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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
Everyone is telling me that these great pitchers make more than this currently. Thanks. I know. I clearly labeled "per year", meaning the average annual value of the contract. Go here if you care: Scroll down to find the guys I named.

Allow me to spell out my point more clearly, since I clearly did a poor job of making the point:

If your organization is smart and lucky, you can identify great pitchers BEFORE they are great, and sign them long term, and end up with relative bargains. Clearly the 4 guys I named should be among the most expensive pitchers in baseball in 2018, but they are not.
- Sale - 27th most expensive starting pitcher - $12.5M
- Bumgarner - 29th - $12M
- Kluber - 33rd - $10.7M
- DeGrom - 46th - $7.4M

This actually supports the concept that IndianDad put out there about trying to lock up Castillo and Mahle long term in June. It is not a terrible idea, it is exactly how the guys above got locked up long term for good money that has them well under market value now. Their teams identified them and took a chance, and it paid off huge for them.

Of course, it can backfire too. That is why in June my reply to Indiandad was "it is too early" on these guys. Now maybe in October we have seen enough of Castillo to take that chance on him. Lock him up for 4-5 years and maybe we have ourselves a Kluber in his prime. Might be worth a chance...
It’s not what they are making “per year”.
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