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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Hoser I think you are a great poster, but this is where you rub me the wrong way a bit. I attended every Franklin this year my numbers are legit, I don't pretend to be an expert on Edgewood that is your realm so don't come on here saying I am lying about who Franklin returns.

Bailey Moore didn't play after the Bellbrook game Winstead was the other running back with Montgomery he played 6 games I am calling him a returning starter. Austin Gilbert broke his collarbone against your cougars he started as a sophomore in the slot was a starter this year, but missed the last 10 games he is a returning starter.

On offense.

LT Etter
C Rudd (played everywhere on the line this year as the number 1 back up started a few games)
RT Glossip

QB White
Wr Kinzer
WR Gilbert
RB Montgomery
RB Winstead

That is 8 returners on offense.

On defense Franklin returns

DE Kepler
DT Figiola
DT Glossip

LB Centers
LB Knipper
LB Clark

Secondary will have to be completely replaced lost all four of them. The big losses will be Hillard who played both ways OL/DL Kremer WR/FS and Scott SS.

But 14 starters back and both the punter and kicker and returning your leading tacklers Knipper and Centers and most of both lines and your D3 SW Ohio player of the year, the Cats have a shot at being very good again.
Uh sorry but 5 of those kids you mentioned , I don't even remember them in the game against Edgewood. Uh they may be world beaters but they did nothing in the game against Edgewood.
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