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Originally Posted by Trailsendcustom View Post
St Joe came off a big win over somebody but I'm not sure how good they are.
St. Joe beat Arcadia 73-40 the night before. I don't think St. Joe is very good, but they didn't lose much from last year's team when Stritch beat them by 10-12. So I think Stritch is much improved.

Stritch has a lot of work to do and may be farther away from their potential than anyone in the league. I think there are only 3 guys with a full varsity season under their belts. The rest split time with varsity and JV last year or played freshman/8th grade ball.

Agree that Tues and Fri will tell us a lot more about where they are at, but not necessarily of where they can end up.

Should be a good game and interesting chess match between 2 good coaches tonight.
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