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Originally Posted by Sig Hansen View Post
You can't think about it from a long term perspective. Indians have the talent to win now, so good for them to spend big and go for it. If Encarnacion helps them win the WS this year the rest of the contract doesn't even matter imo.
I think the Indians thought about this from a long-term perspective. Spending money to win now is a completely legitimate piece of the long-term puzzle. This was not a 1-year contract. This was a 3-year big $ deal. I would guess that the business side of the operation had data for management supporting how this signing would impact sales.

Further, even if the business side didn't participate in this signing, don't you think the Indians (and other teams) are going to run the numbers on how the Encarnación signing affected sales when teams are trying to determine if they can afford a high-priced free agent?
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