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Originally Posted by buckeye53 View Post
My Dad, a 1935 South grad, told me that a Cavalier is a Southern gentleman ie. a possible slave owner. So the Cavalier, though not abandoned, was pushed to the background, and Big Blue adopted. Didn't Cavs come to the forefront awhile back ?
I know the terms "Cavaliers" and the State of Virginia have some sort of common history or connection. That's as far as I know (without doing any research) about that. I suppose it's why the teams at UVA are called the Cavaliers.

I also know that during Oliver Cromwell's era in England/Great Britain there was a Civil War & the two opposing sides were the "Cavaliers" & the "Roundheads" (<go figure that one). I know Cromwell's side won and he overthrew the British Crown and ruled as "Lord Protector" (some sort of dictator I would guess, again w/o researching it) for awhile. Then at some point after his death, control of the country somehow passed back to the Royals. I guess all of that figures into the American sports team use of "Cavaliers" not at all.

RE: Cavs as a substitute for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I know there have been times when the team stressed that name (I recall when they were making a point of it back when they had those orange and blue uniforms, not sure of the years) but I have never heard of an official name change and never heard of any outside pressure (ala' the current pressure on the Tribe to dump "Chief Wahoo" and the name "Indians", neither of which do I want to see ever actually happen) on them to do so. Or on UVA for that matter.

It's interesting to me that Akron South High apparently did have some sort of issue with the name and that they saw fit to go with "Big Blue" instead. Hope the PC crowd at UVA doesn't ever get a hold of this info. You really do learn something new every day I guess!
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