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Originally Posted by Bevo View Post
Two very evocative songs. "Here's Where... ." reminds me of a sad, late 60's song.

"Lay Lady, Lay", for me has relationship memories.

Sharon Tate would be 74 today. One of the many cultural reference points for people of a certain age.

No politics but sometimes I consider the Manson women/girls and their lives in prison. Of course, I guess the key term there is "lives". Most everything does come down to choices, doesn't it?
It do, it do. As I have matured , I realize we all do not have the same physiological makeup (something someone in another thread so ably brought up), possibly making some folks more susceptible to be easily influenced than others.

We can all think of instances and events where this has occurred over the years. Fortunately, the vast majority of us (I think) have not fallen prey to their ruses. Could it be we just didn't come in contact with one of these jokers? Hmmm...

Does anyone remember the programmers/coders who committed suicide believing they would ascend to the Hale Bopp comet - or some such thing? Weird and sad.
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