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Originally Posted by BBfootball92 View Post
Bellbrook will be ready , with what we have coming back and the freshman and 8th grade coming up we have plenty of talent. Valley view was good, franklin was great, you can say what you want about scores but I was at both games and we were a few plays and swings away from potentially changing the entire outcome of those games. 12 sophomores will do that, we were extremely young this year, under a completely new coaching staff and system and went 7-3, should have been 8-2( huge 4th quarter lead blown at eaton 21)6 returning juniors as well. Year 2 under the Clinton massie coaching staff will be even better, they have brought something over from massie that we hadn't had in years, fight and a winning attitude. Strap your helmets on tight and don't bank on it being a 2 team battle between view and franklin because our boys aren't forgetting the beat down you both gave us.
I am proud to be a swbl supporter, this year was special and I truly believe next year can be even better for our league, some big out of conference games for us all!
Hang on there buddy! You do realize that the HC only coached one year at the HS level at Massie and the OC never coached HS at Massie. Do I think they are improved and bringing a different attitude to Bellbrook, yes but to say they are a Clinton Massie staff is a little over the top.
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