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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
Not sure what you mean by get really bad?? Do you mean this mess that the shoe companies and others are dealing with right now? If yes, I agree that things are going to get really bad and rightfully so. These are the people that ruined a very good thing.

As for college basketball in general, I think it will take its lumps and emerge alot stronger after the turmoil has passed.

I also think that it could help the AAU circuit by getting rid of all the bad characters. Too many people have opened up a program or a tournament without any real checks and balances. The sport needs cleaned up and the people on the inside were either on the take or just didn't have enough pull to overcome all these snakes.
By bad, I mean a lot of people will go to jail, lose jobs, college eligibility. At least one school will be looking at the possibility of the death penalty. This is going to take down a lot of people.
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