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Originally Posted by yipyap View Post
Sometimes it happens. Sometimes a coach from another school with a degree takes a job when there are no openings in the school and he continues to teach where he was.. happens often. Also, retired coaches come back and take jobs because there are no openings and they have outstanding cases like this the school does not have to worry about how many years to give the coach. He is retired.
I also thought there was a rule, loose wording, that if a person was coaching outside the school and someone inside the school wanted it they would have first choice. Anyone know if that is true?
Depends on the schools Union agreements. Some schools have clauses some don't. Its typically better if the school doesnt have a clause that mandates if an in-house teacher wants the job, he gets it. I was told at Glenville years ago, a teacher received a football stipend and never coached a down and Ginn had to find funding to pay his assistance somewhere else. The teacher found a clause in the union contract, demanded that he wanted to coach knowing that Ginn would not allow it and basically got free money. I don't think this could ever happen today because OHSAA has put a limit on paid assistants and volunteers. If I am wrong please correct me, this was all things I was told through the coaching circle years ago.
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