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I seem to have obliterated one of my posts which may make some of the others even more incomprehensible than usual.

The petty larcency and breaking and entering reference referred to my friends and I camping out and basically running all over town until the wee hours of the morning. We spent most of the night terrorizing girls' residences. But, we also would trek to the park pool.

Since the dad of whoever's house we were at would be yelling (do you know what time I have to get up?!) at us to "shut up!", we would accommodate him by leaving the premises.

We didn't know this at the time, but the police always knew who was where and mostly what we were doing. We pretty much left a trail for the cops by knocking on the windows of the houses of our female peers of Upper Sandusky. All law enforcement had to do was follow the pattern of the complaints coming in. We spent the night running all over town, being clothes' lined by clothes lines every where - with a barking dog or two thrown in for atmosphere.

The park part of these camp outs - especially during the hottest parts of summer - consisted of going to the park and climbing through a very conveniently open outside rest room window, then simply stepping onto a bench to be inside the pool. A quick dip and we would high tail it out of there.

Nothing made the heart race faster than to be in the water, cowering against a pool side wall while a patrol car drove slowly around the roads in the park. Very slowly.

The petty theft part of these small town nights involved Sheck's Grocery. Because Upper was basically a crime free zone, the grocers left their water melons out at night and even though it was right up town, we would still manage to haul a mellon out of there and either carry or put it in an oversized bike basket and haul it to the park.

Where once again we would enter through the rest room window, climb the ladder on the high board and one of us would drop it into the pool. Sort of what Letterman did 20 years later.

Any other delinquents out there? I was often scared to death and exhilarated at the same time.

But, trust me on this, there was nothing worse than getting busted by the man and hauled home, marched up to your front door and handed over to your parents. Nothing.

Nevertheless, I'd love to be my 14-year old self sitting under that street light, talking to Chuck generally about the night ahead and specifically the Isles' sisters.

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