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Originally Posted by Monclova Steve View Post
In 1979, he went 11-1.
Originally Posted by BlackHawk View Post
As I get older, I don't remember every game like I used to (especially from 38 years ago), so I had to look it up: a 17-16 loss to USC in the Rose Bowl. So close.

Who was on that Buckeye team?
Two that come to mind were Jim Laughlin and Todd Bell, who combined for the winning score against Michigan that year, giving Earle an 18-15 victory at Ann Arbor. Laughlin blocked a punt in the 4th quarter and Bell ran it in for the winning score.

I got to meet Laughlin in 2002 at The Game while working as a Redcoat. OSU had given special letters to former Buckeyes, giving them access to the field to do a pre-game cheer for the football team. This friendly unassuming guy shows up (he absolutely did not look like a player) and tells my co-worker on the gate he forgot his letter. My co-worker had no idea who he was, and told him he couldn't come through, But I looked over, recognized the smile (and eyebrows) and said, "Any guy who blocks a punt to beat Michigan deserves to come through".

Laughlin thanked me and said he was happy there were folks who still remembered that. I read later where he played in the NFL for seven years.

Sadly, Todd Bell passed away in 2005 at the age of 46.
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