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D2 Champ beats D1 Champ. I have to say I love it. Not because I hate or dislike D1. Nothing further from the truth. It just goes to show that this ain't your father's Oho HSFB. Great teams at all divisions.

Interesting though is how St X was gift wrapped that win in the semis on a bad call and they turn around and win the State Title the following week.

This year's playoffs is kind of a revenge of sorts. Whether it be Canton Central Catholic finally beating Coldwater after two previous losses. St Xavier avenging several regular season losses in the playoffs. St Xavier reversing the script on St Ignatius. If you go back to 2001 when St X won the regular season but then got their doors blown off by 6-4 Ignatius team in the Title game and now 15 years later Ignatius wins a comfortable regular season win but falls to a St X team that went 5-5. Perry going from blowout victim to nearly pulling off the impossible. What a fun season. Congrats to all the teams that won or even played for State Titles this weekend. All 14 teams made Ohio proud (even the D3 runnerup).
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