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Originally Posted by kingpower View Post
Not saying you are wrong because I don't know the facts, but I did see this DA roster and she is on it..

1999/2000 Development Academy Roster
Emi Carlo (CUP)
Sam Hausser (CUP) Taylor Nuncio (CUP) Mary Tierney (CUP) Ellie Mink (KHA)
Kiley Keehan (KHA) Kiana Klein (CUP) Sarah Wampler (KHA) Jazmyn Hinkston (KHA)
Brittany Duncan (CUP) Lexy Kidd (CUP)
Olivia Scheper (CUP) Jordyn Rhodes (CUP) Aliyah El-Naggar (CUP) Paige Elliott (CUP) Haley Miller (KHA) Elise Crew (KHA)
I have been told they can be rostered with the DA but as long as she does not play for the DA she can play high school. I think this what's happening wit SW.
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