals.

1. Donovan McCollister- Nelsonville-York (5th district)
2. Hunter Bodkin- Martins Ferry (8th state)
3. Cade Bunfill- Barnesville (7th state)
4. James Kedigh- Ridgewood (6th district)
5. River Pappas- R. Edison
6. Mason Cox- Fairland
7. Matt Stover- Ready
8. Jarod Coey- Huntington

Bunfill pinned his way to a title at Zanesville where he earned a fall over Gage Swartz (4:57) in the finals.

McCollister placed 3rd at Brecksville where he defeated Michigan state placer Elijah Boulton 3-1 in the consolation finals.

1. Francesco Borsellino- Sandy Valley (5th state)*
2. Dom Wallace- Martins Ferry (SQ)
3. Tanner Kunz- Zane Trace (5th district, 6th district 2015)
4. Alex White- Westfall
5. Donnie Meadows- Shadyside*
6. Brenton Stull- Harrison C.
7. Lyle Watters- Huntington (6th district)
8. Mitchell Hurlburt- Fredericktown

Wallace placed 7th at Brecksville where he defeated Tyler Connolly 10-0 in their finals bout.

Kunz placed 4th at the GMVWA where he defeated middle school state champ Jacob Padilla 3-1 in the consolation semifinals.

1. Northmor
2. Ridgewood
3. West Jefferson
4. Shadyside
5. Northridge
6. Nelsonville-York
7. Zane Trace
8. Martins Ferry

The Beckers have really impressed me so far this year. From Conanís finals appearance at Medina to Conorís 3rd place at the Gorman, they have both looked like district champion favorites.
Neer, Burger, and Kitts could all potentially win district titles as well, making Northmor the team to beat once again.

Quinn wrestled well (as always) at Brecksville winning the title, though there are still several questions about Shadysideís line-up.
Johnson could potentially be a state qualifier, though I havenít seen him or Meadows wrestle yet.
Kahl also missed Brecksville after defaulting out at Barnesville.

West Jefferson looks like a real sturdy team with Staten, Kean, and Buckland down to weight.
If Periera can make 132 as planned, he may be huge for the weight.

I like what Nelsonville- Yorkís team has done so far. Yinger has been wrestling tough, and McCollister placed over Bodkin at Brecksville. Speelman also placed and Inboden looks like he will be a staple in their line-up for the next 4 years.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page, the OVAC wrestling website, and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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