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Least anyone believe I did this all summer long, my summers were probably like 98% of yours...maybe 95. But, summer was 90 days long then and I tried to squeeze every ounce out if it.
Summer in the mid 60's for a wayward adolescent boy in a small town consisted of swimming, camping out, fishing, playing catch, shooting baskets, going to the movies, kissing girls (my success rate was right around the Mendoza line), petty larcency and breaking and entering.

My friend Chuck, who lived "katty-cornered" from East School had an old rope swing and a big truck tire by a tree in his front yard. We spent a lot of time around that swing and sitting on that tire - talking. We did the same thing into the darkness under a street light at the intersection of Bigelow and Third in front of his house. I'd love to hear or see a transcript of those conversations; circa, 1963-67. Talking about whatever passed for talking about life at that age, watching the moths play tag with the light.

Ohiopup - thanks for The Skeleton Dance and I do recall the dancing chorus line.

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