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Originally Posted by cardzfan1234 View Post
Euclid is 0-4 and a far cry from where they once were, but I was impressed by Mentor. The team has good length. They bring energy on both sides of the floor. They don't have a lot of three point shooters, but they weren't settling. Lots of scoring in the paint and at the free throw line. Korsok looks sharp. He could be All-Ohio this year.

The GCC is very winnable for Mentor. Shaker and Medina aren't as strong as in past years. Solon is without their stud guard for a stretch. Mentor has a good shot at winning the league. The only game on the schedule in which Mentor is a definite underdog is Jackson. I'm predicting at least 16 wins.
Medina looked really, really good against Solon. They shot the lights out and they had decent height. And they ran the floor with Solon, which I didn't expect.

Solon has talent, but the Comets also have limitations. Only one senior on the roster, and no one taller than 6'1. We're starting five guards. Sincere Carry is back and playing well, but he hasn't gotten any taller. Maybe next year for the Comets.

Mentor and Medina look like the GCC's best so far.

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