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Originally Posted by Pope Francis 1 View Post

Poor guy has never seen a real woman before I take it? What the heck do they have on stage Thursday nights at the Moose Lodge in Stark County? Next time Veer slides through Cincy, you can treat him to a night on the town. Get him set up real nice, we got them Price Hill girls! Even have a YouTube video to prove it! Make him feel right at home!
Love it... However why would I go to get those Prince Hill girls when I can go to Mt Adams and bring one of those easy Cincy girls home after buying them 2 drinks??? Probably about $5 cheaper right... but would still have the same issues though, i'd have to check for the gift that keeps on giving.

All Fun aside, Good game to LaSalle, Perry's D gave you some fits and #11 was the difference maker in the game. Great call by the coach to ride him after the half... he was really the only offense that worked vs their D.

CCC got it done, so i'll enjoy our win, you all enjoy yours
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