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Originally Posted by HSsportfan View Post
I thought TippIsGreat was Mr. Barhorst as much as he pulled for the Barhorst kid. But being Corbin makes sense!! Corbin helped in basketball at Tipp about two years ago - about the time TippIsGreat came onto the scene. Interesting!!!

Derge is a very good head coach!!! The upper administration has limited coaching hires for years!!! Hard to put a staff together when the superintendent has ALWAYS looked down on hiring teachers that coach. But I have faith in Derge and his program!! He has always had a quality staff, even with the superintendent tying both hands behind his back!!!.

They will continue their winning ways.

Bellbrook - WIN
Shawnee - WIN
Northmont - LOSS
West Carrollton - WIN
Stebbins - WIN
Troy - TOSS UP
Greenville - WIN
Sidney - TOSS UP - probably a win with them coming back down to earth
Piqua - TOSS UP
Butler - TOSS UP

Typically, you go 50-50 in toss up games. So, I see them at 7-3 every year with potential of 5-5 to 9-1.

New Stadium??? Not really. Putting down turf. That's it until more money comes in. Still sitting in crappy bleachers - that are unsafe - just ask the Stebbins family from a couple years ago, horrible press box, candles for lights, still in round house and trailer for locker rooms, still using port o johns, still horrible concession areas. Basically, just adding some nice polish to a turd. Hope when they start other construction, the turf gets protected. Construction dust and all in the turf may not be very good.
I am not Greg and I am not Corbin. Good guess tho, many players thought I was Stanberry up until yesterday. I guess you can say I am your worst nightmare. But Iíve been an inside source to this program for the past few years
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