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Originally Posted by bigmac27 View Post
Nothing they can't do anything here and I get that, (Hire a coach with a degree, and make a spot for him in the building is the answer though). But I bet you the number of districts in Ohio without the HFC in the building is a large number and I bet you that the number of districts where there is a HFC in the building but not 1 of his assistants is a high number. Not good situations that breed success in my opinion.
Do you understand real life? Why do you think so many of these situations occur throughout the state? It isn't the because the schools want it this way.

Public Schools just can't make positions out of thin air. Most public districts are trimming and trimming under Kasich's policy of taking money away from the local communities to fill the coffers of the state account. Triway, Wayne County, and most other counties are doing way more now with so much less than ever. Sports are secondary. It's down the list of concerns of schools. They need the right people teaching the core classes so they can maybe get additional funding under the current state administration.
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