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Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
McBride injured his ankle late 2nd Qtr and Dyer from WCPO just tweeted he's on crutches, regardless I didn't see Moe coming back from that anyways. Should have been worse as X turned it over inside the 15 mid 2nd Qtr.

The LS-WW game has been as entertaining a 7-5 game can be. WW should be up 10-7 or 14-7 though. Fumble inside the 5 yard line which did result in a block punt for a safety (but safety should have been a TD, two Warrior players fought over the ball 8 yards deep and they both dropped it as it rolled out the back of the endzone). Also had a FG blocked from the 5-yard line on 4th and 1, which would ave given them an 8-7 lead. Very impressed with both defenses, but LaSalle's offense is pretty vanilla. Run right, run left, Fade to #81 off play-action are half their plays.

As I typed that, WW scores to go up 11-7, timeout WW deciding whether to go for the xp or 2.
These athletic Defenses are all the more reason to switch to Bittner.
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