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Originally Posted by PICnROLL View Post
Break away (at half court) a player reaches out and fouls... Due to crowd noise or whatever, player with the ball does not hear the whistle or ignores the whistle and continues on and slam dunks... Ref is this a technical or not? This not a bang bang play as the player and defensive players continued on from half court.

We had the exact same play in back to back games... 1st game our player was given a Technical. Second game the player on the opposing team was not given a technical. Ref stated the player did not hear the whistle. How do you know he didn't hear the whistle?

IMO it needs to be called the same way as you cannot tell what a player thinks of hears... Correct?

Bad call on incident #2???
A very similar play was presented not too long ago... the answer I gave to that play is going to be the same answer for your play....

Note, without video, there is no way to determine whether or not the judgment of the official was correct in your situation.

Originally Posted by oxat622 View Post

Cut ahead to 1:41:35. From a game last night. Player continues to go dunk after he's fouled in the back court. Should that have been a technical foul? And let's say the defender grabs his jersey and he still continues to dunk, and the officials call an intentional foul on the defender and a technical on the dunk. How do you administer what happens next?
Originally Posted by AllSports12 View Post
By strict enforcement of the rule this was a dunk of a dead ball, which results in a technical foul......

Now, things to consider......

Seemed to be somewhat of a weak whistle (I couldn't hear it at first look of this play) so you can take that into consideration. You also look at the entirety of the play and can make a case that the play took only two dribbles after the grab before he dunked the ball. There was no hesitation and it wasn't a "look at me" type of play...... which is the reason why the rule is there in the first place.

In my opinion, this was a good no-call on the dunk.

If there was an intentional foul called, followed by a dead ball dunk that was penalized with the technical foul...... The player that was fouled would be awarded two free throws for the intentional foul, followed by the opponent being awarded two free throws (attempted by any team member) as well as the ball to be put in play at the division line opposite the scorer's table.
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