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Originally Posted by DaPope View Post
I do not umpire Softball, I do however Referee Basketball. We are having similar issues, while not as bad as Softball numbers of Officials are down everywhere.

1. Coaches and Parents (especially lower level): It's a game for kids, we all make mistakes. Stop acting like clowns!

2. Pay could see a little increase

3. Find a way to make Officiating appeal to the millennials, which is the hardest of them all!
Talked to an ump yesterday at a varsity game and asked why he does it. Like many he had a daughter that played so he got hooked, likes diamond sports, gets him out of the house, and wanted to stay connected to the sport somehow. Pay was never mentioned. What he did mention was he likes school or rec based games as opposed to travel ball because of the $s involved with that part of sport.

As for getting younger umps, the girls on my daughter's team actually wished there were more women umps. Maybe they can relate a little better to the make up of young ladies than these curmudgeons. So far this season, 5 games and 10 male umps all that look over 60.
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