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Originally Posted by ArmChairCoach View Post
Lmao no it doesn’t. How many college students do it cause mommy and daddy made them stay? Discipline? How many college students go out and get drunk nights prior to class and then skip class? Intelligence there is a big difference between being Book smart and knowing football. Think Lebron has to know calculus or heck even how to structure a sentence to be one of the best players ever in basketball? No.

Now I do agree a bachelors would give more wiggle room with hiring a teacher and a football coach, but wasn’t he hired just as a head football coach?

No dog in the fight but just was getting annoyed with everyone bashing non- bachelor degree people.
Many attend because mom and dad want them to go. Made them stay is a whole different thing. If you're truly wasting away and doing nothing, the college doesn't just let you keep attending. If you can't hack it to a certain level, they do tell kids to hit the bricks. There are many standards that universities set in place on their own and are dictated by many factors, including funding.

Once again, those that consistently miss class because of choices the night before, don't tend to make it to the end. As always, there are those that prove that statement wrong, but they are just outliers.

I suggest you go back through and re-read some of the posts. No one was bashing those that don't get degrees. They are just pointing out that it's absurd to complain about not getting a job in the education system when it requires a certain level of higher education.

When your profession is playing a sport, intelligence outside of that sport is irrelevant. That's a terrible comparison to this conversation.

Yes he was hired as just a football coach, but when you want a district, specifically a public district, to just create a job for you because you're the coach. That is unreasonable in this day and age. Even more so when you never finished your higher level education in a field where that is requirement for 95% of the employees. It was only brought up in this conversation because he brought it up in the article as an excuse for leaving. FYI... Most if not all universities require their coaches have a Bachelors. They prefer they have a Masters as most eventually get.
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