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Originally Posted by Southwest Guy View Post
No no he's one of the best hitters the Reds have ever had. If the ump is consistent and that is a big if then he is good enough to adjust. Maybe the team sucking for so long brings out the purist in him more. He'll take that 3rd strike at times to prove the ump wrong.
I think the team ducking for so long definitely has. There's never been a shortage of power on this team, especially in GABP. The guys they have paid in the 1 and 2 spots to get on base haven't done it consistently so Votto has had a lot of at bats in the 3 spot with the bases empty.

The last consistent lead off hitter the Reds have had was Shin Shoo Choo and that only lasted a season. Other than that the lead off spot has been barren for most of Vottos career.
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