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Jackson lost a great opportunity to get ahead in the playoff race with a close loss to Boardman. However, they have a couple paths forward.

First is as you say -- just beat Perry. They do that, then they can probably afford taking two losses in the Fed. Most of the Fed is down, and three wins in league play seems like a solid floor for the Bears. A win over McKinley would provide similar dividends if the Bears were 7-3+, as Euclid would then be unlikely to match Jackson's point total. The win over Perry seems more likely at this time, though.

The other, absent a win over Perry or McKinley, is to just beat everyone else and go 7-3. Right now, Pasteur puts a 7-3 Euclid ahead of Jackson by 0.45 points in that scenario. It would then come down to the out-of-conference schedules: how Akron East, Mayfield, Central, and Aurora fare on the season. Euclid's points are much more fixed with Glenville almost certain to run through the Senate League. I expect Akron East to be 9-1, while Pastuer has them at 7-3 right now. The Bears need to hope Mayfield finishes with a winning record. Central's probably going 3-7 in line with Pasteur's thoughts, although that is not fixed. Aurora is 0-3 but the schedule is about to get a lot easier. Euclid will want them 5-5 or better. A 7-3 Jackson could also get ahead of a 7-3 Solon with similar breaks, though this seems less likely.
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