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Originally Posted by OldEagle71 View Post
Are the Eagles really in danger of missing playoffs?
Worst case scenario for the Eagles missing at 7-3 would need to include:

- The three GCC teams (Mentor, Euclid, and Solon) splitting games with each other - thus leaving all of them at 8-2, and likely all ahead of a 7-3 St Edward team. If one of them loses twice (like Mentor did last year), that team would likely finish behind a the Eagles at 7-3.

- Jackson and/or Perry getting a win against McKinley. If both do so, that definitely spells bad news for a 7-3 St Edward team.

More than likely, if the Eagles can muster just one win out of the Ignatius/GCL games - they will make the playoffs. Going 0-4 (incredibly unlikely) would be devastating to their playoff chances.
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